What’s Hot and What’s Not for 2012

It’s the New Year! Time to embrace a new start, new beginning, new people, new friends and new trends! And with the passing of time comes big changes in the world of what’s hot…and what’s not.  It’s simple, not everything that was all the rage last year will be making the same waves this year. You don’t want to be stuck in the past for 2012. You want to be on top of the latest tips and trends when it comes to fashion, entertainment, healthy, beauty and more! Get with the times and celebrate change — CollegeCandy is here to show you how! Claim it, this year will be amazing!



    1. curiouscatlady says:

      SUCH a good '2012' picture!

    2. Deb S. says:

      ugh. i hate how people use the words "curves" and "fat" interchangeably. curvy and fat are not the same thing. nobody should embrace being fat, but they SHOULD embrace having good self esteem.

      1. ..... says:

        Amen! I get so sick of that!! You can be healthy looking and curvy.

    3. Taylor says:

      Love this article!

    4. Can we be honest? Do real people use twitter? The only people I have ever heard of that use twitter are celebrities, people who are a little too obsessed with celebrities, and people who are too involved in the internet. It's just texting a message to a whole bunch of people, the majority of which you probably don't know, with bad grammar that no one actually cares to read.

      1. MaureenP says:

        I agree. There's no way that FaceBook will be out in 2012. You can do so much more using FB and without needing those tinyURLs!!

    5. Katie says:

      Great article! I agree with most of what was said.
      However, I don't think Facebook is out for good– it's still popular.
      But Twitter is definitely in, as in becoming more popular and well-known. Twitter is not just for tweeting what you had for breakfast, but it's definitely a great way to network both personally and professionally with people that share common interests with you, as well as to keep up with news, sports, celebs, etc.

    6. Sylwia says:

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