Dude’s List: 11 Things No Woman Should Put Up With In a Relationship

A relationship often requires a bit of sacrifice and a lot of compromise. We all have to learn to accept and roll with aspects of our partner, or his/her life, that we don’t always understand or necessarily agree with. That’s called maturity, right? And building intimacy? I think…Now, those things aside there comes a point where you might just need to say “Hell no!” and walk off into the freedom of singledom again. Here are 11 things that no woman should ever put up with in a relationship…

There you have 11 things that no woman should ever put up with in a relationship. Some more severe than others, perhaps. And I’ll admit to a bit of personal bias on a few of them. My question to you, ladies, is which of these HAVE you put up with in the past? Which haven’t you? What are your deal breakers? What are your big no-no’s? Spill all in the comments below and let’s making this a learning experience for everyone. Silence need not fall.

Handling the truth,

The Dude

I’m the Dude with a blue box called the Tardis that allows me to explore the ends of time and space-wait that’s another guy with a ‘D’ sounding name isn’t it? Better than that, I’m a Dude that knows the inner workings of Dudes and I’m ready to spill all, whether you’re ready or not. Send your question over to askthedude [at] collegecandy [dot] com.



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    3. Jessica says:

      agree with all of these:)

    4. Maura - Rider University says:

      Good list! But I want to hear what guys shouldn't tolerate from girls!

      1. golfhawk says:

        You could pretty much use the same exact list.:)

      2. Life says:

        No, but more often then not Men go "FCK THIS!" where-as women are still seen as needy, dependent, and always willing to give it second, third, fourth, fifth, etc tries.

      3. The Dude says:

        The next Dude's List?

    5. Katie Garrity - North Central College says:

      Agreed, and I love that this was written by a guy instead of a girl.

    6. Shay says:

      My roommate is still with a belittling, emotionally abusive guy after 2 "breakups"
      It really kills me.

      1. The Dude says:

        Has she been able to express what it is that keeps sucking her back into the relationship?

    7. Abe_Froeman says:

      Women shouldn't put up with any of these 11 things, but men should?

      1. The Dude says:

        Stick around for the next couple of Dude's Lists…

    8. Holly says:

      Boy was I stupid my ex was pretty much all of these good luck to the newbie!!!!

    9. Pam says:

      NO ONE should put up with these things. It's no better when a woman hits, belittles, steals or cheats, and he stays because he doesn't want to lose his kids. My boyfriend put up with 12 years of this crap before he was finally strong enough to get out. She was convicted of assault after she BIT him, (yes, bit him, he still has the scar on his arm). He got the kids, we met a year later and it's taken a LONG time for him to trust me. Abuse goes both ways, and before you say he should have popped her one back, I agree, but then who do you think would land in jail? The system doesn't recognize female abusers unless it is something super obvious (like teeth marks that can be matched to her mouth) Even then they ask what HE did to provoke it, which they would never to if the situation were reversed.

    10. Rich says:

      Funny how they show a picture of Chris Brown for the no hitting one. From every account I hear, she hit him first.

    11. Lena says:

      Dear Dude😉 I wish I had read this list freshman year of college. Perhaps I would have gotten out of a bad situation sooner. You’re the best Dude! Love these lists!

    12. Meg says:

      I put up with a lot of these which was really stupid, but i couldn't see or didn't want to see his true colors. I am emotionally scarred and physically scarred because of my ex. That said i've learned from those mistakes and have moved on with my life and am very happy with someone new.:) And i want to say i disagree with Pam. I don't EVER think its ok for a man to hit a woman. If a woman is hitting a man and not just slapping him or decking him for being a jackass than there are ways of stopping her other than striking back. He could restrain her by grabbing her rists for instance ( with no intention to do harm). That is my opinion.

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