How to Organize Small Spaces with PBdorm [Dorm Room Makeover Giveaway]

****CONTEST IS CLOSED: Congrats to Alex on winning!!****

In college, you have to get crafty.  Whether it’s figuring out how to pinch pennies by fancying up your Ramen Noodles for the week, or figuring out how transform your halter dress into a makeshift sweetheart neckline when you see your worst frenemy rocking the same frock. So when PBdorm was nice enough to send me some amazing products from their PBdorm line, I couldn’t wait to get my Martha Stewart on and organize my closet, bedroom, and bathroom. The PBdorm line is full of items that are perfectly crafted for organizing in small spaces and creating storage in spaces you never expected.

Here are some photos for inspiration on how to use the items from the PB Dorm line:

Like any fashionista with a label maker, I took to my closet to create a “before and after” closet video tour transformation with my new PBdorm swag and was surprised at much more I could fit in my closet! Looks like I wont have to avoid those after-holiday sales anymore…

And of course, there are plenty of ways to incorporate PBdorm in your bedroom and bathroom. The bright and surprisingly sophisticated colors will look adorable in your bedroom and brighten up your bathroom magically. Here’s a look at how I incorporated some PBdorm goodies in my own college apartment:

Impressed with what Anjli did in her college apartment? So impressed that you want to do the same!? Obviously. Here’s what you need to do to win all the items Anjli mentioned in her video.

Want to win?

1. To enter, leave a comment telling us your tip for staying organized. Make sure to use your real email address so we can contact you if you win.

2. Contest ends January 12th at 11:59 PM.

3. Please note this giveaway is only open to US residents. For official rules and more legal mumbo-jumbo, click here.



    1. Mara says:

      I do a 3 minute clean up everyday. When you have a few free minutes put on a song you love and for the duration of the song clean your room. That's it! It sounds like nothing, but just 3 minutes a day is enough to keep my room looking pretty spiffy.

    2. Izzy says:

      I have a rule that if I take something out, I need to put it back in its place as soon as I'm finished with it.

    3. Moira says:

      i try my hardest to not procrastinate! if i procrastinate then everything builds up and then i never want to do it.

    4. Finding space to keep all of my clothing organized is hard when you're limited to a tiny closet. I've learned that if I only keep things I actually wear, it makes such a difference in terms of how much space I can afford. While it may be hard to part with some things (your ex-boyfriend's old sweatshirts, anyone?), you have to be honest with yourself about how often you really wear something. Not only will a closet clean-out mean more space for your other items, but it will help you find things exiled to the back of your closet that you forgot you owned. Don't forget that your items can be resold to a consignment store, i.e. Buffalo Exchange or Plato's Closet, and you can earn a bit of cash, or you could donate your old items to someone that could actually use them.

    5. brienne says:

      The best way for me to stay organized is to put laundry away the second it is clean & folded. Otherwise it hangs out on my floor and everything gets mixed in. It makes such a difference!

    6. Elizabeth says:

      The best way for me to stay organized in my closet and desk area is to label where everything goes. Even though you know where things should go, having a label on them holds you accountable for putting them in the right place.

    7. anissa g says:

      My tip to stay organize is file paperwork as soon as it comes in.

    8. Daniella says:

      My tip is to clean your desk first. For me, having a clean desk allows for a place to work as well as motivates me to clean the other parts of the room.

    9. Katey says:

      ii think the key to being organized is to really use the under your bed room so it declutters the rest of the room and doesn't look so messy. I also think spending ten minutes to make sure the room is clean everyday goes a long way.

    10. Aly says:

      My tip for staying organized is to have a place for everything (though I'm not always very good about making sure this happens.) Also, to do purges frequently. The other day I clean out my drawers and took home all the clothes I didn't wear last semester and it made so much more room.

    11. Jes says:

      To stay organized, I do an annual purge of clothing that I haven't worn in at least the prior year. However, I keep clothes for themed functions are kept in an organizer under my bed.:-)

    12. Ashley says:

      I stay organized by keeping the things I use most where I can easily reach them, and the things I rarely use up and away. This really helps me, because I don't have to sort through so much stuff to get to what I need. I keep all of my makeup in a large makeup bag, and only what I'm wearing that day in a smaller bag that I keep in my purse. My shirts are organized by warmth, my extra blankets are in storage tubs under my bed, and I have a whole storage ottoman full of extra toiletries. I've found that the best way to stay organized is to have a place or a container for everything. I keep all of my necklaces, bracelets, and scarves hung on separate pushpins on the wall in my closet so that they don't tangle and I can always get to the one I need. My makeup, facial cleansers, and nail/manicure supplies are all in different cute bags (which makes it super easy to prepare for a girls' night; just grab and go). I think that organization is all about making things easily accessible. That way you don't make a mess trying to find things, and you know exactly where to put them up.

    13. Charline Williams says:

      My tip for staying organized is to do things early.

    14. Sydney says:

      To stay organized, I try to clean as I go instead of leaving a big mess that I will have to clean all at one at the end of the week/month/when someone comes to visit! Works like a charm.

    15. Olivia says:

      My tip for staying organized is to find something that is cute and decorative that also functions as storage. For example, an ottoman that also has storage for my DVDs is perfect for me! I love when things are multifunctional.

    16. Miranda says:

      The best tip I can give is to write everything down! Anytime I think of something I need to do, or want to do, I write it down. The best thing I've created is a Summer List, now infamous among my friends, where I write everything I want to do in the summer, starting now! That way, if I'm ever bored during the summer or want to do something specific (like the drive-in theater or camping). I've been doing it for years, and couldn't imagine summer without it!

    17. Katelyn says:

      i do a couple things listed above but I also try and use some things to my advantage. Like my giant suitcase, Im an out of state student so I put my wardrobe in my huge case to travel to school. It coinvinently fits under my bed so I use that to store extra clothes or items I dont use.

      I also stay organized by making my bed. Believe it or not it can tranform the look of a room. And because it makes the room look nicer, it motivates me to pick up the extra things lying around.

    18. Rachel says:

      My trick for staying organized is to regularly go through my closet and get rid of things that I no longer wear. I make piles to give away, and a few things I will sell to a thrift store. Eliminating clutter helps keep my closet mess free, plus I always rediscover a few cool clothing pieces that I forgot about!

      rachel.lovealamode [at]

    19. colleen b says:

      To stay organized I make sure I put things back in there place right away, otherwise clutter/mess with build up and I'll get overwhelmed.
      holliister at gmail dot com

    20. Ashley- GWU says:

      I need to get better about organizing. I have a huge pile of clothes in my closet that grows every day I don't pick it up!

    21. Allison says:

      The best way to stay organized, as hard as it is, it to clean up after everything you do. Don't leave clothes laying around it makes the room look so much messier than it is!

    22. Rebecca Stafford says:

      My Roommate Jenny is definitely my key to being organized. If I leave a mess for more than a day I get a text with a picture of it and I know I have to get around to putting everything away. I have a tendency to perfectly organize all of my stuff one day, and then 3 days later wake up late and completely tear apart all my work to find things in a hurry. I think having someone to help hold you accountable is definitely useful, even if its just a friend saying, wow, you need to clean this!

    23. Angelee N. says:

      What I try to do is put clothes away right after I do laundry. This is what I always procrastinate on and end up just digging through my hamper to find what I'm looking for then just throwing dirty clothes in my closet in a huge pile. Starting with putting things away first helps me get my laundry cycle straight and leaves my closet uncluttered.

    24. Grace says:

      My biggest tip for staying organized is when in doubt, use boxes! I'm an obsessive person about organizing my things, but I could never afford to buy all of the fancy boxes. So, every time I get a care package or something in the mail, I cut off the top flaps, cover it in a cute wrapping paper, and use it just like any other box! Even if it's just for keeping my textbooks all in one place, it's really convenient!

    25. Brigid says:

      The best tip that I have in staying organized is to use boxes and label them! They don't need to be expensive, you can make the look cute by decorating old shoe boxes with wrapping paper or purchase inexpensive ones from target. The key is to label each box so you know what exactly is inside each one instead of rifling through them all. The best part about this tip is that they don't have to be visible! They can be stored easily in a closet or under your bed to make your room look clutter-free:)

    26. Jennifer says:

      I use a ton of cute organizers in every available nook and cranny of my room, so that I never have to deal with haphazard knicknacks.

    27. Gretchen says:

      As soon as you get back in your room, make yourself put away 10 things before relaxing.

    28. nicolebarnes says:

      My best tip for staying organized is to occasionally purge items that I'm not using. My desk, especially tends to get cluttered with papers, old assignments, handouts, booklets, etc. About once a year, I go through my stuff and evaluate the usefulness of everything. If I can't or don't use it, I either give it away or just trash it.

    29. Shannon M says:

      My best way to stay organized for all of my classes is to keep my materials for classes on the same day in the same drawer of my desk. This way I'm not searching everywhere for my notebooks, books, or binders. Plus, it saves so much more time in the morning when I'm getting ready or the day.

    30. Dana says:

      My tip for staying organized is to utilize the space under your bed. I got cute little boxes from walmart and i put my underwear and socks in. By keeping them in there, I freed up a whole other drawer in my dresser

    31. Megan says:

      I use lots of pretty boxes to keep my stuff organized and a few shelves to add more space to my tiny room.

    32. Christine says:

      My mess piles up until I get the urge to throw everything away and re-organize. Need to be better about being organized, but this works for me for now.

    33. Bianca says:

      POST ITS! I use then everywhere. They're all in my textbooks, and I leave them everywhere around the house to remind me to clean things, to organize cabinets, etc. Lifesavers!

    34. Alex says:

      My comment for staying organized is to seriously just put things back when you are done. Rather than leaving them out, just put them back. It keeps the room tidy and organized because you know where everything is so you never have to look for it. It also is a pretty big hit with the room mates. My mother had a mantra for organization "Everything has a home and everything is in its home."

    35. Maura - Rider University says:

      I always purge clothes from my closet that don't fit me, that are damaged, or that I just don't wear. Honestly I have so much junk that doesn't even see sunlight anymore. That frees up a lot of space! And my friends mom gave us this tip, just take ten minutes a day to organize, and you will gradually get a cleaner room :)__Btw, love PBTeen. Even when I'm grown with my own house I'll still want the bedrooms they have on their website hahha

    36. Rachel says:

      I try to sort likes with likes – skirts in one place, tees in another, etc. It helps to not let unfolded clothes pile up!

    37. Abby says:

      My best tip for staying organized is to pick a system and STICK TO IT… you can buy all the pretty planners and organizers you want but it's no good if you don't use them! I know last semester I split my assignments/organization between a paper planner, an app on my phone, and a to-do list on google calendar… needless to say it wasn't the best system. This semester I am going to pick one option and stick to it.

    38. MYH says:

      I color coordinate my clothes from left to right. Long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, tanks, pants, skirts, dresses, cardigans and finally coats. I also have my shoes in shelves and in an over the door organizer. My scarves are all hanging on tie hooks. I also have my work out clothing, socks, under garments, pajamas etc in a dresser organized as well. I would love to win items from PB though!

    39. Amanda says:

      I only keep the clothes I wear most often in my closet. Everything else is boxed up and organized, so that I can find it when I need it, as well as reduce the clutter all around.

    40. Kat says:

      My tip for staying organized is to only have things that you use and wear on daily basis out in your room. The rest should be placed in storage or bins under the bed to save space. The less things that you need to go through the better to stay motivated to clean.

    41. always4ever09 says:

      i like to use hangers instead of folding my clothes for more space. i also try to use mason jars for hair ties and things like that…it keep everything tidy in a creative way.

    42. Kayla says:

      I think the best way to stay organized is to only keep what you need. If you don't use something regularly, it's just using up space for something that otherwise may be lying in the middle of your floor.

    43. Ashley says:

      I always organize my clothes based on color, and season. I try to store all my nonseasonal clothes somewhere else, so it doesn't take up valuable closet space, and everything else is organized by color. That way, if I have a specific color in mind to wear, I know right where to find it!

      ashlauren711 [at] gmail [dot] com

    44. Jennifer says:

      My tip for staying organized is to utilize every bit of space in my tiny room. I have a second rod in my closet so I can fit twice as much clothes in my closet. I have containers under my bed to fit clothes that are out of season. I have hanging organizers to put my shoes and other small things. That saying, I also purge every once in a while to make sure there isn't any unnecessary clutter.

    45. Natalie G says:

      I like to put my shoes in an over the door organizer- i can see them all in one place! I also separate my clothes by type of clothing- when I need a great jacket to throw on, I go straight to the jacket section of my closet!

    46. Cynthia Bell says:

      I am a big fan of dealing with something (be it a letter, piece of paper, email, etc.) as soon as I get it. This way it's dealt with and I move on and my desk is never drowning under a ton of clutter. I also go through my closet every season and pull pieces I no longer want to sell to Buffalo Exchange so that I can get new clothes!

    47. Polly says:

      I go through my closet and drawers twice a year cleaning out what I don't need anymore and what I still want and organize everything. I also organize my closet by clothing type and color!

    48. Alexa says:

      I like to use baskets to put things in rather than having them out in the open. This way things look tidy and there is no clutter or stuff thrown all over the place.

    49. amorago says:

      My best tip for staying organized is to clean regularly; with that I mean go over everything and get rid of anything that you don't need and put away stuff you aren't using right away. My roommates and I clean about once a week, not more often and we seem to stay pretty organized!

    50. Charmed90xo says:

      To organize my clothes, I go through my closet regularly. I keep track of all of my clothes, donate clothes that I haven't wore in a while, and make sure that I don't buy clothes if I don't need them.

    51. Amanda says:

      To stay organized I keep cute baskets and other cute containers around my room- in my closet, on my dresser, and on my desk. If I leave something just sitting on my desk or my dresser, I am going to loose it. By putting my things in cute containers I don't lose anything and my room isn't cluttered.

    52. Jackie says:

      I use clear shoe boxes to stay organized. They stack together perfectly, look neat visually, and you can easily see what pair of shoes is inside. Not to mention, they can store way more than shoes!

    53. Frida says:

      my roomate and i use cute sheets that we aren't using to cover the inevitably huge pile of suitcases that results from going to school 3000 miles away from home! camouflage AND a pop of color!

    54. Suzy says:

      To stay organzied, I have different colored and labeled bins so that everything has it's place.

    55. Nisey says:

      The best way for me to stay organized in my room has been using hooks. They are easy to put up and take down. A completely blank wall can become a”second” closet. I use the command hooks with the easy peels and hang up my keys, hats, belts, scarves and wristlets. You can create cool colorful patterns on the wall and it’s like “change-able art”.

    56. Sierra says:

      I like to stay organized by categorizing everything that I own according to certain tasks or hobbies. I have a box of painting supplies, a box of drawing supplies, a drawer of professional clothing, a drawer of house-clothing, etc.

    57. MonSaroff says:

      As a college junior, the biggest tip I would want to pass on to freshmen students is to keep your desk clear! No matter how messy that bed can get, the clearer your desk the more adapt you are to sit down and get excited about studying! Organization can be fun by developing cute ways to store pens, pencils, makeup, and so much more with hanging mason jars, sturdy shelves, and large whiteboards/blackboards. (With the magic of a hot glue gun or stick-on magnets organizing becomes ten times easier.) Create a "paper organizer" using a magazine holder and a few folders! (It gives those piling homework assignments and readings a place to go that is easily assessable.) Lastly, to tackle those confined closets use labeled storage boxes and vacuum bags, they work wonders to hide away those winter weather clothes or the bathing suit that will be teasing you until next semester:).

    58. Emily says:

      I stay organized by labeling everything! When you have to move everything to a new room every year, it's really convenient that you label the drawers, bins, containers, et al. so that you don't put something back in the wrong place.
      My other organization in my room is shoe bins under my bed! Shoes take up so much space in a room, but if you have them all in one place under your bed, it makes them seem a lot less space-consuming.
      I think a lot of people underestimate the space above their dressers! In my dorm room, we have armoir-type dressers, and I use it to stack my suitcase, cleaning supplies, snack drawer bins, and more. It really frees up the space in my closet.

    59. Catherine says:

      My tip for staying organizing is a weekly cleaning. Every Sunday, no matter my mood, I always take the time to throw away things I don't need anymore, do my laundry, and straighten everything up. Doing a little bit every week helps keep the organization manageable :)!

    60. Catie says:

      My tip for staying organized is being crafty! Dorm rooms are small enough as it so you’ve got to come up with your own storage techniqus. For example I put all of my make up and hair accessories in a drawer in my desk so they aren’t cluttered on the floor. I think finding a place so everything is hidden is key

    61. Alex says:

      every trip home (fall break, thanksgiving, christmas, spring break, easter… ANY time I go home for anything, so like 2-3 times/semester) I pack a duffel bag of things I've realized are just collecting dust, or clothes I realized I don't like or wear anymore. I bring it home and decide if it is stuff I'll use at home or if it needs to be thrown away/donated. Anything I don't want to keep, I get rid of! I keep seasonal clothes stored in rubbermaid storage boxes under my bed at home, so when the seasons change I take out what I need and put away what I don't. I also use a pocket shoe rack for toiletries and cleaning products behind my closet door, so they are easily accessible but don't take up extra space. Smaller items of similar use fit in a pocket, and related larger items have their own pocket in the same row.

    62. Meredith Parker says:

      I always manage a little at a time, but the way my PB Desk is set it keeps me easily organized and I love the Hutch witch helps me organize all my papers. Thank you for helping me keep myself on the straight and narrow in my everyday life!

    63. malinda says:

      I always end my day with a little clean up session. Sometimes it's picking up close left on my floor or cleaning my bathroom; really anything to get me one step closer to a clean and organized room!

    64. Alexis Guice says:

      My way to stay organized is to raise my dorm room bed on bed raisers to allow for extra storage underneath such as drawers or my basket of towels, etc. This is a great way to get the big bulky things out of your way that can clutter a small dorm room and allow more room to move around.

    65. Dae says:

      To organize my jewelry I use command hooks that I've stuck in my closet and it works amazing. I usually clean my room like every week. I love storage bins and I'm becoming a pro at making the best of small space.

    66. Kay says:

      I find 15 minutes a day to attack something unorganized in my apartment. If it takes longer than fifteen minutes, that's alright since there will be another fifteen minutes tomorrow. That and make the containers pleasing to my esthetic.

    67. Ris says:

      To keep everything organized, everything has a place and I make sure to constantly put things back in its place. I keep everything on a hanger and neatly so it as easy access and nothing becomes lost.

    68. Kelsey says:

      As a senior in college and student teacher my staying organized suggestion is make a system and stick to it. If you put things away as soon as you use them, even if your tired, need to shower, your friend is calling, ect. things will stay organized so you won't risk losing anything. Also I try to clear my desk off as much as possible every night, so there is room for me to work the next day.

    69. […] I saw.So you can imagine my excitement when PBdorm said they would like to team up with us to do an exclusive dorm makeover giveaway this semester. They sent a ton of awesome organizational products to our writer Anjli so she could […]

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