10 Reasons No One Wants To Follow You On Twitter

The Twittersphere is a strange, strange place filled with preteens obsessed with Justin Bieber and other teen celebrities I never knew existed, viral kitten videos and enough Kardashian drama to make you wonder if all these things are planning to take over the world. If you find yourself with a less followers than you think you should have, then maybe it’s because you’re guilty of one or more of the following social media crimes…



    1. Kai Scribe says:

      soo very true

    2. Stephanie says:

      Death Cab for Cutie!

    3. […] over at posted this list of 10 reasons no one wants to follow you on Twitter and you can check it out […]

    4. Misheck says:

      GOD IS LOVE IN HIM Is no hatrage found only love & more love to love ur own enemies!

    5. Before sign up in a Twitter account we just worried to get better and huge follower that helps to make our twitter profile strong and popular. Basically in a Twitter profile we share or tweet our experience and day today activities and that portfolio decides how much followers we getting for our Twitter profile. Apart from natural followers sometime we used to buy Twitter followers also.

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