Sex in the News: Empathy For Your Fellow Coworker

If you’ve ever had a job you’ve likely been in the situation where one of your coworkers gets reprimanded by a boss or supervisor over something. And even though it’s not you getting in trouble, it still kind makes you cringe, right? If they’re being treated unfairly, it probably also has you feeling not so great.

According to a new study published in Sex Roles, if your coworker is the same sex as you and being treated poorly, it’s likely to have an affect on you. For example, if you worked with other women and your boss treated them rudely, it would be apt to make you feel more anxious or upset than if you were a man. Now how’s that for female solidarity?

The study surveyed 453 workers from the restaurant industry. It also showed that when women are being bashed, their female coworkers tended to feel demoralized.

If you’re working somewhere and it’s only your female coworkers that get picked on, it’s likely you’ll feel empathetic towards them. If it continues, or only women are being treated poorly, it’s likely to really affect your attitude to work.

What do you think? Have you had a situation where only coworkers that are the same sex as you were treated poorly?

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    1. Rachel says:

      Yes! It's very true and I've definitely worked places where women get treated like shit and don't stand up for themselves because they're scared of getting fired. The workplace is still pretty sexist and it's pretty scary.

    2. Ceecee says:

      This is sadly what I work with daily. The guys at my job get free reign to do what they want, and yet the girls get yelled at simply for laughing. It's despicable! And yet, there's no one to report this kind of behavior because our boss condones and supports it! This is why we need to stop playing the "hate other women" card and start befriending our fellow sex. We're the only one's who can fully understand and support each other.

    3. […] I acknowledge that there must be some kind of continuous ripple effect: one standard of beauty set another; little girls saw Barbies and grew up to become young Hollywood who in turn shaped young America who now has no idea what to do about it, even though there are now Barbies and dolls that reflect various physical characteristics across the board. And I really do apologize if you feel that your childhood companion set you up with an unrealistic physical standard and actually hurt you in the long run (seriously, I do understand that logic, and I really am sorry). […]

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