He Said/She Said: Male Stereotypes That Are More Fact Than Fiction

As evolved and politically correct as we like to think we are, the fact remains that stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. Sure, many stereotypes are outdated, sexist and downright silly, but there are a few stereotypes that still hold truth. Deny it though they might, most men are guilty of the following…

They suck at texting.

Either they don’t text back, or they do…a week later. Or you’ll get an annoyingly succinct answer that does nothing to carry the conversation, such as ‘k’. Gentlemen, a single letter does not constitute a meaningful reply. How am I meant to read volumes into a single letter? When you replied to my ‘I’ll see you tomorrow’ with a ‘k’… what did that even mean? Are you looking forward to seeing me tomorrow? Is seeing me tomorrow a potential blight on your otherwise awesome day? Hell, even a ‘k:-)’ would placate me. Meanwhile, I’m writing a novella for each text, carrying the conversation and feeling really damn annoying for doing so.

They don’t talk about their feelings.

Men are emotionally inarticulate. While a woman can enumerate her woes and describe the barely tangible difference between the multiple layers of despair we feel on a regular basis, men seem to be barely capable of muttering “I’m just a bit pissed off, okay?” Instead, they withdraw emotionally and negotiate their woes in the deep, dark recesses of their minds. This is infuriating for women, who want to know what’s wrong so that they can talk about it. Mutual incomprehension makes no one happy, so don’t even try. Perhaps it’s best to just let men stew in sullen silence for a while until they get over it.

They are obsessed with the size of their penis.

How does it compare to your ex? Was he bigger than me? What about [random guy you slept with]? Is mine big enough? I just think it’s too small… Look, get the hell over it; I don’t really care. It’s not the size, it’s how you use it. I have encountered penises of many sizes, and the biggest was not the best. It’s all in the technique. Anyway, you’re just being paranoid, your penis is perfectly normal. Trust me.

Deep down, they don’t want a girlfriend, they want a replacement mother.

Boys want a girlfriend who will cook and clean for them, organise their lives and buy their shoes and shirts. Oh alright, their are a few wildly radical men who will take charge of these things on their own, but the stereotypical grown-up man-child is a stereotype for a reason. Sometimes, men seem as helpless as babes in the woods when confronted by insurmountable tasks such as cleaning a bathroom. They’d much rather a woman take charge of these scary necessities, just like their mothers’ did.

They love boobs.

Maybe it’s oedipal, but hey, I don’t blame you. Boobs are amazing. Obsess all you like.

They find toilet humour amusing.

Farts, poo, piss and semen. Wildly, wildly hilarious… if you have a Y chromosome, that is. Oh I won’t deny that I’ll giggle at off-colour jokes as much as the next person, but some ‘humour’ is inescapably disgusting and not remotely funny.

They all think they’re funny.

I know you think you’re hilarious, but not everyone can be Billy Connolly/Ricky Gervais/Jimmy Carr and, frankly, not everyone should even try to be them. Engage in some self-reflection — are you The Funny Guy, or are you The Annoying Guy Who Thinks He’s Funny But Really Isn’t?

They just don’t get women.

As a wise man once said ‘bitches be crazy’. Yeah, we are crazy, we own that, but that’s just how it is. It’s okay, you don’t actually need to understand women, because you are likewise incomprehensible to us. Women just don’t get men, either. Mars and Venus and all that jazz. But isn’t that part of what makes it all so much fun? Right?

Want to see what He Says are the most accurate stereotypes about women? Check it out on!

Raquel is a Wellingtonian and an Art History graduate. When she’s not studying to be a teacher, she’s downing coffee and reading the autobiographies of people much more amazing than her. You can follow her on twitter @raquel_marty.

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    2. Katie says:

      I find that they either suck at texting OR they text and want an instant response. There's no middle ground.

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    5. criolle johnny says:

      MOST men is a stereotype. If men stereotype women, we immediately get "NAWALT" or "Not All Women Are Like That"!
      I'm only going to address one:
      "They don’t talk about their feelings."
      Because when we do, women use it as ammunition.
      AWALT … That's a stereotype.

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    7. @berickt says:

      The "penis size" sneer of "get over it" just isn't the truth. Life isn't fair and one-size-fits-all isn't reality. For some women size isn't important at all. For some, larger and or thicker is a nice bonus. And in some cases, too-big is a problem – if you poke her in ways that hurt, or she can't get it all in comfortably for oral fun. But for some women size does matter in a big way (just as for some men, large breasts are top of the wish list). That's life.

    8. Dave says:

      1. Why should i be expected to type paragraphs with my thumbs when a simple acknowledgement should suffice. K, ladies?
      2. Bitching about it won't help anything.
      3. Stop dating insecure dudes with dick issues
      4. MOST women would like a man who can provide financial security. That doesn't mean they want a replacement father does it?
      5. Yeah, boobs rock!
      6. We just have a more refined sense of humor
      7. See above
      8. Yep, ‘bitches be crazy.’ That's why I stopped trying to "get" women about halfway through 9th grade.

    9. NateBeRight says:

      This woman is full of shit.. No only is this completely sexist, but Ill bet she hasnt been fucked in years.

      PS .. Boobs do ROCK

    10. rickrule says:

      who gives a fuck what this bitch thinks!

    11. Jim says:

      This entire article is written like someone just finished intro to Psych and they think they have all the answers. Men cannot be lumped into categories like this. Reading down the list, the only one I agree with is "They just don't get women". That's the only one that can be true for 100% of the male population.

      The rest of these are completely dependent on the individual. Are all the articles on this sight completely useless?

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    13. […] • Stereotypes about men that are more fact than fiction. (College Candy) […]

    14. Kathy Tortoreo says:

      Yes – this article is full of generalizations. . . Anyone can do that. There are reasons men don't / haven't learned / can't articulate their feelings, and there are reasons that women feel they have to have a 3 hour conversation about the state of their feelings, over and over again. Men don't truly understand women – and WOMEN TRULY DON'T UNDERSTAND MEN. If we did, we'd have much more tolerance for those annoying little "stereotypical facts" listed in the article. There are reasons that men are the way they are – and women must respect them for it – the same way women EXPECT men to honor them without question.

      Perhaps the author of this article should read Gray's "Men are from Mars / Women are from Venus" and Farrels' "Men are like Waffles / Women are like Spaghetti." (Farrels' book is specifically Christian based, but the partner dynamics are valuable). Its a much better explanation of the real differences in men and women. Those books are eye-openers. This article is not.

    15. r3t0dd says:

      Wow. What a piece of shit this article is. Should I make a lot of dumb generalizations about women based on this shitty article?

    16. Alireza says:


      very nice

    17. MARK says:

      We don’t get women but that’s part of the attraction, Another part you already mentioned is obviously boobs. We don’t talk about our feelings, Get over it, Women can be over emotional and that’s annoying and the reason we don’t like to talk about our feelings because we want practical answers not poor johnny stories. We are a practical people that deal with facts, Something tastes good or it doesn’t non of this it’s full body fruity flavor drink with a touch of sour overtones bullshit hence when you text us we do you the courtesy of letting you know we GOT the message, If we had a problem with the message we would have let you know, I’m sure the author of this dribble understands that time is precious. We don’t have time to waste writing an in-depth analytical response to txt and if I get a long text I quickly get annoyed that someone wants to waste my time telling me a story while I’m trying to do something more interesting like watching beach volley ball (Joking). GIVE ME THE FACTS.

      1. Not EVERY woman wants to share/talk out their problems with everyone, and some of them (like me) prefer that people get straight to the point and not take forever to get there—men don't have an exclusive on thinking that way. Plus not every damn thing you say is that important simply because you're a man,flat out. I also prefer it when people state the facts instead of "So-and-so said this or that, or I heard someone say that on the bus." because that ain't telling me s***—anybody can say anything anywhere and not know what the hell they're talking about half the time. And,yeah, this article is pretty simplistic,silly and stereotypical—both men and women are more complicated than these stereotypes would indicate—besides stereotypes are only half-truths, not the whole truth about someone (I read that somewhere a long time ago.)

        All both men and women have to do is to take the time to learn to understand each other—it ain't that damn hard, and you can even have fun doing it!

    18. JA Paige says: must be true because all the guys that posted above seem hella butt hurt. Priceless!!!

    19. Sweatyb says:

      Scientifically, it is more stressful for men to talk about their feelings than to deal with them internally. And we find it an imposition when people unload their feelings on us – therefore, we tend not to share our emotions unless we feel like, by sharing them, a solution can be presented.

      For women, the simple act of sharing IS the solution. Which doesn't make sense to men – since that exact same thing only exacerbates the issue for us.

      When guys share emotions with other guys (or with women), it's because we know we'll get advice and help (solutions), which is all we're looking for. And the person we're talking to will help provide them. If I'm pissed off because I had a long day at work and the drive home was hell, what good is talking to you about it? You can't help undo that traffic jam… And if I want to feel better, talking about it won't help. Zoning out and/or doing something completely different will help me feel better. Give me a massage. Make me food. Play a game of Foosball with me. Lick me in happy spots…

      But why on earth would you talk about a problem if you're not looking for a solution? It's both internallycounterproductive to men (again, more stressful), and is also, from our pov, essentially selfish.

      Women are apparently more designed to ENJOY hearing about each others problems, but guys see it as something that's an imposition – we will impose, but only when the subject is worth it.

      I think guys are generally underestimated – we Can express our emotions, and in fact I would say tend to actually Understand our own emotions better than women a lot of times. But if we find that when we express our emotions to women, they respond in ways that increase our stress…well, we'll stop doing it. And again, we'll only do it when there's a good reason to.

      And being 'good at texting?' Uhh, texting a few times can be cute – but it's a real annoying way to have a conversation.

    20. Karen says:

      I have learned that men just want the facts, not an entire long winded story. It's not that they aren't interested. I've learned to keep my answers and conversations short and to the point with men and to save my long-winded, pondering conversations for when I talk to women.
      Every man I text has always responded with 'K'. I know he got my message and further conversation on the matter will be at a later time.
      Ugh! I hate the toilet jokes!!! Ewww! I do wish they would save it for when they are only around men. My ex even went so far as to take a photo of his 'masterpiece' in the toilet and pridefully show it to anyone willing to look!!
      They don't clean good. So what. They're supposed to be out mowing the lawn or changing the oil in the car.
      I'm certainly not going to complain if my man wants a little mothering. Men need hugs too and they probably never noticed that crumb hanging on their whiskers. Am I supposed to leave the crumb there and let him go in public with it? Hell no. I'm going to wipe it away and make sure his shirt is buttoned right so he looks his best.
      I think men are adorable and shouldn't change a bit.

      1. laura says:

        Uh, hate to have your life…

      2. dennis says:

        Karen, I think you are an excellent example of a good wife. You're not one sided and seem to 'get it'. I'm not into the toilet humor, most aren't. My personal experiences with housework is this, When entering into my wife's 'domain', she seems to subconsciously sabotage my efforts. Rather than praising what I've done (although differently than how she would have, same end result), she manages to discover something that I may have missed, or not have done to her liking and gently criticize that, (she's a wonderful woman,not overly critical, I don't want you to get the wrong idea). I think women tend to complain because at times they do want a little help with the house duties and when their husbands try to help, wives tend to get kind of territorial, insecure.

    21. Let's see…
      1) Guilty. Not only do I suck at texting, I absolutely hate it. I abhor texting. Its only for when you're in an excesively loud place, or a quiet one. Testing plans are ripoffs. Also, despite the many amazing things I can do with my hands and all of my insane gadgetry…I'm just plain bad at typing on my phone, To be fair to me, though, this may change whenever I get some kind of fancy multi-touch whatever.

      2) Totally untrue. One of my friends is presently annoyed with me because the last time we hung out I talked about my feelings *too* much. Ir really bothered her. Anyway, I talk about my feelings all of the time.

      3) WRONG! I AM, however, obsessed with its rigidity during arousal. This has little to do with size. I want to be able to stare at rocks and go "I can get as hard as those" like some kind of Earth-powered Druid.

      1. 4) This is not only sexist, but it is also downright wrong, very dangerous, and will always lead to problems with relationships and interactions with men. While this may be true for some people, others are merely looking for some kind of nurturing figure. This does NOT equate to a "mother". Others are just fine by themselves, and yet others are the nuturing types themselves. Stop picking your men up at bars while they're sobbing or whatever it is that you're doing.

        5) Breasts are nice and all, but I rarely ever really notice them. I'm all about the legs. I am so very, very about the legs.

        6) I don't. I find it incredibly annoying. Again with picking people up at the saloon. Stop doing that.

        7) I am damn hilarious and you know it.

      2. 8) You do not speak for all women. Maybe guys just don't get you? It'd probably help if you didn't come with negative expectations like these. Also stopped talking to jerks, and maybe talked about your feelings, desires, goals, and motivations to people who are actually interested in listening. There are plenty of people I don't get, man or woman…but this has little to nothing to do with their or my own gender.

        P.S. I thought this article would be funny…I was wrong :c

      3. Elrose says:

        LOFL at 7😄
        Well played, sir. Your work here is done!

    22. James Smith says:

      WTF is this shit? If this article were to stereotype women there would be an uproar.

    23. Lauren Rose says:

      Man, this bitch has a pole up her ass. No wonder her plethora of ex-boyfriends hate her. Maybe everyone just doesn't have the inate urge to talk about themselves for hours on end.

    24. eric says:

      I 'm sure that men stare at breasts as do women stare at chocolate cake at the bakery. These women focus
      on men's flaws to divert attention from their flaws. Feminist say they fight against patriarchy when infact,
      the patriarchy funded Women's Lib. This sexist hatred towards men originate in the lesbian community.
      One women from that community was Valerie Solanas.

      1. Uh…No. Your response is misogynist, poorly spelled, and staring at someone's parts is not in any way equivalent to staring at chocolate. I stare at chocolate myself; I would never stare at breasts without being explicitly invited to in a comfortable and consensual setting.

        While I am confident there are many confused people who self-identify with some kind of homosexuality due to some kind of trauma, that absolutely is the exception and is not the rule.

        White, Imperialist Patriarchy is just as bad as any other form of habitual, virus-like discrimination and is on par with *genuine* sexism towards men. I've got a newsflash for you: People probably don't like you not because you are a man but because you, sir, are ignorant and a buffoon.

    25. Jack Lane says:

      Holy shit, I don't know how I got to this site! What a horrible article! Makes me think of other horrid places, like TMZ and shit like that, I must leave now! BACK TO 4CHAN!

    26. Nana says:

      Sure, many stereotypes are outdated, sexist and downright silly, but there are a few stereotypes that still hold truth. Deny it though they might, most men are guilty of the following…

    27. Will says:

      As a man, I am personally offended by this article. You are stating that these stereotypes are valid with no evidence other than that you happen to believe them. I feel like that is reason enough to say that you are a bad person.

    28. Kate says:

      This article is stupid. It's just one person's rather offensive anecdotal evidence. There is no proof that any of this is actually true about men.
      This kind of thinking sets men up for putting up with all kinds of crap that no sane woman ever would or should and expresses utter female hypocrisy. I am a woman writing this by the way.
      That stuff about emotions is particularly poisonous. It basically tells men "you as a man suck at emotions. If your girlfriend/wife acts in a way that makes you uncomfortable, she is just expressing herself and you're an out of touch oaf." It completely sets them up for emotional abuse and taking it.
      And women are not crazy. We shouldn't own it or use it as an excuse for anything. We are not special and are not exempt from being decent human begins.

      1. dennis says:

        Bravo Kate ! You are a normal, well adjusted woman. Thank you for standing up and telling the truth.

      2. Aeshura says:

        She's both right, and wrong. It's difficult for me to "explain" how i feel, when I'm feeling a certain way, instead of talking about how i feel, I'd rather just fix whatever's going on. In the same token, I despise any women who'd treat me like my emotions don't exist. They exist, they're is just no proof. I also think that women are "crazy" in the way a xenophobe is crazy. You don't mesh into my way of viewing the world as a penis wielding human, and that's weird. Women are the most special part of our species, so I disagree with her there. hence why I found myself here. It is dangerous if its read that way, but doesn't look like the intent.

      3. Mel says:

        You sure sound crazy. I am a woman too. She is not meaning crazy literally. Men look at us and think that just as we do them. An example, we are eating and we get food on our hands. Women use a napkin or wash our hands. Men use their pants. We think dirty. Men do it and they do it so often they are unaware that they are even doing it. There thought is mom or mom aka wife does my laundry.

      4. Joe says:

        God, I wish there were more women like you out there.

      5. JEEEEER R says:

        Its amazing how many women writing articles out there pretty much get their information from TV or movie characters of men, like everything they write is based on the "jerk" character from romantic comedies. You should be a writer Kate to show what real women think and are like instead of these cosmo girls with a skewed view of relationships and men in general

    29. Vict says:

      The writer has just lost all her journalism credentials, to me, when she included ricky gervais as a funny guy.. ricky gervais, really?

    30. Linda says:

      Another twenty year old, with 3 years of dating experience who thinks she knows everything about men. Maybe as you grow up, you'll learn that men are people too.

    31. Wayne says:

      This chick must be high maintenance to the nth degree. Upset because a guy responds with “K”? Really? This author is still playing middle school drama games in her adult relationships.

    32. Mr. Natural says:

      I am a man. I like women – women who like being women. Men are big boys. They need love and hugs and they know they are not perfect. Women are constructed the way they are for a reason – to attract a mate. Therefore, men like tits. DUH! This article is just another psychobabble P.O.S.

    33. @terrametoo says:

      This article is silly but the video on the upper right with the creepy guy with the mustache is hilarious, especially the end when he's pumping the gas!!

      1. @02Godiva15 says:

        The first two woman do…. woman close off when something bothers them… and for texting oh man… I text more and a few of them a word or so… boring…..

    34. homebuilding says:

      So, guys, the solution to all your 'problems in understanding women' is live all aspects of your life, exactly as if you were here twin sister.

      Well that won't be happening, and there are some very special names for men who would try to live that way…

      I'd recommend that we learn to live with and enjoy gender differences, and maybe even look up the words "complemetary" and "reciprocal."

      A slightest bit of work in a dictionary will be time better spent than reading dreck like this….

    35. Carl says:

      thank you, i had the best laugh of my life reading this imaginary stereotypes of yours

    36. Logan says:

      Not sure if Linda (comment below) read the author's biography, but she nailed ti when she said, "Another twenty year old with 3 years of dating experience who thinks she knows everything about men. Maybe as you grow up, you'll learn that men are people too."

      Just read her bio-blurb at the end. She's some college grad who doesn't even have a real job yet. "Raquel is a Wellingtonian and an Art History graduate. When she’s not studying to be a teacher, she’s downing coffee and reading the autobiographies of people much more amazing than her."

    37. Half of this list is quite silly.

    38. 175jfs says:

      TRY ACTING LIKE A WOMAN FOR A CHANGE, DITCH THE CELLPHONE. You might find there are few men who will give you a second look if you didn't act like a self absorbed twit you come off to be. GUYS WANT A WOMAN WHO PAY ATTENTION TO THEM, NOT TEXT EVERY FIVE MINUTES. Small wonder you have problems with the men you've picked. Your going to be a teacher? Try growing up first. Nobody would trust you with their kids.

      1. Aeshura says:

        whoof, someoness women does the phone hump. yea that is annoying. here, here

      2. kaya says:

        You are soo sad. Sorry but you're the ones that don't pay attention to anything but boobs. All you do is stare. And we can't always pay attention to you because you guys can be BORING

    39. Bret says:

      I went looking for an interesting, fact-filled article for some personal edification, and I found this tripe.

      You know very little about men.

    40. Zach says:

      This stereotype is literally not true; nothing about it rings relevant to my manliness. So, you ma'am, are a failure, and a disgrace to journalists everywhere.

      1. kaya says:

        Wow. You feel that butt hurt.

    41. Michael says:

      Some people have no sense of humor. I thought this article was hilarious, and I’m a man.

    42. Coner Logan says:

      This list is sooo true gurl. tell it to them nasty men beotch

    43. Scott says:

      Haha.. I adhere to none of said sterotypes. I guess I'm not a man then?

    44. Guest says:

      Indeed, boobs are quite nice, aren't they?

      Keeping your emotions to yourself is not necessarily a bad thing, though. You'd change your tune if men started whining all day to you. It's annoying and counterproductive. I'd know.

    45. Tresix says:

      I see guys texting at my job all of the time. However, these are men in their teens and twenties. I don't see most people around my age (fifties) texting. Frankly, I hate it! You can call someone and say in five seconds what you will spend over a minute typing.

      1. Brian Prince says:

        I'm (only) 30, but I prefer texting. I think that a phone call is inconsiderate… it sort of says that whatever you have to say is much more important than whatever I could possibly be doing, and demands that I drop everything and immediately give you my full and undivided attention. A text, on the other hand, says something closer to… I'm just bringing this to your attention – respond when you have the opportunity.

      2. Your perspective on phone call etiquette is more of a resent phenomenon. For whatever reason, people seem to feel the need to answer their phones and/or feel that the person they are calling should answer immediately if they have a cell phone (which most people these days do). The solution to this is simply ignore the call when you don’t feel like (or shouldn’t be) talking. If it is some one you care about, they will learn your habit eventually and stop minding. You don't have to be ruled by your phone.

        As far as texting goes, it is a terribly inefficient way of communicating with others. It is useful for supplying information like addresses and phone numbers (since details can be easily forgotten) or sending pictures. It is not useful for lengthy discussions and in fact can cause problems as it is difficult to carry emotion via text.

    46. Stephen says:

      BOOBS!! I'm sorry what did you say….

    47. adam says:

      most of it is bullshit what an idiot

      1. kaya says:

        you guys do act like this like you guys like to say we girls act and ''don't deny it, you know its true''. The same way with men

    48. Tristan says:

      None of these are true, none, what so ever. Please try again later…

      1. kaya says:

        sorry but… it is

    49. norf4 says:

      This woman is Not serious, Not a journalist, and most-importantly, should take some of her own advice and find a NEW job because when it comes to humor, she's not funny either.

      While some of what she describes about men is absolutely true, the problem she fails to recognise is we have ALWAYS been this way, and for the most-part this is what draws her and her sisterhood towards the bearded-gender of our species. In the decades since the rise of the "free-love" generation, women like her have told us males how they hate the bad-boy in us, yet its always the bad-boy who gets the girl until she's ready to settle down and start a family. Its not until they have their hearts broken, cut-out and stepped-on that most womens' "inner" lights go on and convinces her to seek the "gentleman" of her dreams rather than the cad of her her romance novels and hip-hop videos.

      Men have always been, and always will be this way because this is how we are made (or perhaps raised by our mommies). If such locker room humor, and emotional vacancy weren't effective, we wouldn't have ever used it in the first place. Nothing to see here; move along please.

    50. Bob SMith says:

      We text K for 2 reasons.

      1 We got your text, understand it, and will talk to you when we see you.

      2. We really dont care about the 4 paragraphs of drivel you spilled trying to tell us to get, milk and eggs on our way home.

      When women talk about their feelings or problems its like putting down a weight they are carrying.

      When men talk about our problems its like picking back up the weight that we forgot about and have to go on a 2 mile jog with it.

      And of course we are obsessed with the size of our dicks. Normally the only other dicks we see are in porn, and those guys are always 9″ plus. So we feel we are not big enough to make you scream like the girls in porn do.

      Like mentioned earlier “4. MOST women would like a man who can provide financial security. That doesn’t mean they want a replacement father does it?” Thanks Dave

      What really needs to happen is everyone needs to just accept the fact you are not going to change the other person in your relationship. At the MOST you will change them in VERY minor way like maybe a 2% change in some habits or dress. You CAN NOT change the way people think EVER, the thoughts and reactions that come into their skulls are just that THEIR REACTIONS. If you can’t deal with the way someone else is, LEAVE. Your only going to make them and yourself miserable.

    51. Guest says:

      Guys, If you ever bump into this 'lady', or another who sounds like her, turn around and SPRINT AWAY!! I have seen good men abused severely by wives who sounded just like her… at first. And like physical abuse, emotional abuse often escalates over time. Listen to that inner voice trying to warn you. Try not to be distracted by the boobs and make your escape while the damage is minimal.

    52. Cat says:

      Americans… Tsk tsk tsk. U think 2 much. Ur all 2 emotional. Propaganda, discrimination, immature bleh blah bleeh!

      A LOT my friends r guys. And theyre like this. Actualy theyre worse. Dats y i like em… duh!

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