7 Tips for Girls Who Hate Make Up


I’ve never been a make up girl. I’ve gone through my phases, of course. My high school emo phase that led to me perfecting my eyeliner-with-smoky-purple-eyeshadow look (oh. my. god. why.). My increasingly desperate attempts to find a foundation that doesn’t end up looking, and feeling, like mud.

Some girls just aren’t meant for make up. I might be one of them. From my acne prone & lighter-than-ivory-pale skin to my baby face, make up is either too dark, too adult, or “too much.” As Tyra Banks occasionally mentioned on America’s Next Top Model, some people’s faces just don’t hold make up. The experience, I can tell you, is maddening. And it made me hate make up.

But, my fellow make up haters, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can find ways around it. Tips and tricks. We can “settle” or spend way too much money on everything. We can look in the mirror and whine about how we have to spend so much time putting on the make up that we hate. Make up is expensive, time consuming, and ultimately, not great for our skin. But it can also be a fun hobby, a learning experience, a chance to look a little more mature.


Ladies, we don’t have to hate make up. Well, we still can. Despite my newfound appreciation for make up – from lipstick to eyeshadow – I still hate it. I hate the process. I hate that it takes time out of my schedule, that I could be using to eat Halloween candy or bake scones. I hate how expensive it can get and how tempting UrbanDecay eyeshadow palettes are. But ultimately, you can choose to wear it… or you can choose not to. If you want to give make up a shot, figure out what’s best for you. These are some tips to get you there – but, ultimately, the decision to accept or reject make up completely is up to you. You shouldn’t feel pressured to wear make up if you don’t want to.

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    1. Samantha says:

      I absolutely love makeup, and I love nothing more than when I have 20-30 minutes to sit in my kimono at my vanity with a cup of coffee and do my makeup in the morning. However, most mornings I do NOT have the time to leisurely apply a complicated makeup look. My "bare minimum" is to apply my Bobbi Brown undereye corrector and then concealer under my eyes, around my nose and on any blemishes or red spots I have. I grab my Tarte gel cheek stain in Blissful and do 3 quick swipes on the apples of my cheeks. I use my fingers to quickly blend it in. Then I grab a big fluffy brush (I think it's MAC 152… not sure, the number has worn off) and my MAC mineralized skin finish natural and dust it all over my face. If I have a little extra time, I'll grab a foundation brush and dab it in the MSF and pat it on my nose/chin/over the coverup on blemishes to help decrease shine as the day goes on. Last but not least, I'll swipe on either L'oreal Telescopic mascara or DiorShow Blackout and I'm good to go. The whole thing maybe takes me 5 minutes, but I can do it in 3 if I'm not being pokey slow about it.

    2. Alexandra says:

      I've given up on makeup a few years ago. I still try every once in a while, especially for job interviews (because I also have a baby face so it makes me look a bit more grown up) but I look soooo much better without it. I guess I'm lucky I have flawless skin. But still, sometimes I wish I knew how to make myself look more mature because usually I look like a little girl playing dress up with adult clothes.

      1. Katie says:

        I feel like so many people feel that way! Who REALLY knows what they're doing?

    3. Laura says:

      Thank you for this post! I've never really been big on makeup, as I never really learned how to apply it (lol) and feel like it looks strange on me. I do curl my lashes and apply mascara in the mornings but that's about all I'll do.

    4. Kennedy says:

      The Naked palette from Urban Decay is amazing, the shadows are gorgeous and long lasting. I had never really worn makeup until recently, because my face usually can't handle it, but when I started getting really bad acne, I needed something to cover it up. All of the drugstore products I tried just made it look worse, so I started wearing Bare Minerals, and it is the best foundation I've ever worn. It covers up all of the acne, and takes the red out of my complexion. You can't even tell that I wear it, and it's really light feeling.

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    6. Erin says:

      Someone please tell me what makeup that is with the skull on it!? What brand? It’s so cute. : )

    7. Ashley- GWU says:

      I started wearing make up every day when I came to college and now I feel weird if I don't…I wish I could go a day without make up

    8. sara says:

      I don't hate make up, I just feel its unnecessary. Pretty much everyone gets acne, or acne scars, there is nothing wrong in that, it's completely normal. I don't see why people feel like they must hide all their flaws to look "perfect".
      Of course, there are some days when I like to put a little bronzer, or blush, some eyeliner, or lip gloss, but people should embrace how they look and feel confident and know that they are BEAUTIFUL!!

      1. marilyn says:

        Not everyone has acne or acne scars. I don't think it's a wise idea to generalize people's reasons into one lump – their so-called need to "hide all their flaws to look 'perfect'". people put make up to feel better about themselves or they just want to enhance their features. But what you say isn't entirely wrong. I just think you shouldn't assume everyone is lacking confidence and thus, apply make up.

      2. SRM says:

        Not everyone puts on makeup because they want to feel "perfect." I put on makeup because it's fun and gives me to take wakeup and have thoughts to myself in the morning. But I also feel perfectly confident without it. And no, not everyone gets acne or acne scars. I personally have neither but fight with dry skin all of the time.

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    12. Leah says:

      I just wanna say that the Naked Palette by Urban Decay is my first journey into the world of eyeshadows and i adore it! Throughout high school i had stints with makeup but now that i'm in college i wear it every day, just because i've fallen into the routine of putting it on and it helps me feel more awake for class since putting it on makes me focus and helps wake me up first thing.

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    14. Tracy Smith says:

      I ‘am on prednisone and have pumpkin face. I have looked online every where to see if there is anything I can do ? Or if any thing will help when I start getting off It ? I am still the same person , but looking in the mirror its like who is that ? and my poor grandkids its almost like I am scary. Can you sugjest anything ? please ? thanks so much Tracy Smith

    15. anjali says:

      i hate makeup but somtimes i like t but i dont like it.mujhe bilkul simple look what i do

    16. WarriorElf says:

      I despise makeup. I will not spoon-feed the cosmetic industry golden apples. People spend billions on disgusting mud in a desperate attempt to make themselves think they look beautiful. Some girls apparently honestly think that boys love a plastic face with a layer of filth plastered onto it. Being a girl myself, I find it disgusting. I'm not some crony old hag or some supermodel. I am 15 years old and quite frankly am disgusted by what the world around me has been turned into.

    17. a8566739 says:

      I’ve said that least 8566739 times. SKC was here…

    18. cozette says:

      I love makeup. Its pretty sad I knew EVERYTHING in the picture . I look so much prettier with it than without it. I feel like if you wanna look pretty, unless you’re naturally pretty, is crest whitening strips and some mascara and powder steady. It is so simple but does so much. For powder, I recommend something cheap like Rommel stay matte, but if youre looking for a but of coverage too, revlon nearly naked. And for mascara, you don’t to spend 30$ on one. Try covergirl clump crusher.

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