Warm Places I’d Rather Be Right Now [Photos]

Ok, so it hasn’t been that rough of a winter in NYC. In fact, there’s not even any snow on the ground currently. But don’t let any of the aforementioned fool you. That hasn’t stopped me from dreaming of a tropical vacation.Warm sun, sandy beach, comfy lounge chair and a cold drink? Um…yes, please, sign me up!

Check out some of the warmer places I’d love to jet away to right now.



    1. Heather says:

      These pics are beautiful! But as a college girl who’s travelling to FIJI next week to do some volunteering, I can’t help but notice that the country’s name was spelled wrong!

      1. editor says:


    2. Wexie says:


    3. Cristina says:

      All the water looks so amazingly blue in these photos, I want to go to there.

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