The Stupidest Stuff Carrie Bradshaw Ever Said [Photos]

Sex and the City ruled my life for a very long time. I’m only 22 years old, so I didn’t watch the show when it was actually on HBO (because I was 9-14 years old when the show was on TV and watching Lizzie McGuire instead), but now I have seen every episode three hundred times on DVD and have grown to love these characters as if they were my own BFFs. Carrie was always my favorite because I loved the men she dated (AIDEN!) and wish I lived her life as a fabulous writer in NYC. I would listen to her narrations and hang on every word. Whenever she’d begin a sentence, “And I couldn’t help but wonder…”, I knew words of wisdom were about to follow.

But now I have a bone to pick with Ms. Bradshaw. Looking back, she said some of the most asinine and ridiculous things that a woman can say.  I’ve watched reruns on TV and said, “Seriously, Carrie? C’mon.” I’m sure the writers wanted her to sound witty and funny (and most of the time she is!) but sometimes I just don’t get it. So I’ve compiled a list of what I think to be some of Carrie’s not-so-bright moments. Maybe you agree wholeheartedly or maybe you worship Carrie and think she can do no wrong. Take a look and decide!



    1. Watch online says:

      I don`t like her so much!

    2. crystal says:

      They're all jokes, and show the character she is playing. You say on one of them you know it's a joke, most of them are! Most of them are just the humor of the show.

    3. Sarah says:

      I agree with some of those, but not all of them. And many of your "stupid quotes" are taken out of context, so of course they seem stupid (such as her "I love alcoholics! I hope to be one someday!"). Um, she wasn't serious and don't we all say stupid shit when we first meet a potential partner and wish we hadn't just put our foot in our mouths?

    4. coco says:

      I know one that wasn't a joke! It is when she said that Vogue fed her more. I will never forget that line because it's the most irritating thing that ever came out of her mouth!

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