25 Celebrities Without Eyebrows [Photos]

The Internet is a wonderful thing sometimes. Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, CollegeCandy…all of these wondrous sites would not be possible without all of us being connected through this thing called the Internet. It also brought us one of the most amazing Photoshop experiments ever: celebrities without eyebrows. That’s right. Photographs of celebrities with their eyebrows airbrushed out. Never in my life have I understood how important eyebrows are to the face. The dramatic difference that one little line of hair above the eyes makes is incredible (Take note of the Anne Hathaway photo…).

Without further ado, here are 25 hilarious pictures of your favorite celebrities missing a very vital asset to the human face. Prepare to bust out laughing!



    1. Ashley- GWU says:

      They're so freaky looking!

    2. Jennifer Lynn says:

      Russel looks hilarious

    3. Anna says:

      Second oddest post on this site. First one was UTI-friendly fashion. WTH?

    4. NaughtUrMom says:

      Looks like someone was playing with their daddy's photoshop. Too bad it cannot be used in real life…like erasing this stupid article.

    5. real bitch says:

      They look evil

    6. tony says:

      Taylor Lautner looks like a caveman…

      1. liz says:

        and that's WITH eyebrows…

    7. Deb Mac says:

      AM I the only one that thinks the Olsen twins look MORE normal this way?

      1. I'm scared says:

        They look like ghosts demons that would come out of your television set after watching a particular movie.

    8. BlondieKnox says:

      Russel Brand gets my vote for the worst.

    9. JPM says:

      Whoopi Goldberg doesn't have eyebrows and looks just normal…. but everyone on here looked weird!!

    10. Lil Val says:

      Chris Rock looks way coked out, check out his nose!

    11. Mac says:

      Worst Photoshop work ever… come on….

      1. Jey says:

        I know right? They could've made it look a little more realistic.

    12. Aida says:

      All of them look funny…there's no doubt about it, eyebrows, thick or thin, frame one's face.

      1. ki-ki says:

        yeah, and chris brown looks really creepy with out dem

    13. Lady G. says:

      I think Chris Rock and Duchess Kate almost looked normal. But as for the rest…Miley takes the cake. Yuck. Looking at all of them A creepy Twilight Zone episode called 'Eye of the beholder' comes to mind.

      1. Em H. says:

        def thought of the same twilight zone!!

    14. Look at Angelina she looks the ugliest among all

    15. sprinklez says:

      No the worst of them is kim k….uggggggggh'she looks like a chola!!

    16. breven says:

      Angelina takes award for ugliest alien…………….. no wander she hates internet if i loooked like her i’d hate it too

    17. beenthere says:

      Angelina has become very unattractive in the last few years. her skin looks stretched to the max which gives a shiny affect. She is going down hill for sure. No turning back, she's just getting old and no surgery is going to make a difference because she wasn' that good looking in the first place. She'll just look like an alien if she gets any more plastic work done. She needs to give it up and accept the fact that she's aged and there is nothing to do about it but accept it. Time to take the spot light off of her and brad, and shine it on those kids they are raising. Kids need a lot of attention, love, and just being there, no special reason, just be there. They have time to do this now that they are both getting old, and they should invest time with their children. It's time the kids get some attention, but from Mom and Dad, not the media!

      1. Cessly says:

        What's wrong with people like you? She's 36 years old. Maybe your the one with old written across your face. Your probably the one who wasn't good looking in the first place.

        Ps, your fucking retarded if you think that the media spotlight should be on 6 kids under 10 rather than 2 fully grown adults.

      2. Scott says:

        why do you sit around analysing Angelinas face in the first place? you talk about Brad and Angelina as if you know them 'they have time to do this now" as if you know them, why do you consume your self with other peoples lives? people who you dont know.. but do know because they are beautiful and talented. Angelina has been on many a Top 10 Sexiest females list so saying she isnt that good looking sounds more liike JOKE considering she has pillow lips, perfect teeth, beautiful eyes and a body to die for. Thinking that your opinion on her is the general opinion you are very much mistaken. why would you seggest to Angelina to 'give it up' as its making her so much money and she still looks great and probably gets great enjoyment from her work.

        Jealous much?

      3. marie says:

        How old are you that you think 36 is aged? lol…When you grow up you will realise that 36 is still young!

    18. flambe says:

      That is some of the worst Photoshop work ever attempted.

    19. Alison says:

      I was born with no eyebrows. I am now thinking maybe I should get some- yuck!

    20. Karl Baba says:

      Folks who naturally are missing the outer third of their eyebrows should get their Thyroid checked. MIssing eyebrows are a sign of a Hypothyroid condition.

    21. Larry Fenix says:

      Taylor Lautner looks like Lou Ferrigno's Hulk

    22. cathrine says:

      oh shit, ive never seen angelina jolie suddenly looks so ugly

    23. Elizabeth says:

      The people that posted this were obviously incredibly bored at work… and their Photoshop skills are horrible!.. Instead of using an over-sized low opacity airbrush, and the smudge tool, try using the clone brush next time! HAH!!

    24. BENITA says:

      I think Jessica Alba looks great

    25. cait says:

      They forgot the one who’s NEVER had eyebrows EVER (that I’VE ever seen anyway) and that would be WHOOPI. Where did that girl’s eyebrows GO? I would like to see what Whoopi Goldberg looks like WITH eyebrows…

      1. Daniela says:

        Has anyone here ever heard of the disorder trichotillomania? If not, please stop making fun of folks…I've had this since I was six and am going on 42. It has been hell on earth living without eyelashes and brows.

        Other people have medical conditions such as alopecia or are receiving chemo or have a thyroid issue (to name a few)….it just isn't funny.

    26. Daniela says:

      Before all of you shallow people start commenting on how "ugly" it is to be without eyebrows, please know that many of us are suffering out there without them.

      I have had trichotillomania for 37 years (and I'm just turning 42). I pull all of my brows and lashes out. Yes it sounds crazy, sick and strange, but it is real. My adoptive parents nearly beat me silly over this growing up as no one knew what it was. I've endured lost friendships, being made fun of and just hell on earth having this.

      Glad that all of you are so good looking and that you have your brows -that is great for you. I doubt you are rocking the legs I have at 42 -we all have different things that make us beautiful.

      There are also other medical conditions that can cause this -please take a moment to educate yourself.

      1. hollisss says:

        Sorry for your issue and funny you mention legs, Since I am 17 I have had spider veins (inherited) and bruises. People say all the time, oh my god what happened to your legs? Yeah. So I have to get a major tan which is hard when you are half Irish. So I envy the fact that you have great legs. People suck.

      2. sinjin gideon says:

        the sun is acually not good for spider veins here are some options for you

        at the drug store walgreens go to the pantty hose make up section made by sally hansen air brush legs you spray it on it dries quickly and is rub resistant ,most people use it in place of panty hose in the summer time ….you can also use makeup by bill nye i use it to cover up tatoo on ankle and shoulder

        How to Use Natural Varicose Vein Treatments
        Natural Ways to Reduce Varicose Veins & Spider Veins



        Reduce the pressure in your legs and feet that can lead to spider veins by propping your legs up whenever you're sitting or resting. Treat spider veins with home remedies also known to increase circulation and strengthen veins like brisk walks, swims, bike rides or exercises like calf raises (slowly rolling up to the balls of your feet and back down again).

        Keep spider veins from getting worse by avoiding tight clothing and sitting or standing positions that can restrict the blood flow in your legs. If you know you'll be standing for a long time, consider wearing support stockings available at pharmacies. Wearing compression hose is a spider vein treatment that can keep blood from pooling in spider veins and reduce the swelling.

        Alter your diet to eat more foods that can improve the health of your veins. Treat spider veins with home remedies that include eating more Vitamin C-rich foods, particularly fruits like blueberries, oranges and grapefruit touted for increasing the strength of your blood vessels. Vitamin K-rich foods like lean meats, tomatoes and deep green vegetables have also been known to reduce the amount and severity of spider veins.

        Try to treat spider veins with home remedies like wrapping spider veins with soft cloths soaked in apple cider vinegar for thirty minutes. Performing this spider vein treatment twice a day is reported to improve the appearance of spider veins after about eight weeks.

        Turn to herbal remedies. Consuming the herb horse chestnut has been shown to increase circulation, strengthen vein walls to reduce new spider veins and relieve blood vessel swelling and discoloration. It's recommended to take two 50 milligram capsules of horse chestnut each day, but be sure to consult your physician about potential side effects before starting herbal spider vein treatments.

        Tips & Warnings

        If you're fair-skinned, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun while trying to treat spider veins with home remedies. Despite your attempts to get rid of spider veins, sun exposure can actually cause the veins to get larger and more vibrant in color. Direct heat to the blood vessels like soaking in a hot tub can also cause the spider veins to appear larger.

      3. sinjin gideon says:

        if you lost friends because of your disorder then they really were not your friends in the first place and you dont need them there are options you can get tatooe of eyebrows or the lick em stick em ones that look real , personally i dont care i like to think that there is more to a person than hair .dont feel bad about your condition and what it would mean to others dont hide from them or let their rude comments bother you ,with these type of people its easy to put them in their place . just turn back to them cross your eyes and say thats not what you said last night ,,but i still love you…this really does stun them into silence.. then just turn and leave if you want the score then you say jackass ,this turns back onto the rude person they are now being laughed at depending on the situation and place id give them the third finger salute

    27. st clair fox says:

      draw them on. I due

    28. onnari says:

      Lol! Rolling on the floor! Can’t recognize some o’ them! Taylor lautner’s there?!!

    29. Martha Hawkins says:

      Who are you trying to fool. I can tell the brows have been covered up with something. Bad

    30. Star says:

      This is a pointless article, I thought it was about celebs who shaved their eye brows for some political statement or just never really have eye brows (like Whoopi Goldberg), not that that article whould have much more of a point to it come to think of it.

    31. InterestingObs says:

      James Franco and Chris Rock look pretty normal.

    32. susandoyle183 says:

      Oh god! very poor photoshop skills this is.!

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