10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Vagina

The vagina. It has more nicknames than just about any other body part, and when you say it out loud there are some people who will still look at you like you’re insane. I once had a health teacher who made the entire class yell “penis” and “vagina” to break the ice before we started our sex ed unit. Say it with me everybody, vagina!

In the spirit of that teacher, I’ve put together some crazy facts about the vagina. We already brought you ten facts this summer, so here are ten MORE things you probably didn’t know about your special lady parts.

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    1. princessmahina says:

      People also used to believe that orgasm had to be achieved by both partners for pregnancy to occur, which is where the "same sexual organs as men, only inverted" comes into play.

      Cool article:)

    2. PMF says:

      "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly."

    3. PMF says:

      Uh. . . you might want to check your science: G-Spot Does Not Exist, 'Without A Doubt,' Say Researchers,… January 2012. The article you refer to is SERIOUSLY flawed. Okay, not flawed. It's flat out wrong and is filled with misinformation. Please get your facts right. There's really no excuse for spreading misinformation about a topic that is already SO misunderstood.

      The article does have a number of accurate facts, but manages to twist those into inaccurate statements about the non-existent G-Spot. And the term "vaginal orgasm" is not even a term. It's an orgasm. Period. The article even says that it those are caused by clitoral stimulation THROUGH the vagina. That is NOT the same as a "vaginal orgasm."

      Misinformation like this SERIOUSLY pisses me off.

      1. EAW says:

        what i find funny is if you read the whole article… it says it is not a definite spot but a region… and that they havent figured the orgasm let alone the g-spot yet… so calm down… some women have the thicker tissue causing it to feel stimulated, some dont. before you rant you should read and understand EVERYTHING

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