Friday Faves: 5 Common Roommate Problems — and How to Deal with Them

Living with other human beings is hard. Like really hard. And sometimes if it’s your best friend, it’s even harder. How do you tell someone you love that they need to do their own dishes and turn the TV volume down and stop having loud sex every single night. We feel you. In fact, we are you and that’s why we’re giving you some solutions.

[This post was originally written by Khalea – Howard University]



    1. Lacie says:

      it ridiculous how orange gretchen weiners legs are.

    2. bri says:

      what about if she says up late and doesnt start her homework til 2 am and you have class at 7:45am? what to do if shes keeping you up late at night?

      1. asatrian says:

        I would try using a sleeping mask and a pair of earplugs which reduce sounds but you can still hear the alarm clock.

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