Whatever Happened to the Zoog Disney Stars?

Remember back when Disney Channel used to actually be good and somewhat entertaining to watch? Even though today’s Disney stars like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus seem to get way more attention than anyone back in the Zoog Disney days (late 90’s/early 00’s) ever did, I would much rather watch re-runs of Lizzie McGuire rather than The Suite Life on Deck or Shake it Up. So what have our favorite nostalgic stars been doing ever since they left Mickey’s realm? Check it out in the gallery below!

Who was your favorite old school Disney star? Do you think the new stuff is better than the old, or vice-versa?

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    1. Vicki says:

      Also Lee Thompson Young has a role on TNT's Rizzoli and Isles.

    2. Karin says:

      such nostalgia! love it! i saw zenon on disney maybe 3 weeks ago at 2am. it was great!!

    3. Shelby says:

      There's an ad right in the way of the descriptions!!😦

    4. cate says:

      …so Ricky Ullman was NOT a zoog disney guy at all. neither was raven. but I do really miss zoog disney and the movies of the month. :[

    5. Sima says:

      Ricky.. you look.. different?

    6. justine says:

      this article is FULL of factual errors

    7. Nicole says:

      This needs to be updated ASAP

    8. @KenzieEmery says:

      I totally forgot about The Jersey! I used to watch that show every day while I got ready for school… So weird since I totally hated sports as a kid.

    9. Devin says:

      I remember when aly and aj did a lot of songs from the didney movies and aly was in phil of the future. I still obsess over them but disney is crap now with all these stars gone.

    10. claw2012 says:

      and here i think of that saying "there's no school like the old school". well it definitely applies to disney. they need to didtch the stupid shows they have today. and i love that you brought up Lizzy Mcguire. i used to watch that show anytime it came on.also not sure if "That's so Raven" was Zoog Disney but i miss that show too. one movie of the month i really miss too is "Lucky dog" but thankfully someone uploaded it to youtube as well as most of the old Movies of the month.😄

    11. caca says:

      disney channel has always been a crap channel for babies

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