Elizabeth Olsen is the Best Olsen

Today is Elizabeth Olsen’s 23rd birthday! Elizabeth is the younger sister of teen billionaires, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. She recently starred in one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2011 and has an amazing future ahead of her. While her sisters can be a little on the “hot mess” side, Elizabeth picks up the slack by being poised and graceful. You cannot help but love her.

So in honor of her 23rd year, I thought I would come up with a few reasons why Elizabeth Olsen is slowly becoming my favorite Olsen!

Sidenote: This change of heart was difficult for me because as a young girl, I used to pretend I was the long lost triplet of the Olsen Twins and watched It Takes Two on a daily basis. I still love them, obviously, but Elizabeth is taking the lead as the years go on.

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    1. Jaimie Lynn says:

      Couldn't agree more! This is SPOT ON. Great post!

    2. Tex says:

      This post wins the Silliest Fluff Piece of the Week award.

    3. overlandpark4me says:

      Her sisters aren't hot, they're freakish, and I wouldn't touch either one of them with another posters dick.
      That said, the sister is way hot. Hot to the point where I'd check and see if she was adopted at birth/

    4. Garnet – Columbia University says:

      I can't believe she's 23! For some reason I feel like she should be younger than that…

      1. Rosie says:

        Actually, to me she looks older than the twins.

    5. Devon says:

      Her plastic surgeon made her nose too small. It's distracting.

      1. mka200 says:

        youre such an airhead. she doesnt have nose surgery. stop saying things that are LIES as if they were TRUE. because of mean idiots like you, is that then celebs (and teens) become troubled and they end up dying, cause they cant take the STUPID LIES and criticism people like you do. if u get distracted by a small nose, is because YOURE AN AIRHEAD SUPERFICIAL, and the problem IS IN YOU, not in her nose. YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO FOCUS IN THE MEANINGFUL THINGS IN LIFE.
        you speak with a confidence as if you were there in the operating room with her and the surgeon. your attitude makes me sick.

    6. Joey says:

      This post beats every single one on any Kardashian… They're just a bunch of useless people… and they're relevant because of the mediocrity of american media!

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