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Very Mary-Kate Is Back Y’all

What’s better than the Olsen twins? Videos parodying the Olsen twins. Seriously, I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to death but you’ve got to laugh at their tiny, fashionable, and caffeine-addicted selves. Very Mary-Kate chronicles the adventures of Mary-Kate, Ashley, Body Guard, Fat Professor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jewish-Looking Girl. It follows Mary-Kate through various aspects of her life from school to holidays, causing hilarity along the way.

Very Mary-Kate is written by Elaine Carroll, who stars as Mary-Kate and is directed by Sam Reich. It started off as a small web series, but was picked up for Season 2 by our friends at College Humor¬†and is now a full-fledged internet sensation. Another season just started online, and they’ve had me rolling on the floor. You can check out new episodes online at Very Mary-Kate, and here are some of my favorites below.

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