Candy Dish: Tech Candy

R.I.P the computer mouse. You’re in a better place.

Check out the nine best websites to take away those winter blues!

This is probably the coolest/most delicious iPhone case we’ve seen to date.

No what what kind of fear “Nomophobia” is? Find out here!

Can’t seem to concentrate enough to finish that term paper? Check out these awesome places that will help you reach a zen-ish state.

Nook vs. Kindle. Whose side are you on?



    1. CinthiaSowe says:

      Can’t seem to concentrate enough to finish that term paper

    2. Sanford says:

      That is so darn cool. Too kiddy like though. Makes a perfect KB for my little girl.

    3. CarSalesman says:

      Great keyboard. Love this.

    4. feliks4 says:

      .Love the keyboard.

    5. feliks4 says:

      Cute keyboard..

    6. jabeen says:

      Lovable key board

    7. gerik9 says:

      I think its a favorite of kids..

    8. sahar786 says:

      superb one…

    9. wagner432 says:

      Makes a perfect Key Board..

    10. metody808 says:

      My kiddy wanna this..

    11. walentywit says:

      Hope everyone had great update about the fantastic keyboard.

    12. danielkl71 says:

      Makes a perfect key bosrd:-)

    13. jerzylech says:

      cute keyboard for cute kids..

    14. jerzylech says:

      cute keyboard for cute babies

    15. jeorekles says:

      loved the keyboard for kids…

    16. gustaw0 says:

      wowhh..this keyboard give it wonderful experience..

    17. halinalidia says:

      great item..superb..

    18. chamiron says:

      great keyboard..hope liked it everyone

    19. somarwal says:

      super duper one

    20. bairwanayan says:

      Useful device for toddlers and all other children..

    21. mussimire3 says:

      very reasonable for cuties..thanks for the product..

    22. systemyerp says:

      Babies, for sure, would love to have this one.

    23. bensalah510 says:

      good one..hope everyone can used it..not only for kids..

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