Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow Go on Date

Good lord. If these two really start dating, there is no doubt they will go down in history as the world’s most boring couple ever. And can you imagine what this will do for Taylor’s career? She’s made entire albums bashing bad ex-boyfriends. What could she possibly write about Tebow? Taylor’s next album is sure to have some amens and hallelujahs.

Celebuzz first reported that the two were seen talking for a good portion of the night during an Oscar’s party. They were then spotted on Monday having dinner with a group in Century City’s Toscanova restaurant. No, they didn’t leave dinner together, but he did walk her out at the end of the night. The thought of these two definitely has the potential to trigger a gag reflex, but we cannot deny that they might just be perfect for each other. They definitely make some similar facial expressions…



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    2. Katie Garrity - North Central College says:

      Am I the only one who thinks this is cute? I think they'd be good for each other! Age appropriate partners and they seem to have the same views on stuff. Good for them (if this is actually true).

      1. alley says:

        Not sure they are suited for each other. Taylor gets around. She has dated everyone under the sun, and she is pretty arrogant/fake. Taylor may not even be a Christian. Not sure. Tim is a very devout Christan so religion is very important to him. Not sure if Tonedeaf Taylor even believes in God, as she has never mentioned religion ever, nor ever thanked God on her acceptance speeches.

        She seems too fake and self-absorbed to date a nice guy like Tim. he can do much better.

      2. Timothy Carr says:

        She actually has mentioned God in a few of her songs. In fact one of her songs is actually called Sweet Tea and God's Graces. But yeah Taylor Swift is not nearly as religious as Tebow.

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    4. NotAmused says:

      Annnd…. now I've lost some respect for Tebow……

    5. Monet from New Orleans says:

      Taylor gets around. She’s too much of a hot ass for Holy Tebow. Yall can be fooled by that girl next door persona if you want to.

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    7. boogity says:

      hi there alley-teesharky…I see you are still a crazy obsessed stalker spreading your hate everywhere. I wonder when that enourmous amount of negative Karma you’re building up is going to hit?

    8. Kell says:

      Wow, people are just rude!! Let them live their life and who cares your not dating either of them yourself. As for her getting around she dated like 3 guy with in a couple yrs. She too deserves to find happiness like any of you and I think she is very down to earth and hasn’t changed much since breaking the scene yrs ago. Nice to have someone wholesome to have kids look up to now a days, a perfect role model for kid’s!!

    9. Vincent says:

      Please tell me the title is a reference to Eric Hutchinson. Ditto on the dhnawishisg and the favorite people living in the computer.And it’s super good that you DO plan out meals so you don’t waste anything! I wish I could do that! But I’m too picky certain days I want certain things, just depending on my mood. and I guess that means Pretty Little Liars is good? I’ve been vaguely intrigued for awhile and couldn’t decide if I wanted to watch

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