10 Things You Should Never Say to a Guy

Dating is a topic that will never tire amongst girlfriends. Somehow there are always different scenarios and circumstances with new men that are the topic of most cocktail conversations.  As much as our mothers may deny it, we are in a whole different dating game. Today’s twenty-something woman can’t expect men to be beating down their door begging to take them out on a date. In today’s day and age, it is pretty normal for the female to make the first move. I recently wrote an article on how women should approach a guy that they are interested in. I then took that a step farther and gave a list of specific ways to break the ice based on your personality. Quirky? Shy? Smart? Anyone can play to their strengths and successfully spark up a conversation with a new prospect. Continuing with this theme, I thought it may be helpful to list out a few things that guys do NOT want to hear. Whether you’re meeting a guy for the first time or have been dating for a while, try to avoid these pitfalls if you don’t want to send him running in the opposite direction!

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    1. Katie Garrity - North Central College says:

      The picture for the first slide is amazing. So much win.

    2. Katie says:

      2 things: the guy must suck it up and hold the bag & christmas cards are cute. He's just gotta deal with it.

    3. leit says:

      You can definitely say you kids are gonna be cute, as long as the context/tone is right – I always tell my bf I'm only with him for his good-looking genes, which is only a half-joke (he also happens to be very nice & smart). But then again, we've been together 4 years… so maybe this list is more things not to say to aguy early on??

    4. Anonymous says:

      Why is the baby on #2 so creepy looking?!

    5. Chioma says:

      I dont understand the page

    6. […] 10 Things you Should Never Say to a Guy — College Candy […]

    7. angel says:

      lol wtf. stupidest list ever. If my bf and I plan on having kids one day – yeah I would probably say our kids would be cute. Yes, he's gonna have to tell me how many girls he's slept with if he wants to sleep with me, yes, he he would hold my purse if I needed him to hold it.

      What kind of douches do you guys usually go out with? lol

      1. munchikin says:

        Yer I agree ur going out with dickheads the nice guys will always want to talk about kids maybe not first but later on they do. Also they will tell u how many people they have slept with if u ask in the right way. Also they will hold ur purse if u ask them too.

    8. Ashwath says:

      FFW? Please look… Yes, I am looking for a rermiad FFW(Full Figured Woman) wi mature single women th whom I possibly could have a fwb, nsa fun relationship. If u do not understand what fwb and nsa means then please you should never read any further. But if u know what those acronym means and oughout r rermiad then please stay with me…… I will be honest, yes i am rermiad with kids and basiy no, i do not want to finish my marriage, i love my family and kids dearly. But the fact is after repeated effort from my part (at least for those past x years) i feel not getting that special attention in home which used to get when most people first got rermiad. I are convinced the life is very short and everyone deserves enjoying themselves from it before we acquire too old. I am sure there r other females around that do not want to help you destroy their marriage/ family and yet wishes to have some discr full body massage ete fun/attention construct y rightfully deserve from a person from the choice. So, if u r one of those females and if u would really like a % real. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!! .

    9. nyc456 says:

      First off, if a guy can't answer how many girls he has slept with, we are done right there. Second, half of these, a guy I used to date answered or told me with out me asking….and then he's the one who got scared away by…himself??? So this article is ridiculous.

    10. Ryan says:

      just so you know most of guys are just pretending to care about what you say when you talk about kids… so dont think your dude is the shit just because he talks about something just to make you happy. and dudes dont really like caring purses,but will for a small amount of time.

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