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Christina Hendricks vs. Olivia Munn: Who Has The Better Nude Pics? [Photos]

You’d think by now celebrities would know to stop taking naked pictures of themselves with their iPhones. You’d think. But alas…phone hackers strike again, and this time we get to see how Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn look naked. While sixteen year old boys — and let’s be honest, ones much older than that, too — are enjoying these revealing photos without a second though, I do have one very important question to raise. Who did it better?

Sending naked pics isn’t a novice sport. Lighting, angle, attitude…knowing what you’ve got and how you’re going to work it is imperative. Let’s take a look at Christina and Olivia’s efforts and subject them to a little CollegeCandy evaluation, okay?

So what do you all think? Who has the better nude photos?

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