8 Things You Should Never Do Braless

Recently, Miley Cyrus was caught doing a little braless car shopping. The no-bra thing wasn’t totally terrible on its own, but her ratty, old t-shirt sent things over the edge. But hey, apparently she got a good deal on the car, so maybe her braless look was a carefully executed strategy.

Ladies, with certain articles of clothing, going braless can be totally appropriate. But there are some things you really shouldn’t do without a bra on. Check out our list so you can avoid Miley’s mistake.



    1. Abby says:

      Haha this reminds me of an episode of Kendra when herself and a very large breasted (natural) friend go to an indoor sky-diving practise place. Her friends natural breasts flew either side of her in a way that made me swear never to sky dive braless!

    2. bberg1010 says:

      9. run up/down steps
      10. drive over a speedbump or on a bumpy road

      1. kathelldorfer says:

        11. meet your significant other's parents… i used to work with a girl that did that… wtf.

    3. Katie Garrity - North Central College says:

      hahah Garnet, this is awesome. Every single one I was like, "Yes…of course..oh for sure!" People who go to the gym braless frighten me.

    4. George Davis says:

      Do some research. For most women, wearing a bra is not healthy, physically and mentally.

    5. taylor-EAMS says:

      braless is ok for somethings. but in public is another. some need them. if you are one of those who arent wearing one you will most likely look like one of those dudes who needs one…..bad. and the sad thing is, not to go off topic, but its sad when your friend looks at a fat dude and says,"thats not fair his boobs are bigger than mine!" lol

    6. rocklesson86 says:

      I hate bras. Once I loose weight, I am never wearing one again.

    7. TierraNeil says:

      Ladies, with certain articles of clothing, going braless can be totally appropriate. But there are some things

    8. Ashley says:

      I have no problem with going or anyone else being braless. Unfortunately, people also think I'm gay, but w/e. Fact is, bras are incredibly uncomfortable, and at least in my case, create f**ing stupid pools of sweat.
      Bras are good for workouts and little else…

      and if some fat jerk can show his chest at the beach, I certainly don't care if I do.

      1. Brea says:

        I hate wearing them also..I got to the point where I dont wear one..im small chested so I just wear tanktops underneath everything. When i do wear one it feels like im being suffocated

      2. Justice Pons says:

        Well said. I cant stand the things and have refused to wear them most of my life. They dont sag, but they dont hang out under my chin either. As for Myley, what are a bunch of media pervs doing making a big fuss over that (damn young) womans breasts. She was chillaxin and has a right to go braless if she chooses. If you want to be protected from the sight of bouncing boobies, go East, where they have to wear burkas. Or, get a life. The only good reason for a woman to wear a bra is if she wants to.

    9. […] Kate Upton’s boobs wished you a happy Easter. And now Miley Cyrus’ boobs are wishing you a happy… Wednesday? Miley flashed the paparazzi some serious sideboob yesterday while she was shopping with her mom. Yup, her mom. She was wearing a loose t-shirt with no bra underneath, and the sideboob was intense. Miley’s a serial offender in the no bra category – her braless car shopping a while back inspired our post about the 8 things you should never do braless. […]

    10. gfhgfghf says:

      If women have big breasts larger than B, they should wear bras in public. It is very indecent and low class to have breasts of any kind moving around. This deals with light blouses and shirts, and some dresses. If one wears a sweater or something of that nature, however and it's not very noticeable that is an exception.

    11. Amanda says:

      It is proven that the more you wear a bra, the less your boobs will sag when u get older. So strap on a bra unless u want to see them around ur belly button!

    12. Retnan says:

      Job interview is a great time not to wear a bra if the hirer is a man.

      1. tanjerine says:

        Yeah, or if you're applying for Hooters.

    13. bluebell says:

      I usually have to use a bra since i am a size 34F, however sometimes i am not wearing one to relieve my shoulders. What puzzles me is that some women use so much energy to spot if i am not wearing one or not. I always wear wide thick college sweaters when i do. I have good hearing so i know, just don't understand the problem.

    14. Katie says:

      It amazes me how much women care about other women’s breasts. Jealous much?

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