7 Ways to Ruin a First Kiss

First kisses are the beginning of something wonderful. It’s the perfect end to a wonderful first date. It’s the promise of things yet to come. They give us butterflies like no other kiss can. Some people say everything you need to know is in that first kiss. But sometimes first kisses can be less than wonderful. They can be an awkward, uncomfortable and a horrifying moment that scars us for life (just speaking hypothetically…not like it’s ever happened to me…ahem) There’s so much pressure that sometimes we get so nervous and anxious we screw the whole thing up.

There are 100 ways to screw up a first kiss and many of them have plagued me over the years. From tsunamis of saliva to sudden sneeze attacks, I’ve compiled a list of how first kisses can be ruined in an instant.

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    1. butimbeautiful says:

      I like it. I've probably had ALL those sorts of kisses!

    2. Jessica says:

      you forgot the bird-kissers. the ones where they're so stiff lipped that it's like you're getting pecked by a bird on the lips with uneven pressure. gotta say, i've taught several boys how to kiss from real life to over email but no one i've ever known was that horrendous. a guy can recover from a bad breath kiss if you tell him about it acceptingly, he can't recover from a horrendous kiss like THAT.

    3. maddie says:

      slide 5 has a typo. Unless both parties were doing large amounts of salvia at the time..

    4. maddie says:

      also says salvia in the intro haha.

    5. mram says:

      it says five ways to ruin a first kiss…there are seven…

    6. Garnet – Columbia University says:

      The super sloppy kissers are the worst. Few things are more disappointing than a guy who slobbers all over you.

    7. me2 says:

      What about those horrible kisses where they bump your teeth with theirs? I've only had it happen once and I was kind of like WTF?

    8. cindee says:

      looolll….dis tips jas had me laffin esp d sloppy kissers…dey r soo disgusting

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