Snooki Returns to Jersey Shore Season 6 While Pregnant!

Snooki’s return to the sixth season of Jersey Shore is a bit controversial. Though many people agree that she is a huge part of what makes the show worth watching, how entertaining will she be when she can’t binge drink or fight? At least we hope she’s not up to her usual antics while in the final stages of her pregnancy! Read the full story at Huffpost TV and check out the video where Snooki says she’s super excited to become a MILF. Of course she is…



    1. Abby says:

      I still don't think she is actually pregnant… it seems like a jersey shore ploy to keep interest in the show.

    2. clumsy doll says:

      I am a fan of Snooki, I am surprised that she will be returning for the sixth season of Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore has gotten a bit boring towards the end of the last two seasons. I caught up with the finale since I missed out on Thursday. I was busy working late at DISH so I used DISH Online to catch up on my computer. DISH Online is one way for me to stay connected to all my shows. I will for sure be watching Pauly's new show and Snooki and JWWow's show.

    3. jay says:

      It time to let jersey shore die all together.

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