The Fanny Pack is BACK

And it’s better than the early 90s. Even celebrities like Rihanna have been sporting the fanny as of late. I couldn’t help but notice that this fashion artifact made multiple appearances at SXSW. A street vendor, Tipsy Gypsy, actually referred to it as a “hipster belt,” and was selling them in a variety of fine leather. I know fashion is cyclical, but is this really a trend we want to recycle?

Tell me below!

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    1. Ashley- GWU says:

      Yeah…not sure how I feel about this trend!

    2. Jonnie says:

      What's a fanny pack?? This is JammyPack!! Check this thing out. Amazing.

    3. Taryn says:

      Actually the trend has been back for awhile since The North Face introduced the Roo! I know a lot of girls want them at my school including me and they’re very cute and functional. And the cool thing about the Roo is it can be used as a fanny pack or the straps can be lengthened and worn over the shoulder across the back. Just make sure you’re aware of your back the whole time so nothing gets stolen “behind your back”. I’m excited for fanny packs especially when they can be incorporated in a way more fashionable way then they were in the 80s and 90s.

    4. adyvee says:

      Sorority girls at my school LOVE neon fanny packs that sport their letters for Roundup events and rush. Fanny packs, boy tanks, neon glasses, sideways caps, all neon…its always a neon explosion the weekend after spring break. I'm not really into the trend but then again, I'm not in a sorority. Roundup weekend is fun for everyone including non-Greeks so it's whatever.

      Super Target had neon fanny packs too last weekend when I was there. So I guess there is a trend…?

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    6. sanjay lodhi says:


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