Adriana Lima is Pregnant Again!

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is expecting another addition to her family! Mom to two year old Valentina, this super model tells People magazine, “The best job in the world for me is being a mom.” But hey, being a Victoria’s Secret model is a pretty sweet job, too! Beautiful family, beautiful career, what more can a girl want? How about walking in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show just months after giving birth? Oh yea, she did that, too. Guess that puts losing the freshman 15 into perspective! I think I’ll put a picture of Adriana on my refrigerator for inspiration.

Another Angel pregnant with her second is Alessandra Ambrosio. Can you imagine if both women have daughters who grow up to be super models? These kids definitely hit the genetic jackpot.

Congratulations, Adriana! We cannot wait to see how beautiful the baby is!




    1. Abby says:

      can just imagine the flock of beauties when Adriana, Allessandra, Miranda etc kids grow up…

      1. Catelynn says:

        Actually, I hate to say this, but Adriana's daughter is far from beautiful… Not hating on little Valentina, but I've seen pictures of her and she resembles her dad (not the most good-looking man, that's for sure), not her mom. She doesn't even have Adriana's stunning blue eyes or big lips, so she's gonna be a bit diferent. But who cares? Looks aren't everything and just because they have supermodel moms doesn't mean their appearance is what they have to hold on to. I'm sure Valentina is a lovely child and will have a great future.

    2. […] the announcement today that Adriana Lima is pregnant again, men everywhere groaned. Not only did we learn there was a distinct possibility Adriana could […]

    3. JessicA says:

      ^someone above me is hating on a two year old…

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