Pretty Little Liars: ‘A’ Revealed! [Spoiler Alert]

This was a long awaited finale, and we almost cannot believe that ‘A’ was finally revealed. While people suspected that ABC Family may differ from the original plot line in the books and give the series a real twist, ‘A’ was the same ‘A.’ Are you ready for this? Tonight, ‘A’ was revealed to be none other than Mona. Intelligent? Yes. Split personality? Double yes. One thing that we were really happy about was the Ezra and Aria first dance. It’s about time those two went public!

The very end does give us reason to get excited about. The mystery hospital visitor leads us to believe there may be multiple ‘As.’

What did you think of the finale? Let us know below!



    1. Kirsten says:

      I was kind of disappointed. The end made it seem as if Mona was working for someone. I think that A is a group of people with one leader. We don't know who the leader is yet. Sad about Maya though. Can't wait for next season!

    2. mram says:

      i always thought there were multiple A's…there has to be

    3. JessicA says:

      I always thought that A was mona like the books, but then the show said they weren't going by the books so I thought A was melissa. Now I think that A is more than one person, or maybe mona was just one of A's workers…idk..:)

    4. Ashley- GWU says:

      I was a little disappointed by the ending…I was soo looking forward to it too!

    5. Sam says:

      You can read the entire synopsis of the book series on Wiki or pretty much anywhere… There's about a million different As throughout the series..

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