Do You Know How To Use A Condom? [Video]

Every time I see a banana, I can’t help but think of the health class scene in Never Been Kissed. Who else remembers that? They practice putting condoms on bananas, and it’s just as epically awkward as my high school health class.

I think we tend to assume that most people who have made it to college know how to use a condom. But a friend of mine is a peer health educator, and as part of a yearly event, her group challenges people to see if they can properly put on a condom. Using bananas, of course. And most people make at least one mistake. Yikes! When it comes to pregnancy and STDs, I don’t want any mistakes, ever.

Luckily, Trojan has our back. This video is a little silly, but it’s full of good information. A little reminder never hurts, so sit back, relax, and let the experts tell you how it’s done.



    1. Katie Garrity - North Central College says:

      These are the kinds of videos they should show in Sex Ed classes, not those ones from like 1950 that I had to watch. Side note: One girl fainted in my class during the sex talk. Good times.

    2. chelsea says:

      But I still have questions like: what if the peen isn't erected and what are the chances that vegetable oil feels way better than water based lubricants? And I ALWAYS use a scissors to cut open the condom. Because honestly… Trojan, where did you get some of this stuff?!

    3. just my thought, i think we are encouraging to much sex for all, all we are teaching teens is that u dnt have to love some one to have sex just use a condom, relationships were designed the way they were for a reason. STOP teaching kids its ok to have sex with multiple partners as long as its safe sex, START teaching them to wait for the right one… ask any late teen if they regret who they lost it to and most will say yes, you cant take it back so why not teach to be sure that that person is the one then get married then have sex, RANT OVER

      1. sad part is most of the ppl responding to this post will be against it.

      2. Anonymous says:

        I agree with you to an extent. But I think in addition to teaching them that sex is a meaningful thing they should also teach them how to be safe about it. Too many schools, mainly in the Bible Belt, don't have sex ed at all. These are also the places with the highest rates of teen pregnancy. Teens are going to have sex whether they are taught safe sex or not.

    4. vishal says:

      Life needs a sex everyday with a new one.
      Not d same one everytime.

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    6. […] • Do you know how to use a condom? (College Candy) […]

    7. Lanital says:

      Yikes! When it comes to pregnancy and STDs, I don’t want any mistakes, ever.

    8. Ariel Jordan says:

      Ummmmm has anyone seen these AWESOME, foolproof condoms? They have these awesome little pull strips that make it so easy to put the condom on, and you don't have to worry about tearing it, tangling it, or contaminating it (not to mention, it looks so awesome!). Check 'em out:

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