Hot or Hot Mess: Jennifer Lawrence at Hunger Games Screening

The much-anticipated Katniss stepped out in this Calvin Klein number in New York City at a screening of The Hunger Games. At first glance I was mildly obsessed with this dress—I love the shape, the pleats and it is super flattering on her legs. But holy moly, there’s a whole lotta cleavage which I am not entirely sure is necessary (or classy). I think that even if the V-neck were an inch or two higher the dress would be an instant hit. As of now I’m thoroughly distracted… I highly doubt Cinna would approve of such a look.

So what do you think, is Jennifer Lawrence hot or a hot mess? Either way, I’ll see you tonight at the midnight showing.



    1. Kirsten says:

      I actually loved this dress. It would be trashy if she was her cup size was any bigger. This is something that smaller cup sizes pull off better.

    2. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

      I love it! She's sexy, and she should be able to show off her boobs if she wants. I think if she were any younger it would be inappropriate, but it's not.

    3. nina says:

      It looks really good, you're just being a prude

    4. Becky says:

      I think this dress is beautiful, sure she's flashing some cleavage, but it's not like her boobs are falling out fo the dress, it's a classy amount if that makes sense. It's enough say you can see they're there, but you can't see more than you need to. She looks flawless

    5. Garnet – Columbia University says:

      I love this. I was kind of surprised to see her go for a shorter dress as opposed to a floor length one, but I think she looks great. I think the cleavage is totally appropriate since she's the star. It's her moment! Plus, the rest of the dress is pretty understated so I think the dramatic V really adds a lot.

    6. Erin says:

      She looks lovely!

    7. Derek says:

      I'd love to kiss every mole.

    8. cate says:

      honestly it's normal now to see that much cleavage, and it doesn't make her look trashy. if it were a v all the way down to her bellybutton like britney spears' past dresses and whatnot then it would be a hot mess. I think she looks classy.

    9. megkraftbg says:

      hot mess.. If it was a full collar and no clevage, she'd look absolutely beautiful & place the attention on her gorgeous face, not her boobs.

    10. natalie says:

      I definitely do not think that this is too much cleavage. Its some and thats ok. Its not over the top pamela anderson. The dress itself is very classy and girly due to its pleats and tailored shape but the deeper v gives it more sex appeal and less "office secretary" which is totally fine for a movie premier. She's not having dinner with the president after all.

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    12. randy says:

      I never really noticed how super hot and sexy she is. Wow!!!

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