12 Steps For Curing a Broken Heart

Heartbreak lingers like a hangover. You wake up but don’t want to move, and your head is spinning. Sometimes you need the greasiest pizza down the street has to offer, and sometimes you *can’t eat at all. The only thing that sounds appealing is crawling into a dark cave away from anything (which is everything) that reminds you how shitty you feel. We get it. And we’ve all been that melodramatic. The only real cure for heartbreak is time, but there are definitely ways to spend that time to expedite the process and numb the symptoms.

Like any good doctor (because I think I’ll extend the metaphor a bit farther), it’s good to isolate variables causing pain. Women are often plagued with thoughts and questions like, “What did I do wrong? Why was I not good enough?” Insecurity and self doubt completely consume our minds as we replay final arguments over and over again in our heads. We have the uncanny ability to take on full responsibility when something goes wrong in a relationship (crazy bitch exceptions do apply). But guess what? He’s wasn’t perfect either, so take  him off that pedestal. You have full permission to believe that he sucks way more than you do in the initial stages of a break up (it’s probably true, but even if it isn’t, go ahead and allow yourself the injustice for a bit).

It takes two to make and break a relationship; don’t blame yourself. And don’t entertain thoughts of, “If I were more like X, he would of treated me better.” False. He’s going to treat every woman in his life like that, and he may just be lucky enough to find someone who puts up with his… er, shortcomings (never said the world was fair), but I promise that that girl is no one to envy.  Maybe your guy wasn’t a douche, and it just didn’t work out between you. It’s still not all your fault. There are multiple reasons that the two of you didn’t work independent of you as an individual. Don’t stake your self-worth on it!

The most important thing to do post break up is to rebuild your self esteem. Remember that you got along just fine before you met your ex. You had your own life, your own friends, your own sphere of existence completely independent of his. Maybe some of that network was neglected during the relationship, and it may take time to rebuild, but it can be done. Follow our 12 step program and re-enter the world again as just you… because you’re worth it (yeah, in the voice of that great L’Oréal lady).

*Note: I’m really jealous of those of you who lose your appetite during a break up (or hangover for that matter). Couldn’t if I tried.

How do you get over a bad break up?! What would you add to our list?



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    2. Garnet – Columbia University says:

      Cutting of all communication is SO important. I have a friend who's going through a breakup right now who keeps talking to her ex and it's making her miserable. I'm thinking about stealing her phone.

      1. Nina says:

        You are a really good friend, lol… Wish mine had been more like you, as that is truly her best bet for getting over her ex!

      2. E.B says:

        I'm going through the same does make you feel miserable and give you false hope. It makes it even worse that we were good friends before we started dating.smh

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    4. siscamelia says:

      I think hanging out with friends will also help. not only they can cheer you up, they can also make you forget about the ex. meeting with new people will be good too. who knows?😀

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    6. Abby says:

      I think giving yourself time to heal before moving on is also really important, jumping at a rebound never helps.

    7. kaywayyy says:

      ahhhh i wish this post was around last april! haha still helpful though, seeing as the breakup was dragged on and rekindled and rebroken because i hadn't seen these 12 steps! lol

    8. that girl says:

      The best thing thats helped me out alott is that No matter what im gonna start thinking of him either good or bad i always tell my self “Dont think of him,think of sonething else”, alot of times till i forget what i was gonna think.that really helped out alott till he started hanging out with my brother, now im all mad at my bro bt i gezz ill keep that stragedy up again.(:

    9. Trudy says:

      Pretend that he died. You can't call him, you can't text him, you won't see him if you drive by his home or work. He is completely gone.

    10. Not good says:

      Uhm.. I fuck with my boyfriend after we broke up O.o


      1. ShelbyNoel says:

        Bad!!!! If he'll sleep with you after you've broken up, and NOT in a relationship… Then he's probably sleeping with other women that he's NOT in a relationship with. Hence, you're not the only one he's boning. And plus, backslides are bad news, and no one can say its just for fun… Someone will ALWAYS get hurt… And chances are its gonna be you. Just walk away. Not worth it.

    11. Lamont says:

      Great Site, Thx! Keep up the great work.

    12. katie says:

      This post saved my life. I just got broken up with a few weeks ago and have had the hardest time coping. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    13. Jess says:

      Well in the past 3 weeks I have lost 6kgs and still going after a 5 year relationship break up I have never felt better😀

    14. Kassy says:

      Its good to assume that he exists.that way u will move on and easy to let it go.

    15. Sara says:

      This guide to breakups is pretty funny:

      It kind of put everything in perspective for me.

    16. Marvin says:

      It also helps to know 1), that when we fall in love, our invention of the other person is what we have fallen for,and 2),you're never missing a thing in a person who cannot reciprocate your feeling. You're fine
      without them, and have nothing to wish for.

    17. Sunny says:

      very interesting…thanks for all

    18. Jeremiah says:

      I think the best way is to pretend as if u weren’t in a relationship with him and try hard to forget everything put yourself busy that’s all u cn do.

    19. My ex said, I can forget him by fallling in love again with another man. It works after I move to another city and do a new hobby…hahaha…

    20. Like any good doctor (because I think I’ll extend the metaphor a bit farther), it’s good to isolate variables causing pain.

    21. Karen says:

      Absolutely no contact worked for me. In my opinion, it's the best and only way to go.

    22. Anh Mulligan says:

      In my opinion, it's the best and only way to go.

    23. ronny says:

      #10 is absolutely wrong to recommend!!! Try being that guy and getting dumped 2 months later. Selfish women…

      1. Jeep says:

        Ronny, Ronny, Ronny. As a fellow “selfish woman” I want to throw in my two cents.

        1¢ I too agree that #10 in my experience has helped me tremendously. However, I think you overlooked the part reads, “ First, you need to be fair to the new man. Let him know your situation and that you're only looking for some casual fun. If he's down, let him take your mind off things.” I gather from the tone of your post that you were not aware of her recent heartbreak. If this is the case and she was not honest with you then shame on her. She wasn’t worth your time.

        2¢ you mentioned that you were “Dumped” two months later…dumped from what? When I’m head-over-heals for a guy, I stop and remind myself that finding a prince amongst a sea of toad takes time. Next time, you may want to take things a bit slower. Get to know each other and find out where you both are emotionally.

    24. Mercy Chow says:

      Try being that guy and getting dumped 2 months later. Selfish women…

    25. Gary says:

      i farted

    26. confusedcutie says:

      Am nt in a relationship now but me n my ex are at the part that what u wud say ‘its complicated’ I love him n he loves me but he just can’t decide between me n his other ex n I don’t know what to do becuz for me he is worth fighting for….but I jus want him to hurry n decide cuz its making me miserable I dnt know what to do about the aituation cuz ppl have given up on him so many times but I dnt want to becuz I really do care for him but I dnt think I can stomach him still caring for his ex also…help me out somebody plz….

      1. kst says:

        retype this in English, he probably wont pick you because your grammar is awful.

        furthermore if he is stringing you along, he's probably not worth it. Leave him with his ex and move on.

      2. ShelbyNoel says:

        If he can't decide to commit to you completely and can't decide whether he wants you or someone else, then he's not really that into the idea of being with you. You shouldn't have to 'stomach' him having feelings for his ex. He's not ready for a relationship, and although it's hard, it's time to move on. Nobody needs to be pulled and pushed around emotionally. Just walk away. You'll look back and realize he wasn't right, and you'll be stronger and wiser for it.

    27. It takes two to make and break a relationship; don’t blame yourself. And don’t entertain thoughts of

    28. I think that there is only one cure: friends! They can help you better than anyone else.

    29. Rude says:

      Confusedcutie…Do you really want to be with a guy that has to choose between you and someone else? Thats not love cutie. I bet your way more special than that:)

    30. sarah says:

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    31. Claire Chapel says:

      This article has really great advice. My best friend just got dumped by her guy two days before her birthday. I'm gonna send her this and hope that it helps her realize how amazing she is.

      1. April says:

        out of my two boyfriends, one broke up with me on my birthday, the other broke up with me on valentines day.

    32. one says:

      Great advice.

    33. rocklesson86 says:

      I am going to send this link to my best friend. This might help her.

    34. Robbin says:

      Feelings are met to be express anywhere because of human differences. My life is a good example of it. I have been in love with Justin for the past 2 years but i was a shame and afraid to express my feelings to him cos he was my boss at work. It comes to a time when he notice my behavior and he approach me telling me that he has longed had same feelings for me and we where together happily. The bad side of it is that his parents does not want us to come together as we are of different classes. He was forced to marry another girl of same classes and i was sacked my his mum. A friend who has been to Africa for some road constructions work introduced to me Dr. Oldest. I contacted him but i never believe that it was going to work. It shocked me when Justin mom called me and apologize for all that has gone wrong in the past. Dr. Oldest broke the spell that was been used the other girl. I and Justin are happily married now. I promise to always tell the truth and if you need help contact


    35. faith says:

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    36. I was having a baby with this guy I was dating for three years. On my birthday, he told me he was cheating on me, and had got this other girl pregnant, and he was leaving me for her. It's been a month and I still rip myself up over it, but this is the first thing that made me smile. Thanks. I really appreciate it.

    37. Becca says:

      I was so impressed with the results of my love spell I told my friend to speak with you as well. Thank you ever so much for helping me get my love back. I know you said my energy and intent is as important as yours when casting this spell but I don't think I could have done it without your support. Bless you! Any one who need help should contact Dr. Lametu via email:

    38. Wanda Steel says:

      This is going to be a great help and I'm surely share this to a friend who just got broken hearted. I know it isn't easy but it sure is going to be fine someday. I've been there and it's like heaven and earth collide that I can't even breath at all. The pain is just so excruciating that you feel numb about it. I'm just glad that after 2 years of healing I become stronger and wiser, although I didn't deprive myself to fall inlove again, its just that I become more and more cautious and begin to love myself more not to a point that it made me selfish but just right enough not to become foolish.

    39. mary says:

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    40. a7781274 says:

      I’ve said that least 7781274 times. SKC was here…

    41. paton says:

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    42. Gennifer Anderson says:

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    44. cynthia says:

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    45. xxax says:

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