The Most Expensive Handbags Ever

What makes a good handbag?

The material? Meh.
The number of pockets? Not really.
The strap? Sort of.
The number of outfits it matches with? I guess.

As much as we all want to believe it’s the sensibility of the bag that matters, the one feature that makes us swoon and drain our savings accounts is the designer label. Regardless of the color, design, or cliche monogram, the second we hear it’s D&G, Fendi, Prada- whatever you prefer- we’re instantly won over.

The only problem with designer bags? The hefty price tag. While we all may dream of the day we can visit the 5th Avenue Louis Vuitton store and pay for a complete luggage set in cash, most of us are currently stuck with knock-offs, affordable department store brands, or lucky TJ Maxx finds. But just in case you were lacking some inspiration after midterm season, feel free to ooh and ahh at these bags that make the standard $20K Hermes Birkin look like a discounted Liz Claiborne.

Which dream bag will top your 2012 wish list?

When Heidi’s not writing ridiculous articles for CC, she enjoys watching “Lizzie McGuire” reruns, raiding store clearance sections (and ONLY the clearance sections), and pretending her south-of-Boston suburb is the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Follow her rants and adventures on Twitter!



    1. Maura - Rider University says:

      I'm a huge purse addict, and I get enough attitude when I carry a purse anywhere from $100-$400 in price. These however are crazy! I wouldn't even use one of these if it was given as a gift. The fact that the money spent on these bags could go to much better use would make me feel guilty to own one.

    2. Kate says:

      The backpack and the LV tribute bag are both hideous!

      1. Heidi - Bridgewater State says:

        I know, right?! When I was writing this, I looked around to see who was actually carrying one of the LV Tributes. Apparently Beyonce is obsessed with hers. Crazy.

    3. […] Get ready to have your jaw drop to the floor: CollegeCandy lists the most expensive handbags… ever. […]

    4. […] Get ready to have your jaw drop to the floor: CollegeCandy lists the most expensive handbags… ever. […]

    5. julia says:

      I do love the LV backpack but only if it were for an editorial; in real life it would just look ridiculous. My Mum owns a Birkin that she lets me borrow sometimes and I get such dirty looks from some women.

    6. Kristi says:

      I disagree with the first comments made in this article though… the things that matter most to me (the difference between just admiring and actually purchasing a handbag) is the material (and the pockets heh). I've had too many bags (expensive OR cheap) fall apart shortly after buying them because they were made out of plastic. I try to only buy leather bags now, or some other high-quality material.
      The designer (or brand) does matter somewhat, but even if it is a designer I love, if it's made out of plastic I will not even consider buying it.

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