WTF Friday: A Real-Life Barbie?

Have you ever wished you could look like a Barbie doll? I used to love playing with them when I was little, but I never actually wanted to be a Barbie. This girl apparently does – she loves Barbie so much that she decided to try and look just like her. Every day, she cakes on layers of makeup in order to make her face look just like the doll.

The resemblance is definitely impressive. But it’s just weird for me to look at a real-life person made up to look like a Barbie. Also, looking at her photos, I keep wondering – how old is she? She looks really young to me, but maybe it’s just the makeup.

What do guys think? Is this cool, or creepy?

[Lead image via Buzzfeed]


    1. Amarie says:

      This is Koti Rose. Her sister is Kiki Kannibal. She is young! About 16 now I think?

    2. megkraftbg says:

      I'm surprised she doesn't have bleach blonde hair and tanner skin then…but definitely creepy

    3. Abby says:

      She is pretty and looks like a doll but not really seeing Barbie.

    4. gina says:

      Her appearance is helped along with some Photoshop. How she looks in videos and in person is completely different.

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