The Fray and 7 Other Performers Bombing the National Anthem [Video]

Last night, The Fray performed the National Anthem at the NCAA Championship. I will admit that I enjoy listening to The Fray on occasion, but this was just not what I was expecting. At one point, the band members look like they’re going to fall asleep! They’re not the first ones to perform a horrible rendition of the National Anthem, either. There are so many more. I understand that if I was asked to perform the National Anthem, I’d probably be too nervous to get a single word out. But really, you’d think these people would at least know the words!

[Lead image via Soul Train]

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    1. Katie Garrity - North Central College says:

      I feel so bad for the police officer😦. There is one version of the National Anthem where the lady forgets the words and gets booed so horribly and then slips and falls on the ice. So horrible, but so hard to not watch.

    2. Mel says:

      The fact of the matter is that none of these people have the voice to sing the national anthem. The Fray tend to have songs that are flat (:coughsometimesboringcough:) in general, Steven Tyler (nuff said), Christina Aguilera is a wee bit out of control with her OWN songs (I still don't know what she's saying in Fighter), and Kat Deluna is like a miniature Christina but worse.

      At least the people had enough respect to wait until they were done to Boo. Booing during the national anthem, no matter how bad it is, is disrespectful, imo. :coughroseannecough:

    3. T.Sykes says:

      Nobody better than Whitney or Marvin Gaye.

    4. T.Sykes says:

      Nobody better than Whitney Houston or Marvin Gaye.

      1. @kaos42 says:

        What about Lillian Garcia?

    5. Kate says:

      Roseanne Barr's performance was disgusting. She made a joke out of the National Anthem- SO disrespectful. She deserved to get booed.

    6. Isha says:

      If you wanna hear a version of the national anthem that`s actually really good, check out these girls:


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