17 Reasons Beyoncé Is Better Than You

I feel pretty lucky that I was the one who got the opportunity to write this post. My love for Ms. Beyoncé Knowles knows no bounds. I have been an admirer of this woman since I was a 12 year old girl, listening to Destiny’s Child’s first CD in my bedroom. Her star-quality shines brighter than most others in her same category of fame, but she doesn’t seem to be the typical “diva” that a celebrity like her should be thrusted into. I shed a tear when she exposed her baby bump after she flawlessly switched keys non-stop during ‘Love on Top’ at the MTV Video Music Awards. She has class and carries herself in a way that doesn’t scream pretention and entitlement.

If I could have Beyoncé’s curves, talent, husband (HOVA!), life, etc. for just one day, I’m not sure that I would be too keen on returning to my actual life as a broke college student. I bow down to the Queen B.

Today, Beyoncé Knowles got a Tumblr. Right now, it’s about 120 photographs of her life (mainly on vacation) but it looks like an ad spread in a magazine. It’s so picture perfect that one would probably believe it to be all some sort of staged stunt, but does she even need to do that anymore? These pictures really give fans a glimpse into her personal life when she’s not fully done up and just hanging out with her family and friends. In honor of the debut of her Tumblr entitled “I Am”, we decided to make a list of some reasons why she might be a little bit better than me, you, and everyone else on the planet.

[All photos taken from Beyonce’s Tumblr]



    1. thegoodblues says:

      lol at this post. no one is better than anyone. no matter who you're dating, how much money you have, or how much fruit you eat. each number described myself and dozens of other girls i know (except 1 & 2, of course). please try and post something a little more realistic next time.

    2. Neena says:

      What a dumba$$ post by a lame a$$ stan

    3. paula t. says:

      girl, love yourself. there is no Person better than anyone. You keep comparing yourself to her. i know alot of people who can do single ladies i am one of them. Yes, she has a beutiful body but she works hard to get it and if you do the same you could have one too.i like beyonce too but this is pure craziness. if you had her money you could look like her to.

    4. miss says:

      College Candy, stop writing these "better than you" posts, they're just stupid.

    5. miss says:

      I mean, I like Beyonce too. Why don't you call this post "17 Reasons why Beyonce if awesome" instead of "17 reasons why Beyonce is better than you".

    6. JessicA says:

      I agree with the previous posts and I really dislike the title of the article.

    7. the dominator says:

      celeb butt kissing at it's worst. i would bet all the tea in china that her you-know-what stinks just as bad as anyone else. i thought i heard that when she was touring, she made her dancers find their own way to the next gig you know- pay for a ticket while she flew off in a private jet. not terribly classy. all those pictures you see of her is nothing but what she wants you to see.
      she ain't so great.

    8. Garnet – Columbia University says:

      I love that she posted all those pics of herself with no makeup on. It shouldn't be so exciting to see a beautiful, famous woman with no makeup and no airbrushing, but it is. Love her confidence!

    9. breathehiphop says:

      Hey guys, don't worry. I emailed CollegeCandy myself and they replied that they don't plan on discontinuing this very enlightening series. Just thought I'd give you all a heads up.

    10. Sarah says:

      WTF is wrong with the person who wrote this?? Take that stupid title off now and start working on getting your self-esteem back!!!

    11. FoxinRoxie says:

      I LOOOOVEEE THIIISSS POOOOOSSTT. Just thought I'd mention that because of all the critical comments. The title is meant to be FUNNY and an expression of ADMIRATION. Get OVER IT. Just because someone happens to look for all of the wonderful qualities in a famous human being doesn't mean they don't love themselves. In fact, the more you love and admire others, the more you DO love yourself. Its hating and judgment, which happens to be a patten in these comments, that reflects true self disapproval. Hope you all made yourselves feel smart and important. Anyways, don't bother flaming, I'm going to forget I posted this (meant to be a humorous statement but probably true) so I won't see it anyways. Please stop taking the internet–and life–so seriously. It does you no good. Kudos to the writer. Not many people have the guts to openly show admiration and love for another human being. Well, thats my impulsive daring post for the night….(see, I just made fun of myself! OMGOD I NEED BETTER SELF-ESTEEM….that was sarcasm…)

    12. FoxinRoxie says:

      p.s. if you want someone to feel better about themselves, DON"T INSULT THEM FOR HAVING LOW SELF-ESTEEM, GIVE THEM AN EFFING HUG AND A COMPLIMENT FOR GODSAKES! > . >…

    13. sharrawr says:

      This article is not how she’s better than everyone.. just about how she is better than the author. I know a lot of women who can do most of the things on this list. Being close with her sister makes her better than us? Please.

    14. AdrianeDewey says:

      I mean, I like Beyonce too. Why don't you call this post "17 Reasons why Beyonce if awesome" instead of "17 reasons why Beyonce is better than you".

    15. MaxiFields says:

      You have got to be kidding me? How shallow is this post and the woman it seems to "Praise" sorry, I so disagree with everything… and I do mean everything. As for you dear blogger… you have my deepest sympathy… Beyonce is NOT a good role model of any sort.

    16. Abby says:

      While I don't agree with the title of this post, it is refreshing to see what a confident woman Beyonce is. She shines from within and semms down to earth. Obviously none of use know her personally but she appears to be a good, grounded role model.

    17. Kylie - Vermont says:


    18. Maria says:

      wow, can we say low self-esteem? beyonce is beautiful and all, but she's a regular human being like all of us. it's not like she takes a dump and diamonds comes out. get real.

    19. Stella says:

      Wow, the lack of humor with which so many people are taking this post is sad. We all know that Beyonce is not some sort of goddess on earth, but hyperbole is funny. If you take this seriously and can't laugh at its tone, well maybe the internet is not for you.

    20. PennieMa says:

      I feel pretty lucky that I was the one who got the opportunity to write this post. My love for Ms.

    21. Anonymous Sense says:

      Youre not supposed to worship idols, hope you dont believe in god because if you do, youve got some 'splainin' to do.

    22. Christina says:

      Katie Garrity is Genius For This Article…. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! You better Stan girl!:) Beyonce Is AMAZING!

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    24. Lanka says:

      Whoever is kinder than me is better than me. Beyonce wear and promotes fur in her clothing line= definitely not better than me.

    25. ronnie simmons says:

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    26. Marty says:

      I agree that title should not be like that anyway love yourself,believe in yourself and you will have every reason even more than 17 for others to admire you.;)

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    28. Sheree says:

      Oh please, The tittle is kinda rude number one. Two, how about her selfishness and self centered. Go back too MTV's episode of Punk'd. I can tell Bey wants the world to worship the ground she walks on. That damn girl probably dont have a generous bone in her body.

    29. Natalie says:

      I believe she is an amazing role model to young black women especially when I just read an article about 16yr old girls posting pics and bragging about being pregnant in a pregnancy pact! I will agree that she does that and it’s a good reason to admire her and commend her dedication to living her life for her! I also live that she’s not a fame whore! She knows she’s talented, you can tell she’s content on her life and that’s why we don’t hear drama about her! Happy this person picked a real celebrity who only wants to be known for her talent! Hey it could be Kim kardashian who marries men for publicity! That’s what you do when you have to work at remaing relavent and knows she has NO talent! Those who got it are content with they’re happiness! Others have to work real hard at gaining a fan base!

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