What Your American Girl Doll Says About You

Maybe it’s just the senile, elderly woman inside of me talking, but I am seriously disturbed at how little girls today would much rather have an iPad waiting under the tree rather than a more traditional gift. I mean, I can’t blame them. iPads ARE pretty awesome, and I secretly wish they had been invented back in 1997, but still, you can’t go wrong with an All-American, no-charger-necessary toy that will never get outdated or require an unlimited data plan.

And what’s more all-American than an American Girl Doll?!

While the historical doll franchise may not be nearly as popular as it was in the late 90’s/early 2K (which is probably because they don’t sell Samantha, Felicity, or any of the matching human outfits anymore), we all had (at least) one of these at some point. Whether you were a super-classy Samantha, a down-home Kirsten, or a spicy, adventurous Josefina, your doll of choice said a LOT more about your 8-year-old self than you thought.

What doll did YOU bring to Show-and-Tell?

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    1. kay says:

      1. what about Kit??!!
      2. these are funny, and dead on. I was a Molly, except i didn't get a choice, as my Nana bought my Kit for me, because she had also grown up in the great depression. I would've chosen molly for myself however.
      what about you?

    2. Deb says:

      Tsk tsk! Way to leave out Kit! Between my sister and I, we had all of the American Girl dolls except for Addy and Josefina. Felicity is my favorite! I was by no means a horse girl, but she inspired me to take an interest in colonial American history and my dream job is to be a historical interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg. She was kick ass!

    3. MacKenzie says:

      Shame, shame! You forgot Kit! She was mine. I liked her because she had short hair just like me. Her story got me into writing and I carried a notebook with me everywhere! These dolls are still wonderful, I love going to the American Girl store. Their new ones are great too.

    4. Piper says:

      You forgot Kit! I had Kit and Kaya, neither which are on that list. I guess I'm just indescribable.

      1. Hanna says:

        I know! I've also got Kit and Kaya…

      2. Becca says:

        They're newer than the others. This article is about the old ones.

    5. acacnin says:

      I don't think it says that much about the little girls who played with them, but it may speak to some degree about the mothers, grandmothers or aunts who chose them for their girls as gifts. Sometimes given quite casually, but sometimes given after quite a bit of scrimping and saving.

    6. Kate says:

      Spot on! I had Samantha, and my best friend had Felicity.

    7. Heidi - Bridgewater State says:

      To everyone wondering where Kit and Kaya are. I tried to focus on the "old" dolls that were around BEFORE the year 2000. Kit was the millennial doll and I, too, am a proud Kit owner. Sorry to disappoint, but try to enjoy the nostalgia. Thanks for reading!❤

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