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The Best of #whitegirlproblems [Photos]

If you’ve ever read #whitegirlproblems on twitter, you’ll probably agree with me that it is crude…yet hilarious. The twitter feed, which went live in March 2010 has a huge following: over 600,000 followers. In January, the anonymous authors of the #whitegirlproblems twitter even released a book. It depicted the quintessential white girl with some serious #whitegirlproblems, fictional character Babe Walker.

Confession: We still just can’t get enough of #whitegirlproblems. They never fail to make us laugh hysterically. So in honor of one of our favorite parts of the crazy Twitterverse, here’s the best of #whitegirlproblems.

Ashley is a freshman at George Washington University and she’s majoring in Overanalyzing Situations and International Affairs. Follow her on twitter @ashleybrooks25

[Lead image via Senol Yaman/Shutterstock]

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