Panties That Make a Statement, Literally [Photos]

One year in middle school, I remember that it suddenly became really cool to wear panties with words on them. You know, a brand name (Victoria’s Secret PINK or American Eagle, of course), or a cutesy little slogan. Bonus points if it was a thong that you were hiding from your mom. It was also very cool in my middle school to wear a skirt on top of pants, just to give you an idea of what I was working with here.

At some point, I decided that it was definitely not cool to wear “statement panties.” And that if a guy took off my pants and my underwear had a cheesy slogan on them it would be kind of embarrassing. But judging by the number of statement panties available online, lots of women must still wear them. So I put the question to you, CC readers. Statement panties: hot or not? Here are a few examples to help you decide.



    1. Adrianna says:

      I think some of those are hysterical! And really, how many guys are going to take notice to whether or not a girl's underwear has words on it? I feel like what's beneath the underwear is the only thing that is crossing their mind…

    2. emily1116 says:

      I usually find underwear with words written on them useless (If someone gets you down to your undies, who's going to stop and read them?), but I do own a pair of lucky underwear that I wear for job interviews and tests and stuff that I absolutely love. They're my favorite color (yellow) with "All this and brains too" written on the butt in sparkles.:)

    3. kay says:

      these are funny and cute! and you're not wearing them for guys or any one else, its to bring a little smile to your face every time you remember throughout the day/every time you pull them down in the stall! lol

    4. Truth says:

      oh, wow, do you whores actually wear these stuff?

    5. Abby says:

      Owning one or two slogan pairs is okay but 95% of your underwear should be word free!

    6. hahaha it's funny on the internet .. but i'd only wear em if i was 100% sure that no one would see them😛

    7. Erick says:

      On a first date I’d be dressing with care pikncig out the sexy lingerie would be part of the getting ready, more to make me feel good about myself whether I planned on anyone seeing them or not. I frequently go without panties but I most likely would not on a first date, no matter how frisky things had gotten. Online is one thing but until you’re face to face you never know if that chemistry is really there or not. If it’s not and you’re commando, just seems to me that you might be sending a message different than you’re feeling. If that chemistry is there and you decide to continue that friskiness, then the removing of those sexy panties and such just seems to me that it would enhance the mood and moment. After all guys are very visual, and the touches and kisses through lace, silk or satin? Just makes things more sensual.When I go commando out with someone whom I’m involved with, there is a strategic moment when I reveal that maybe right before we walk into a room full of people, as someone is walking up, or maybe he saw me get dressed and forget those. It’s all part of that mental foreplay, guaranteed to provide a good time later on!

    8. They can be fun to look at, just have to slow myself down at that point to read — aqnd hope I dont get in trouble if I make a comment on them!

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