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Pippa Middleton and 10 Other Celebs Who’ve Gotten in Trouble for Guns [Photos]

Uh oh. Pippa Middleton got in trouble this weekend, and it sounds like she might be facing some serious charges. The almost-royal was cruising around in a convertible in Paris on Sunday (Ed Note: Rough life). Sounds like something you might do if you were Pippa, right? But her friend, who was driving the car, was also waving a gun around. And he pointed it right at a photographer, who of course snapped some photos. Pippa is clearly visible in the passenger seat of the car. The Paris police have questioned her, and may press charges.

Pippa’s not the first celeb who’s gotten in trouble with the law thanks to guns, though. Not even close, in fact. Check out our gallery of celebs with gun problems.

[Lead image via The Sun]

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