In Our Makeup Bag: Clarins Gloss Prodige

What It Is: Clarins Gloss Prodige in Grenadine and Papaya

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Another Clarins Spring addition, Gloss Prodige promises a “lip-plumping formula [that] delivers intense colour, mirror-like shine and long-lasting hold. Leaves lips soft, smooth and fuller looking.

Lip gloss is the perfect Spring/Summer handbag essential. Lighter and brighter than lipstick, it gives you an effortless, airy look. I definitely switch over to mainly gloss in the summertime and hopefully this new gloss fits my needs. I tried out two very different shades, Grenadine and Papaya!

(Papaya, Grenadine)

How To Use It:

These glosses come with a foam-tip applicator that allows for easy application. The applicator wasn’t tapered or doe-foot, just cylindrical like the wand, but I liked it. It was on the larger side, which made precise application impossible, but the colors are sheer enough that you don’t need to be super careful. I wore both of these on their own and found them to be quite pigmented and lovely, but I imagine they would look great over a lipstick of a similar shade.



CC Rating: A

I really don’t understand how Clarins keeps hitting it out of the park! These glosses are amazing– moisturizing, not too sticky and come in a gorgeous array of colors.

I would have given the Clarins Gloss Prodige an A+, except they claim to be plumping, and I really didn’t find ANY plumping or tingling at all. I am quite happy about this, as I don’t like plumping glosses or the sensations that usually come along with them, but if you read the description, you would think you’re getting a plumping gloss.

Please don’t be put off by the less-than-perfect score. If you’re looking for an amazing new lipgloss, don’t hesitate over this! The Gloss Prodige line is A+ in my heart. You can pick them up on the Clarins site for $20 a pop.

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    1. streaming says:

      There is no question mark here! Every girl should have in her bag a lipgloss! It changes the way you look in a second!:)

    2. Kay Williams says:

      The papaya color gloss looks natural and simple. It was the definite classification of wonderful makeups. You re refresh on seconds.! Share more !

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