What You Need to Know About the War on Women [Sex in the News]

It’s a phrase that we’ve been hearing a lot lately. The “War on Women,” a battle that is sweeping across America, pushing women back decades. Both democrats and republicans have been accused of waging a war on women. This week things took an interesting turn when Hilary Rosen questioned Ann Romney’s ability to relate to women in America because she’d “never worked a day in her life.” Michelle Obama, jumped to Ann Romney’s defense, and Rosen was quickly denounced as she does not have any affiliation with the Obama campaign. As I’m no expert on American politics — I am, after all, Canadian — I thought I’d roundup some of the internet chatter about the “War on Women,” which really is just a fight to win over female voters. (A fight which Obama currently appears to be winning.)

  • Slate political columnist, David Weigel, has declared “The War on Women is Over” following Rosengate
  •  On the Washington Post‘s “She the People” blog, Delia Lloyd wrote about Romney’s camp’s claims that women have lost a higher percentage of jobs during the recession under Obama
  • A new attack ad from Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett saying that he is concerned for “all women of Wisconsin” because of Governor Scott Walker’s repeal of the Equal Pay Enforcement Act
  • On the Washington Post‘s “The Fact Checker” blog, Josh Hicks checked Romney’s campaign message saying “If you’re a stay-at-home mom, the Democrats have a message for you: You’ve never worked a day in your life.” 
  • Jezebel has their take on when “Mitt and Ann Romney Accidentally Tell Us What They Really Think of the War on Women

What’s your take on the “War on Women?” What have you been reading about it?

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    1. Your Mom Uses Birth Control says:

      The best moment is when former and potentially upcoming Congressmen Pete Hoekstra said equal pay was a "nuisance." It's almost like old men don't have women's issues in mind when they craft legislation.

      1. Truth says:

        Women already have equal pay. In many ways they are being paid more than men.

      2. Rachel says:

        7/10 of men's pay equal?

    2. Kendall says:

      Maybe I am mistaken- I thought the war on woman was this sudden push for new laws that seem to be attempting to restrict many women related rights.

      See Mississippi basically forcing the only abortion clinic to close, the surge of interest in removing funding from Planned Parenthood, arguing about whether birth control should be a given in health care (help for ED is, by the way,… oh old white men you make yourselves so obvious about self interested legislation) and the proposed bill recently shot down (Idaho?) about increasing maternity leave (and giving it to new dads too).

      I first noticed it last year about this time. This is not a post-feminist age, and it seems like we may even be going backward. Yikes!

    3. Truth says:

      There is no war on women. Just like there was no racial motivation in the death of that boy from Florida. These are just media-created myths to get higher ratings.

    4. danistanton says:

      ELECTION year coming. Its all about polls , lets be frank. “war on women” lol really>? c’mon now. Both Republican and democrats are slinging mud hardcore tight now trying to win women in polls. Its all a tactic. Do not listen to the bullshit mainstream media, it is bias and non partisan. If you want to speak about health care, listen to someone who works in it. Obamacare is awful, especially to towards the elderly!!!!!! RESEARCH!!!! make up your own minds instead of listening to this awful crap they are tries to feed us as “news”. I personally am not one favoring entitlements. The governement spends more on these than it did the war! Im fine with whatever contraceptives a woman wants to use. But come on.. why are we looking to the government to foot the bill for it? We look to the government to fill our every wim..why rely on such things? This goes for all entitlements. There is no war on women.. i make more than my husband.. i make more than my brother. I dont see less pay for women.. women are not sufferring here. No where in the constitution does it validate whinning. And honestly power should be given back to the states.. federal governemnt needs to butt out. If one states wants to close thier abortion clinics let them.. these are elected officials. If the people dont like the outcome vote for someone different. if one state wants to ban gay marriage and another state wants to approve it.. let them. The governements role is way way to big.. things need to be delegated back to the individual state..i could go on for hours.. sorry im a little hot. “war on women” it is a tactic.

    5. @tifosies says:

      Unanimous Repub vote against pay equity bill, reducing access to health and reproductive services, placing medically unnecessary mandates between women and what should be THEIR CHOICES, cutting funds to WIC (women, infants and children,) redefining rape to make it harder for women to see justice, refusing to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. Federally, R bills to prohibit hospitals from performing an abortion that will save a woman's life, cut HeadStart, cut services to the elderly (2/3 of whom are women) and statewide the Repub govs stack up legislation vs. women.

      The GOP war on women is real, as evidenced not by Dem accusations, but by GOP legislations!

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