15 WTF Tattoos We’d Regret [Photos]

Even if my Jewish religious beliefsĀ did allow me to tattoo my body, I still would never do it. While I can understand why people would get tattoos of things that are important to them (like a loved one’s name), I am too indecisive to get a tattoo. I’d regret it eventually because I’d probably change my mind about the tattoo I should have gotten. Also, I’m too young to make a decision that is going to stay with me for the rest of my life. It’s for this reason that I don’t understand how someone could get a tattoo just for fun and not to commemorate something or someone.

Here are a few tattoos that make me say, “Why would someoneĀ ever do that?”

[Lead image via Ramon grosso dolarea/Shutterstock]



    1. kat says:

      As stupid as it is, the sombrero on the nipple really made me laugh.

    2. Liz says:

      As someone with a tattoo and more on the way, I think this is an incredibly narrow minded article. Sure some of these tattoos are odd, but you don't have them. You do not know what significance or why the person got it. If you don't want a tattoo don't get one, simple as that. If you only live once why the hell shouldn't you have fun while you're at it?

      1. @BLEU_M00N says:

        Oh ya, getting your entire face tatted with stuff like "I smell bitchs" is totally "meaningful"

      2. Liz says:

        It doesn't matter what the tattoo is, its still not yours. By justifying judging someone else's tattoos you are also justifying judging others based on their skin color, sexuality, creed, etc.

      3. Luisa says:

        Oh please. Tattoos are a decision you make, not something you're born into like race and sexuality. I actually think it's narrow minded of you to make that argument! I'm a tatted girl myself and I know it might be hurtful if someone were to mock your body art, but that's the risk you take with any choice in physical appearance. People won't refrain from forming opinions about what's essentially an art display just because you're such a special snowflake.

    3. Abby says:

      Oh these are awful!!! I have been wanting to get a small meaningful tattoo but after thinking about it for years I change my mind to a different design, could never be an impulse tattoo-getter haha!

    4. Rob1 says:

      I'd love to pull those pink panties off of her and see the full tattoo!

    5. Erin says:

      I am jewish and have a tattoo. There is nothing more than neurotic jewish mothers preventing their kids from expressing themselves the way they choose. Yes, some tattoos are incredibly dumb. But come on! Don't ruin tattoos for all jews who can decide for themselves whether they want to decorate their bodies or not.

    6. the dominator says:

      tats are trashy. anyone with face/neck tats have almost certainly been to prison or are on their way there as we speak.

    7. Whiplashalley says:

      Re: The Dominator; What a sad world you live in. I, myself am covered in tattoos and guess what, I’m a lawyer, and have never been to prison. I chose to keep my tattoos to myself, covering areas of my body that are not on display. How dare you judge others for decorating their skin, you narrow-minded douche.

      1. stephanie says:

        love this comment

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    11. Lisa says:

      I'm currently thinking wether to get a new tattoo or not and like to get some inspiration. From all the pics I liked the 3rd the most.

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