The 7 Things I Really Judge About Guys [He Said/She Said]

When it comes to judging guys, I’m not even going to pretend like I’m above the fray. Of course I notice what he’s wearing and how he looks and whether or not he uses winky faces in his texts. And guess what? If something he says or does is weird enough, I just might not want to continue getting to know him. The truth hurts, and you can hate me all you want, but I refuse to believe I’m alone in this. As a matter of fact, I know I’m not alone. Many nights out have ended with me and my friends laugh-crying on the floor because of a dude’s epic style fail or his proclivity for using the word “buzzkill.” Who says “buzzkill” with a straight face? I’ll tell you something, I certainly can’t hear it without being reduced to giggle fits.

Sure those are some of the more trivial elements on the judgement scale, but there really are some heavy-hitters to look out for. Without further ado…

Wanna see what He Says he judges about you? Take a look over at for all the deets!

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    1. karla says:

      Do you know anything about shoes? wtf is wrong with you.

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    3. Ashley- GWU says:

      Texting, for me at least, is the biggest thing I judge about guys. It's really important to me that guys are able to communicate in person AND over text

    4. jenine says:

      Really? Emoticon? I mean i understand if they are:):):) excessive and creepy😀, but one or two well placed grins is actually sweet.

    5. Kar says:

      Thank GOD someone else notices the shoes thing. Nothing is worse than a dude in faded Kmart jeans + white running sneakers. You should only be wearing sneakers if you're hitting the gym, enough said. I don't feel bad about my shallowness because us ladies put so much effort into our appearance, the least guys can do is not wear the most hideous shoes from the local Costco.

    6. Ivetta says:

      I judge his taste in music. If he's into Nicki Minaj or something similarly awful, he's got no chance.

    7. Trevor says:

      i dont get how dress shoes without laces or ownin shoes u can slide ur foot into is a bad thing… but then again im a guy who likes savin time by slidin on a nice pair… mayb thats the prob…

      1. Bobby says:

        Hate to break it to you bro, but that IS the problem. Look up shoe guides for dudes to figure out why.

    8. Kayleigh says:

      I do judge a little for the text-speak and taking a long time to text back for no reason. Just a little. Luckily my guy keeps that to a minimum. And as for shoes… I'm not seeing why sneakers or slide-on dress shoes are such a bad thing. But maybe that's just because I'm a college student who wears sneakers everywhere because I'm walking four miles a day for classes…

    9. Berenice says:

      I’ll tell you something, I certainly can’t hear it without being reduced to giggle fits.

    10. Mcphearson smith says:

      I have really like it 7 things .

    11. Sam - Emory University says:

      hahahahahaahah you literally crack me up, please write more stuff like this, makes my day

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