9 Outfits To Make Your Guy Go Weak at the Knees

Somewhere down the line I realized that women don’t dress for men but rather for women. I think, for the most part, guys don’t really care what we’re wearing as long as we’re there and paying attention to them. They don’t know what high-waisted pants are or that wedged heels are back in for summer, they just know that we wear clothes and we usually look pretty hot wearing them. I’m not saying that they don’t appreciate the effort that we take time out of our day to look nice for a date or a party, but they’re not really analyzing the outfit like women do. Guys say things like, “You look amazing!” Girls say something like, “I love that necklace!” Girls look at the detail, men look at the big picture. (Ah, and it’s true for relationships in general with men!)

While men don’t pay too much attention to our wardrobe, I will say that there a a few things that we can wear (or not wear for that matter) that will make his heart flutter. I have gathered this list from 1) personal experience, 2) magazine articles I’ve been reading since I was 13 and 3) romantic comedies. And while these 9 options are a surefire way to get any guy to drool a little, the most important thing a girl can wear is confidence!

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    1. limemartini says:

      I totally agree with the little black dress and if you pair it with a killer red stiletto heel, guys won't be able to take their eyes of you

    2. Garnet – Columbia University says:

      The little red dress is my favorite!

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    4. chas says:

      garter belt and stockings! does it every time!

    5. star says:

      wow this is totally fucking riveting. no shit sherlock

    6. Darrell says:

      Heels, mini skirt & hose

    7. Molly - UNL says:

      I feel sexy in heels until I fall over. Coordination is not my thing. But I will still try to strut. I'm working on it.

    8. amber says:

      where are the 9 Outfits To Make Your Guy Go Weak at the Knees? all i see is the two paragraphs…

    9. amber says:

      where are the9 Outfits To Make Your Guy Go Weak at the Knees? please help i dont see them…

    10. Guest says:

      What about Sundresses? My guy loves me in them and when I asked why he liked them so much, he said it shows enough skin to be sexy but not too much (sexy innocent?), they are generally flattering and he was like, "All I can imagine is lifting it up and having you." I think there is even a How I Met Your Mother episode that talks about how hot sundresses are…

    11. the dominator says:

      a woman dressed up in something formal like business attire is the best ever.
      nothing like seeing a beautiful woman rocking a nice dress or blouse and skirt with some nude/beige/suntan hose and some heels.
      it is such a classy and refined look. if an attractive woman does that- she totally stands out from the rest in a wonderful way!
      sadly, so many go the opposite route and rock the slob look with a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

    12. TypicalMale says:

      I'd just like to confirm that yes, most men do find lingerie significantly more provocative than simple nudity. It works on multiple levels. First and most obvious is the direct visual effect. Lingerie designers have spend hundreds of years figuring out how to push men's buttons, and push them they do. Bigtime. It also says in a powerful way that you are comfortable in your sexuality and that you want to be sexy. That is a huge turn on. It says you want to turn us on, which is a huge turn on. Another important level is that it can affect YOU in a way that powerfully affects us. A woman who feels sexy is sexy. We can pick up on that mental state in a powerful way.

      I also encourage you to take your man shopping – lingerie shopping. He will eagerly point out what fuels his furnace.
      Lingerie shopping by catalog works – but DON'T do it if you're going to have a meltdown when he gets aroused by the models. Remember, the entire point of lingerie is that it's even more arousing than nudity. Shoving a lingerie catalog in his face and then getting mad at him for responding to it would be unfair to him and self-destructive on your part.

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