Defending Small Penises [Sexy Time]

There’s a lot of cultural stigma attached to small penises. They’re not considered attractive. We mock guys who aren’t well-endowed and consider them less desirable than guys who are more blessed. A lot of a guy’s perceived masculinity is tied up in the size of his junk, which is just utterly absurd. It’s not like a dude has any choice in the matter, and it’s not like a small penis is some sort of moral failing. Yet, a small penis is almost seen as some sort of a character flaw, and indicative of a guy’s sexual prowess. A lot of this has to do with our narrow-minded focus on p-in-v (when really, size is but one piece of the intercourse puzzle).

There are benefits to hooking up with someone who is smaller. He has more incentive to be creative, more giving, and more open-minded. It’s likely that, as a result of his anxiety over his size, that he’s learned the art of pleasing his partners in other ways, whether it’s through massages, oral and manual stimulation, or certain positions. Moreover, giving oral is a lot easier to a guy who’s only 4 inches or so (I once encountered a guy who was somewhere in that vicinity, and it was totally refreshing to be able to easily fit the length of a penis in my mouth with no effort). There are a lot of reasons my thing with that guy was short-lived, but his size had absolutely nothing to do with it. Reducing sex to “p repeatedly goes in and out of v” is such a juvenile way to approach sexuality. I’d much rather take the guy who’s tiny but attentive than a dude who thinks his “Mr. Big” is the end-all and be-all.

Why is it that we ascribe so much value to traits that we have no control over? Similar to big breasts, big members are lauded, and I fail to see why. It’s not like anyone really has much of a choice over the size of most parts of their bodies, barring invasive surgeries. It would be far more interesting if we could focus more on the parts of our sexuality that we actually have agency over. Then again, breeding massive inferiority complexes about things we can’t do anything about is one of our society’s favorite past-times…

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    1. Truth says:

      I still go jackhammer style with my extra small penis. There's no need to be creative and giving to these random girls when all I want is to get a couple of rocks off. It only takes 3 inches or so to get a girl off anyway. If you think it takes a big penis you've been watching too much porn.

      1. *eyeroll* says:

        At least you're honest about it.

    2. Truth says:

      If you think it takes more than 2-3 inches to get a girl off, you've been watching way too much porn.

    3. jenine says:

      I'm sorry but you need to think this through a little more Jasmine. If, as you would like, smaller guys are treated equally, then they would have few of the benefits you outlined. If treated the same, they wouldn't have "more incentive" to be anything good, and they're not going to be better at other things "as a result of…anxiety". I have nothing against your premise, but please, especially as a journalist, if you are trying to win a controversial argument at least use a modicum of common sense when you write.

    4. Kate says:

      I have made fun of junk size, which of course is rude, but not because I actually care or think about it. It is an easy, cheap shot to take that you don't have to think about when trying to be mean. And it works. Guys are anxious about dicks for some reason and apparently feel manly when theirs is bigger than someone else.

      Telling a dude he has a small dick is like calling a girl fat- its stupid, bitchy and low and, uh, has nothing to do with anything. It may be true, but so what?

    5. Personal Opinion says:

      I prefer a smaller guy, but that's also because I'm an enjoyer of anal and would prefer to not be ripped in half back there by a larger guy…

    6. Chili says:

      I think it also has to do with what you're used to. My ex, who was my first, was, I now realise, fairly well-endowed. During our years together I never thought so much about it and never really understood all the talk about the size. But later on I've understood that starting having sex would probably have been a lot easier had it been with someone with a smaller penis. Anyhow, sex with him was what I became used to.

      The first time I had sex with someone else after we broke up, I almost told the guy to go easy, as I hadn't had sex in a while and I was used to feeling the need to be careful in such a situation. Well, I needn't have worried, I literally didn't feel a thing, I couldn't have told whether he was in or out.

      The guy I go out with now is hugely well-endowed, and after these experiences I can't really see myself enjoying it with anyone with a small dick. Granted, they can be great in other areas of sex, but that just doesn't do it for me, not completely. I'm not saying that women couldn't enjoy sex with a guy having a smaller penis. I think it depends on what they are used to and what kind of sex they prefer.

    7. Jen says:

      For me, the greatest advantage is that because it's so much easier for them to get aroused (for the blood to fill the entire region) they can usually go again faster and they often have higher sex drives.

      My current relationship is in the midst of a sex drought (due to my decently-sized boyfriend's lack of drive) so I can't help but see the advantage in quantity over size. I would honestly take a 4-incher that was readily available right about now. Not joking.

    8. Bryan says:

      I’m about 5-5.5″ and I find that my girlfriend enjoys her big 7.5″ dildo…I’m also really girls think I’m big..

    9. smallEbony1 says:

      Tiny dicks are a sin… & God wanted all of us 2 DIE!! I hate my life!!

    10. Tyler says:

      If any females are interested.

    11. Loran says:

      I would challenge those who say that size isn’t important to do a fun little experiment. Get 3 different sized vibrators (every girl needs options! ;>) A 3″ skinny one’ a 5″ medium thick one and a 7″ thick one and see if you like one better than the others. I did this and honestly liked the thick one better. I still liked the medium sized one and was still eventually able to come with the tiny one, but neither felt as good as the bigger one. I guess the girth was the biggest difference. The big one was 5 & 3/4 inches around and the tiny one was only 4″ in girth.

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