10 Types of Douchebags You’ll Probably Run Into [Diary of the Undateable]

I firmly believe that for every nice guy on Earth, there are 20 jerks to balance out the ratio. That means that there are millions of douchebags roaming the planet, shooting finger guns in their tight Ed Hardy shirts. You know you’ve seen them, and you’ve definitely met them – eagerly sitting in the front of the classroom, pretending not to see you on the Yard or sliding next to you at the bar. Douchebags aren’t bad people – they just need love, affection and helpful suggestions. But first, you have to know what you’re dealing with. Here are the 10 types of douchebags you’ll probably run into:

Know any other douchebags we missed? Tell us about them below! 



    1. lookingforbrunettey says:

      Probably dated all 10 but spread amongst 4 guys.. ahahahah but definitely come across most of them even if I wasn't dating them. Funny post!

      Looking for Brunettey

    2. Polly says:

      THANK YOU for making this. Makes me realize all of the bad traits of this guy I had been dating. Douchelord for sure! #movingon

    3. Abby says:

      Love these, sadly have dated most of these types.

    4. […] • The 10 types of douchebags you’ll run into when you’re dating. (CollegeCandy) […]

    5. […] • The 10 types of douchebags you’ll run into when you’re dating. (CollegeCandy) […]

    6. Larz Blackman says:

      Right. You gripe about these guys, but you keep dating them. By the time you figure out what a good guy is, you're all used up.

      1. Hans Schwartzman says:

        Translation: I've defined myself as a good guy and I don't understand why women don't just understand that I've already decided for them that I'm great and they should just date me regardless of what they think of me.

    7. Samwise says:

      I read this anticipating something funny… since I found the link on a funny blog. Instead I got this list of "guys not to date" I wish you had titled it differently, so I wouldnt have wasted my time. But since I'm already here, I decided to give some feedback, organized by the numbers you used.

      1. You hate him because… why? So hes physically motivated and likes popular music, what a douche…

      2. Most people are proud of their accomplishments, did you not tell a bunch of people about this article after you were done with it? Annoying? Maybe. Douchebag? No.

      3. How do artists get popular? Even if you're completely amazing, you don't get noticed without whoring yourself out a little bit. So yes, just another annoying one.

      4. A lot of guys are like this. Society pressures people to be successful, women pressure guys to be successful and when they arent, they try to focus on the future because thats the only good part. Get in a guy's shoes. Go to a bar and announce to people that you are working at McDonalds, see how many girls would take you seriously.

      5. First off, this is horribly done. The title suggests hes the same as the boaster, but your reasoning is that hes a different person around familiar people. Maybe you were boring and that's why he started ignoring you once his friends arrived.

      6. Yeah… ok these guys are really awkward. But I don't know anyone I would lump into this group, except for douchebag movie characters.

      7. A friend of mine recently asked this girl out via texting (I know, stupid. Not the point of the story) and she doesnt respond… to it ever. Two weeks after her not responding, she texts him and asks "hey could you help me move to my new apt?" This list should be "10 types of assholes who dont necessarily need to be guys"

      8. What does this have to do with the stereotypical douchebag? Did you even attempt to plan this article out or did you just pick the title and make up whatever came to mind for the next few minutes. Stoners are some of the nicest and selfless people out there, youre just grasping at straws to finish your list of 10 at this point

      9. Ok. Yeah. people that can do nothing but argue can get annoying. But your reasoning is just ridiculous. "constantly checking to be at the cusp of current events" do you make no attempts to know what is going on in the world around you? They might be annoying sometimes, and they may be know-it-alls. But far worse is the person who gives 0-fucks about the outside world and only cares about what's on facebook.

      10. A bad finale, but I have nothing to add. You're right. These guys are douchebags, most guys even hate them for what they do. Don't worry, they treat guys the same as women, and end up with no true friends.

      And wow… that was way longer than intended at first, but I got steadily more frustrated while reading your unjustified condemnation of insecurities/personalities in most of the guys that I know. Dang, I should start writing crappy articles too!

      So for having good reasoning for "the player' and 'the user' I give you a 2/10 rating.

      1. Twista says:

        Lol you mad bro?

      2. Ewin says:

        i agree with you 100%

      3. Hans Schwartzman says:

        Somebody recognised himself of the list.

      4. Johnny says:

        Finally, someone on this website with a decent amount of intelligence.

    8. joe says:

      Sounds like someone needs to start dating women.

      1. slei says:

        Maybe you should date dudes and then you'd think it was funny.

    9. Noah says:

      Really? 8? You should really try marijuana before slamming it. Stoners are actually really nice people. Also, why didn't you put smokers (cigarettes) or drinkers? Both of those are worse for you than weed.

      1. The_Blacksmith says:

        And this right here is why certain stoners are douches…

    10. Leela3012 says:

      This list was pretty funny. The guy pictured under “the musician” looks exactly like an ex-boyfriend and he’s got endless amounts of videos of him playing his guitar on Facebook. Oh yeah, and he’s a douche.

    11. Natalie says:

      Why is “samwise” defending these douchebags? He’s either a douchebag himself or a girl who has yet to snap out of oblivion and realize that she can do better.

      I personally think the list is dead-on! I swear a different person came to mind for each douchebag lol


    12. ketchfish says:

      re: Musicians-
      1- The musician who doesn't self-promote at every opportunity, regardless of how talented they are, is unemployed.
      2- Putting down a guy for the 'lame' song they wrote to or about you is cruel. Songwriting is not easy and it generally takes many re-writes before a good song emerges. In the heat of creativity though, when the songwriter is feeling truly inspired, having the object of that inspiration criticize the work is nothing short of crushing.
      3- As confident as most musicians seem, when you get to know them, you'll find they are insecure, seeking approval and adulation and wear their emotions on the outside. It's part of what makes them musicians.
      4- The biggest danger with dating working musicians is the temptation of the constant availability of willing members of the opposite sex. You have to be firm with the relationship's ground rules from the outset and remind them every now and then. Though I'm a musician, the only relationship that's turned out well for me (and is still going strong after several decades) is based on honesty, sensitivity and clear ground rules on both sides of the equation.

      Bottom line – we musicians may be high-maintenance but most don't fall into the category of douchebags strictly on the basis of being a musician. Those that are generally fall into one of your other categories.

      1. hutch1200 says:

        "The musician who doesn't self-promote at every opportunity….."-ketch
        Yeah, everybody gets that. But monopolizing every damn family gathering w/ your bullshit puts you in a few of these categories. I wanna slit a wrist seeing you walk in w/a demo CD at my superbowl party, uninvited. Even if it's good, you don't pull out your axe when aunt bertha mentions her hip transplant with "that reminds me of a song I just wrote". I hope your land a record deal next Turkey Day!
        But hey, you're an entrepreneur, go for it. Didn't Debbie Gibson start out singing in Malls? Keep working at it, chin up! Ido wish you well.
        Just be aware when people, especially family, roll their eyes and leave the room. Consistantly.

    13. This should be labeled bad stereo-types to avoid. "Way too mellow to properly converse"? I would imagine stoners make up a good bit of your demographic….me being one….dude, wait, what? Im hungry… wanna play some music and listen to this mixtape I made? hahah…come on….i don't know many stoners that are douchebags. I thought that description was saved for actual "delta bravos" #fail

    14. joe says:

      Leela, you are an idiot. Bye Bye.

    15. Bobby says:

      Leela, he's not defending them. He's simply pointing out the flaws in the articles. These are stereotypes. Samwise was right on. You, Leela, are just a small-minded nitwit if you can't even wrap your brain around the point he was trying to make. Women like you give women a bad name.

    16. laura says:

      I actually found this article really helpful!! I have a tendency to be naive and see the good in everyone including these types of guys when really they ARE just massive time wasters and we end up far from happy with them. Kudos to the article writer! And to everyone getting defensive about the douchebags you obviously haven't dated any and don't understand, so shut up.

    17. tina says:

      Forget these guys, they're clearly offended by your article because it applies to them some how, why would there be a need to be so defensive. And the name calling? I don't know, maybe it's just me but, all the decent guys I know who aren't douche bags, wouldn't call you names over some article that is essentially and obviously all in good fun. It's definitely not that serious. Pretentious much? Anyway.. I think you were totally spot on with this one especially, number 9. I laughed out loud at that one.

    18. Xeryus says:

      Can i be a guest poster? i got a article i would like too title " 101 bitchs to avoid "

    19. @Samwise: You make some good points (and I don't totally disagree with the author, either.)

      I'm not much for gym rats, but I've nothing against them. If they don't throw you under the bus for endless hours at the gym, who's to hate on 'em for being strong, healthy, and smelling good?

      Musicians, I love. It's one thing to go overboard and step on everyone else at a gathering, but people who love you should be excited for you and what you are doing next.

      The fronter? Yes, annoying, but only because I don't care what a guy does for a living. I don't want to hear about work. I want to hear about what he does for fun, and what makes him happy. If that happens to be his work, then OK, but I would hope it's more than that. Guys who tell me about their private plane and condo in NYC, but never talk about what they love or do for fun are just scary. Money doesn't impress. If they lead with it, then it's actually a turn-off. It tells me they're looking for a gold digger, or that they think their money will get me into bed with them. (What does that say about me, that he thinks I'm shallow? I'm not. It also makes me wonder why they feel the need to compensate.) I don't want to have sex with a man who thinks he needs money to be interesting. Being funny, happy, playful, non-judgmental with the world, and reasonably confident will get me into bed just fine, provided the chemistry is there. They don't even have to be super-confident. Just enough reach out and take it. And guys, happy is one of the sexiest things a man can be. They're the ones I love most. How can you not love (and desire) a happy guy? Impossible. And whatever you're into, just own it for all it's worth. No matter how weird, it defines you, so don't apologize for whatever it is that you do for fun. If it turns a woman away, then you saved yourself a ton of time. On the other hand, it may draw the very one for you faster than anything else.

      Then again, I'm guilty of being #10. The player. I guess that makes me a douchebag. I don't mind being friends, but I'm not looking for commitment, either. What's wrong with wanting hookups, as long as everyone is playing safe, and being straight-up about it? Sure, repeats can be fun, too, and are a lot less work that one-night stands. You can even work up to the better stuff that can't all be done in one night, no matter HOW long it goes. I do care about men as human beings, (I love and adore men) but I also don't need to possess them, know every move they make, etc. I have my own things I need to do. I don't care if they're sleeping with someone else, as long as they practice safe sex. After all, I want the guys I'm sleeping with to be happy, they're more fun when they're happy.

      I think people need to be aware that the dating world includes a lot of people and situations that aren't what they often expect if they live in a vanilla world, including the polyamorous, which includes players but also people who are just capable of loving more than one person at a time and don't want to eliminate any of them from their life, and this is acceptable to the ones they love, who also may have others they love as well… people should just be honest about what their motives are. I never lie about it; I never pretend I'm looking for a boyfriend. If it ever changes, if I ever want an exclusive relationship, I'll be honest about that, too.

    20. grub says:

      You missed out: The Freeloader, The Mommy's Boy, The Social Climber (like the user but for social purposes), The Family Man, The Perfectionist, The Stamp Collector, The Psychologist, The Architect and The Guy Who Does Anything Your Hated Ex Did.

    21. Big Douche says:

      But theres only one type of bitch

    22. Toonces says:

      Well, that leaves no good men left; hence the Lesbian boom.

      1. Gloria says:

        Tell me about it. Tons of phreaks get to me on dating sites like and or even Facebook…they don't even know what they want or if it's sex that they want..

    23. ‎I ran into 4 of these types combined into one person. HINT : I wanted simply KILL him and I let him know that too. #2, 3, 7, 8, & 10 = narcissist + delusional sociopath.

    24. gabriellevarela says:

      You failed to mention "The Anti-Hero". A gross oversight. These men are gentlemen to a T, but insist on sleeping with EVERYONE. They believe they're adversity toward commitment, even in the most casual sense, is doing good because they are taking women out "to inspire them, to remind them that there are still gentlemen out there." Ladies beware: They will arrive polished and looking dashing. (No sneakers on these dates) They will pay. They will take you to and fro. They will make you breakfast and take you on long walks to talk. They will tell you about their friends and family. They will most likely be phenom in bed. But you are their Monday night girl, sometimes Friday. You won't meet their friends and you certainly won't make them disable their online dating account. That would be a true dis-service to women everywhere! Don't kid yourself dude. You're self-serving douchey antics aren't saving anyone.

    25. Athena August says:

      The Fake Ass.
      True nerd that boasts about all the ass he's had (when hes really had none) and everything you say can and will be turned into a sexual comment.

    26. MissDizzle22 says:

      I agree that only a few of these guys are actually douche bags (player and user). If you combine the other personalities with the player or user that's when you've got a real douche bag. You forgot a guy who fits into many categories- the war hero. You know the guy who is still in training and has yet to enter the real military to fight for our freedom so he boasts! Yuck! Talk to me when you get home and then you can boast A-hole!

    27. Realist says:

      If you think you can nurture or change a guy you see to be a douche bag, you might as well just categorize yourself as one right along with him.

    28. randomphilosopher says:

      I have noticed that the 10 types of douche bags correlate to guys philosophers don't take seriously either.

      I'll just give you our interpretation of these guys and most philosophers believe it or not are men!

      1. The gym rat- real body builders don't spend hours at the gym nor are they show off @ holes, they respect other people's opinions and they come in all shapes and sizes. See the difference between the rat and the body builder is the body builder makes weight gains in muscle and doesn't simply go to the gym for social outings and self esteem issues.

      2. The boaster- it is wise to shut one's mouth when one has nothing of value to add, a wise man's silence is his rest. These boasters are regarded as fools by most of us who when you engage in a very deep conversation they tend to shy away, gee I wonder why?

      3. The magician-Most magicians or musicians as you call them don't possess anything other than music to delight the ears. Yeah they tug on your heart strings but if you have an in depth conversation with them, they tend to shy away from that and their depth is in their sound, not their heart.

      4. Entrepreneur- Yeah,most of these guys are douche bags who seek wisdom only when it benefits them financially, I can see how they could dump a woman in exchange for a billion dollars. Their depth is found only in their wallet, hahaha. Real Entrepreneurs though do things because they love to do them and not for the sake of money.

      5. The show off- now this is the most subjective definition of a dude possible. Anyone can be a show off, most of these guys you say are show offs I presume must lack self esteem or your extremely jealous of them. If they lack self esteem most philosophers throw in a very deep questions while taking these guys very seriously and watch them fall apart or give average responses to the questions. Usually when they realize they are as deep as everyone else their ego deflates a billion fold.

      6. God's gift to women- now the most amusing thing one can do with this guy is ask him who or what is God and how do you know your God's gift? Better yet just explain who God is first and we'll take it from there. Most guys give a moronic response or say well psh I'm no theologian, when that happens that is where the magic begins and only a philosopher can say how much fun it is to be around that dude when his ego is deflated 10 fold.

      7. The user- now this guy absolutely hates philosophers, for instance if he tries to say a Nietszschean quote the dude won't look up what Nietszche was saying in the context of his whole work so another dude will chime in and say Nietszche meant this and totally throw this dude off. Yeah, the people who are usually used by this guy are the one's who pity him and think they are using him to feel good about theirselves, in reality it is women who do this which are the real "douche bags", not the dumb ass who is using you and you know he is using you.

      8. The Stoner- These guys are best to be friends with on facebook from time to time, but in real life yeah I can see why women wouldn't want to marry them, their greatest depth comes from their pot and their static pot like state of being happy, hungry and sleepy, only a loser would fall for a total pot head or someone who does nothing but smokes pot all day long.

      9. The great debater- Aha, yes this is the sophist that most philosophers deal with all day long, they love to invent new ways to defy laws such as the law of cause and effect and come up with ways to say its all subjective, its out of their tight vag like state of mind. If you ever run into a great debater the best way to handle them is to throw in a deep philosophical question and have a bit of Dostoeyfsky or Nietszche to back you up in your argument and watch as they hurl and throw up and convulse like the demons of sophistry they truly are. Philosophy is the number one source of exorcism.

      10. the player- yeah, you can't change men and these guys every now and then publish a book and piss off all the intellectuals telling them how to be a good wife beater, use and abuse women and of course lower the self esteem of all women universally. They live off of the notion of being a bad ass and thats pretty much what they want to be, so we all let them be that in their own mind. In reality we avoid them and sort of poke fun at their attitude of beating women, killing police officers for fun and of course degrading anyone who comes in their way. Yeah, their bad ass comes at a price, they lose their ability to reason abstractly or think about things which aren't physical and aren't tied down into sex, money and drugs.

      1. Cross says:

        You're a moron.

      2. shamus r says:

        All good points,except the last one,You can go from a "player" to a family man that treats his wife and family great! Some times you just have to grow up a bit!

      3. 11 - "Philosophers" says:

        You need to add Number 11 for this example of a D-Bag "Philosofers" – The psuedo intellectuals who roam college campuses espousing their "deep thoughts" which they stole from others. Just because you can memorize a few lines from Cliff Notes and a few names Neitche and Dostoeyfsky and read poetry – does not make you what you think you are. The dickhead who craves attention just like the other 10, but cannot understand why no one pay attention. Classic narcissistic D-Bag – "I am so much more smarter than those guys so why don't you want me". By the way dickweed – I purposely spelled the words wrong b/c as you are reading you inevitably will be ready to point out my spelling and grammar as typical to your type.

      4. shamus r says:

        Anyone that feels the need to correct someone else's spelling on line,needs to be number one on eveyones list of people who need to disapear! My spelling is horrible,i know it.Dont need it pointed out! My son who is in college sent me this link,to ask me if fighting as a 0311b Marine in our 1st trip to the sandbox,coming home working as a police officer for almost 10yrs,then going back to,train,fight along side and become disabled w/the young men and women who had the guts to fight for feedom,was worth it ,after reading this site?YES IT WAS!! Even if it was only because # (11) could point out the "spelling douchbags"! Freedom of speach! No matter how stupid a comment is,remember,we are all allowed to make them! so thank you for your post.We'll see how many times my bad spelling and horrible grammar are pointed out!

    29. Cindy says:

      This is the dumbest post I swear! Steriotypical, and irrelevant because no matter WHAT you are ( musician, stoner, workaholic) you can have the qualities of a duchebag. And the real duchebags are POSERS. We arent defined by what we do, but WHO we are. Big difference. You talk about "depth" but I think you need to check yourself. And one more thing. This was incredibly predictable, next time get your facts from life expirence, not some facebook quiz. Highschool isnt the real world hun.

      1. fujishimaakiko says:

        Cindy…. *high five* b(^_^)d

      2. Danita says:

        ewe mite wunt to lern how to spail before ewe "let sumbudy hav it" lol I am surprised that you spelled "depth" correctly! LOL!

      3. Greg says:

        Cindy no offense but you are using stereotypical words yourself: Poser, Hun….

    30. […] it was in all of our best interests to learn how to identify the male (and female equivalents) of this list by College […]

    31. LeRoy says:

      People who sleep until 3pm are obviously douche bags.

    32. LeRoy says:

      You can be a big girl; you can be mean. But you can't be a big mean girl. That makes you a douche bag.

    33. John Wiener says:

      Girls don't want nice guys anyway. Seriously. You complain about douchebags, and then you'll be dating the guy who just got a 500 dollar tattoo and wants to take you out for PBRs. It's absolutely comical.

      I bet every one of these "douchebags" has no trouble getting a girlfriend. And then you'll date him instead of a "nice" guy. And then you'll complain about how there are no nice guys, even though you won't date the nice guy.

      Totally hilarious.

      1. Audrey says:

        Well that is a complete load of crap. Maybe you ought to stop dating Barbie doll bitches and date a real woman. You might find the resulting experience enlightening. Men are just as bad. They date a woman based on physical attributes rather than the person inside and wonder why they don't get a nice girl. Duh.

      2. @Hosway1992 says:

        Actually Ive dated pretty average girls and my last one dumped me because she had a crush on a much better looking, muscular bloke who already had a girlfriend so… I agree with John.

      3. Aaron says:

        same for women,
        the journal of personality and social psychology did a study in 2008,
        Eastwick, paul w. & finkel, Eli J. found that both women and men value physical attraction above all else, the best part was they found that women were more likely to understate physical attractiveness stating on a mean that it was less then 40% of importance, where as men overstated the importance of physical attraction stating that it was over 80% of importance, when a few thousand subjects were actually tested to see what factors they were responding to, both females and males based about 70% of their descisions based off how physically attractive their suitor was, and the ironic thing is in the study, women actually were rated more physically shallow then men, while when asked were claiming personality was the most important, money was the second most important, and looks 3rd of all, eastwick suggested that this data presented the idea that women might not be sure of what they are actually attracted to

      4. Cleo Harper says:

        Young women are trying to figure it out just as much as men. Women before the age of 30 aren't yet aware that although they do want excitement, what they're actually looking for is a confident (not arrogant) and exciting (not reckless) man who values himself as much as her. Because young men are stupid too, they think they should attract women by being a douche. So, women get their egos kicked by douchebags, their self esteem dwindles, and they wind up (for a while anyway) thinking that's all they deserve. If you've got a large group of people telling you negative things about yourself you start to believe them.

        I don't see what's so hilarious about that.

        Saying that girls don't want nice guys is only exacerbating the problem – and it's a total cop-out.

        Women like exploring sex just as much as men. Ever notice that guy that seems to be with a different girl every night and they don't seem to mind it? He's respectful to women, before, during and after – and he's still respectful (even while bragging) when there's no women around. That's the guy who will never stop getting laid. It's not a conquest – it's an adventure.

      5. Jake says:

        i find it hard to believe women are so clueless that they won't be with a nice guy even though that's what they want. nice guys try to reach out sometimes and women still go with the jerks

      6. sals says:

        I am a mature woman and would only consider dating mature (mentally) men, I also don't go on looks but personality, how caring of other people is he, how compassionate, does he have empathy for those less fortunate than himself, how does he treat/ talk about his mother, sister, females in general.
        Having married an abusive first husband……..I'm sure as hell doing my groundwork the next time around! It doesn't matter to me if a guy is overweight,…………if he is kind, loving, gentle and loyal those are the qualities worth having!

    34. lmfao says:

      just by seeing this post of your bored pathetic thoughts.. i can tell youre more of a douchebag than people who posses those 10 characteristics.. so this post, is about nobody but u.. and how much of a douche u are

    35. Naomi A. says:

      Every guy is a douche bag -___- Just like you know you can be a bitch.. Just find the one that likes you enough to be nice to you.

    36. Leonora Luxe says:

      I think you have angered all the guys. My comment: the abbreviation and titles. So annoying. Back in the old days they didn't have titles for everything. If I hear the words douche or Cliche one more time I think I may punch someone out.

    37. Angela Q says:

      Somehow I can’t help but feel like the author of this article wrote this article just to see how many people would actually take it seriously. I honestly don’t believe they took most of what they said in the article seriously at all. I really don’t understand why people are getting so mad to the point where they feel the need to insult the author. How old is everyone, seriously? It is completely acceptable to express disdain for the article but there is no need to do it in a way where you come off as childish. It’s lame and actually kind of a “douche-bag” move. Since all of this is over the Internet you’ll probably never meet anyone that has commented on this (or maybe you will but how would you know)? Anyway, my point is, everyone should just get over the author’s ranting article about “10 Undateable Guys,” (which seemed like a post made in spur-of-the-moment boredom), and just enjoy the article. Whoever can’t well, better luck next time.

    38. Jim says:

      There’s definately a great deal to find out about this issue. I really like all the points you made.

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    39. SEG says:

      Yep….and you will date the biggest douche bag you can find. And then whine to your girlfriends about why cant you find a nice guy.

    40. joikloy says:

      I don't see whats so bad about the great debater… at least hes smart. Everyone has some negative qualities, including us.

    41. pratibha says:

      ur awesome !!

    42. guest says:

      I don't see what's wrong with the gorilla juice head unless your talking about the unattractive quality of being too vain. Buff guys are hot! Just cause a guys buff doesn't automatically mean he's douche bag. Ax smells pretty good too, even tho the commercials come off a little creepy sometimes. I don't see what's wrong with the stoner either, but maybe that's cause I'm a stoner myself. There's someone for everyone out there……

    43. That guy says:

      Ha. I didn’t even make it past the first one because of how stupid and untrue it really is. I spend multiple hours a week on a gym and I sure as hell don’t put on a high school wrestling hoodie or any hoodie for that matter. And I certainly don’t listen to LMFAO. So maybe before you sit there and start criticizing people for your jealous insecurities, you should try to understand people instead of being so damned stand off-ish. Most guys that are in shape do it so they are exactly that, IN SHAPE. Cuz when you are, you feel good, you’re not tired or sore. I’m in perfect physical condition. I fight wild land fires. Do I have too much of an ego for you? Is “wild land fire fighters” going to be the heading for number 11? I sure hope so.

      1. Doc says:

        So do I, pal and besides being insecure THOSE GUYS are a bitches. You don't speak for all of us that are in shape. "that guy" great name BTW….

        Your "perfect physical condition" self critique is indicative of just another insecure DB. Stand in the mirror and take a real picture of yourself, then maybe you will see what we see. We, the REAL trainers laugh at the gaggles of DBs that come into my gym daily. you are all jokes.. Get over your 15% BF and start running that flabdomin off.

        Zzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    44. You left out the 'Entremanure' (it rhymes with entrepreneur). This douchebag claims he owns and operates several businesses, usually because he has to 'be his own boss'. He claims he's living with his mom because she needs his help and she didn't want to leave her home because his high rise apartment was too intimidating for her. His other car is exotic and expensive, but always in the shop, or on loan to friend to impress a girlfriend, etc. He always has an excuse for any concrete evidence that reveals him to be a liar.

    45. amy says:

      Well,these comments are a study in human psychology.I rest my fingers…but first,hahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahaha,pls re-read whatever u wrote in a week’s time from now and judge how “objective” Ɣõu̶̲̥̅̊ were,Lolzzzz.

    46. Ari Riekes says:

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