Win a Sunglasses Prize Pack From STUN [Giveaway]

There’s nothing we love for summer more than our favorite pair of sunglasses. This year, it looks like we’ll be retiring our trusty old drugstore shades in favor of a new brand we’re obsessed with. STUN makes super hot eyewear that’s — get this — totally affordable for college students or anyone living on a tighter budget. If you’re like me and can’t just own one pair of sunnies, better check out the selection these guys offer up. We’re loving the seemingly endless color options their wayfarers are offered in, as well as their chic, updated Penny wayfarer and Director’s Cut aviator — both a great reinterpretation of our go-to faves.

STUN was founded to provide high-quality durables with classic style at a price that won’t break the bank.

 At STUN, we pride ourselves on the details found in our product such as stainless steel hinges, polarized/mirrored lens options, plentiful color combinations, and high-quality molded finishes. Sure, many companies have these same attributes in their sunglasses, however we are offering ours starting at $18; a price that most budgets can justify.

Quality personal accessories don’t have to be pricey to show people who you really are. Instead of a pair of designer glasses, pick up a set of STUNs and change it up on the daily. You’ll be glad you did!

We’re giving away 3 different prize packs including 3 pairs of sunglasses (choices include penny, prime wayfarer, and directors cut) and a hat! Here’s how you can win:

1. Tell us where you plan on wearing your new shades for  in the comments below for your chance to win.  That’s it.  Oh, and make sure to use your real e-mail address so we can contact you if you win.

2. Contest closes on April 26th at 11:59 pm

3. Please note this giveaway is only open to US and Canadian residents. For official rules and more legal mumbo-jumbo, click here.



    1. rawveganincollege says:

      I plan to wear these shades during my summer break at the beach!:) ( Thank you!

    2. Nancy Bader says:

      I plan to wear these new shades on my brother's new boat! ( Thanks!!

    3. Laura says:

      I plan on wearing these everywhere from the pool at home to the beach in Florida to back to school in the fall!

    4. Erin says:

      I plan on wearing these shades at graduation and my summer trips to Georgia and Nags Head! ( Thanks!

    5. Mandi says:

      I plan on wearing these shades during my cross Canada trip this summer vacation! Super excited! Thank you!

    6. purelyemily says:

      I would wear these shades outside of course. No inside sunglasses douchery for this chick.

    7. ali says:

      Swimming at the beach, frolicking around chi city, bar hopping at night & everywhere else!

    8. Mara says:

      I would love to rock these shades while leading freshmen orientation sessions at my school. I have to show the newbies that upperclassman have style!

    9. Diane Bassette says:

      driving to the beach and on the beach…:)

    10. Rebecca V says:

      I plan to wear these poolside, on the beach, driving, working at camp, just everywhere!

    11. Olivia says:

      I plan to wear my glasses at Camp Bisco this June.

    12. Kira says:

      Sunglasses are a summer staple for me, so these will join me at the pool, the beach, and even nights out!

    13. angela says:

      I want to wear them on a post-graduation road trip!

    14. Sydney allen says:

      Plan on wearing these to tokyo and singapore this summer and sporting events this fall at college 😄

    15. Liz says:

      I'll wear these on the commute to my new job in Pensacola!!

    16. @beth_titus says:

      I would wear them everywhere i go:)

    17. Bekka says:

      I’d rock these this summer as I study abroad this summer in Jordan (yeah. It’s in the middle east!)

    18. Rachel says:

      I would definitely wear these around Los Angeles this summer where I have a film studio internship!

    19. Kait says:

      I'll be wearing them at the cottage while I'm lounging by the lake!

    20. Jasmine says:


    21. Izzy says:

      I'd wear these sunglasses for my college's Spring Weekend!

    22. Brunette In Blazers says:

      I'd wear these sunglasses everywhere while spending this summer interning in New York City!!

    23. Michelle says:

      I'd wear these sunglasses anywhere the sun is shining!

    24. michelle says:

      i'd wear these sunglasses in the day AND at night, because I can:)

    25. Sarah says:

      I would rock them on the first day at the college I'm transferring to in August.

    26. Maria says:

      I would wear them all summer! To the beach, concerts, and parks

    27. Caroline says:

      I just lost my pair of prescription rayban… Own them since 3 years😥
      I would wear my sunglasses on my bixi everywhere in Montreal!

    28. Jayme says:

      I'll where my sunglasses when I vacation in CABO this summer! And when I get back and go to concerts, rodeos, and parties!

    29. Jourley says:

      I will wear them while traveling this summer with my dog.

    30. Vibha says:

      I would wear my new sunglasses on vacation in Sri Lanka and on campus in Purdue!

    31. Jen says:

      I'd wear these sunglasses to an outdoor concert!

    32. ewei319 says:

      I'd wear it on my vacation in Taiwan, my home country!

    33. kristyj761 says:


    34. Bree says:

      I'd wear them to class and all over campus during Spring term. Who doesn't look cool during lecture in sunglasses😉

    35. megankimurai says:

      I would wear them to the beach, to Dodger games, and any other places I go during the summer.

    36. Rebecca says:

      I'd wear them to the beach or on pretty much any sunny day:)

    37. caitosull says:

      I'ill be wearing them this weekend at Fairfield U's Clam Jam! It's a huge all day party on the beach so I'll def need shades!

    38. Meg says:

      On the shores of the Mississippi River at my boyfriend's cottage ALL summer😀

    39. Monica says:

      So cute! I'd wear them out driving (yay for finally getting my license!) and when hanging out with my friends! I'd also wear them to people watch/ watch some gorgeous guys without looking creepy!

    40. Helvi says:

      I'm going to a lot of concerts this summer and they'd be the perfect accessory!

    41. Jessie says:

      I plan on wearing them to track meets!

    42. I'd wear them to the lake and at every sunny event! They're the most stylish glasses I've seen all season!

    43. Tiffany says:

      I'd wear them to runs to Santa Monica!!! Or just chillin on the way to class! THEY'RE SO COOL!

    44. Michelle R. says:

      I'd wear them at the pool which I intend on spending lots of time at this summer.

    45. Linda Bundrick says:

      ☀ I plan on wearing them all the time, in the Hamptons on the beach, to watch college tennis, and on the boat ☀

    46. Jillian says:

      I plan on wearing them to electric daisy carnival! and all over manhattan:)

    47. @goochin says:

      I'm planning on wearing them to my trip to Mexico!

    48. Julie D says:

      I plan on wearing them to the beach this summer

    49. Patricia Herbert says:

      I will wear them when I go to Florida this Summer…Yeah!!!

    50. collifornia says:

      To the beach!:)

    51. April says:

      I plan on wearing them everywhere I go- hopefully to the beach, Disney World, and Harry Potter World:)

    52. Bianca says:

      I'd wear them to the music festivals I'm going to this summer!

    53. Sandy says:

      I plan on wearing them in London when I visit for the 2012 Olympics!!!

    54. upandit says:

      I plan on wearing them while I'm backpacking Europe (south of France anyone?) and then back to Montreal for Osheaga!

    55. Aly says:

      I plan on wearing them everywhere but especially to my Italy trip this May!

    56. Myriem says:

      I'm planning to wear them in early morning walks before summer volunteering starts… oooh yeaaah😀

    57. Mallory Stinson says:

      I plan on wearing these glasses to Summercamp Music Festival that I'm going to in THIRTY DAYS!!! So excited!

    58. Nikki says:

      I'd wear them by the pool and when I go to the beach this summer!:)

    59. Diana says:

      I'd wear them to the beach of course! I plan on going to the beach as much as possible this summer!

    60. Chelsey says:

      I'm going to wear them walking to my summer nursing classes:)

    61. Danielle says:

      I would wear them to the Oregon Coast where I will be spending most of my summer.

    62. Laura says:

      I plan on wearing these cool shades at my last Swiss Age Group Championship this summer outside the competition pool after some fast swims!!

    63. Natalie G says:

      I plan on wearing my shades anywhere! To the beach, the pool, out to lunch with family or friends, maybe even at night!!

    64. Emily says:

      Sunglasses- at Barton Springs, the beach, and Everywhere there is sunlight!

    65. Ajibike says:

      I will wear them to the photo shoot I’m planning (but of course!).

      ajibikelapite @

    66. Kim says:

      I plan on wearing them everywhere including my parents house in Florida and while job hunting for a real life job!

    67. Ebony says:

      I plan to wear my shades EVERYWHERE! Sunglasses are my unforgettable accessory! Most young women can't leave home with mascara, I can't leave without my shades. I go hard on my obsession. I had to replace two pair of shades in the month of March because of how much I wear them everywhere. Sometimes life takes a toll on my shady habit. smh I wear my shades to school, work, the beach, driving, walking, and I'm sure there are more activities to list, but ahhh I fail at remembering them ALL. To hold these prized glasses in my possession would be AWESOME!! I currently am wearing these wide circular shades. You know the ones that make the wearer look intergalatic ie like an alien. aha I would love to add some variety to my shade collection with these colorful additions.:)

    68. Sam says:

      I'm planning on getting contacts this summer (finally!) so I'd be wearing these shades everywhere, especially on bike rides on the beach and out shopping at the open-air malls around town.

    69. SUMMER PLEWES says:

      I plan on wearing them to Costa Rica!! We are going this summer!

    70. keelysull says:

      Sunglasses always fit. No matter if you gain weight, lose weight, or even stay the same- sunglasses are the accessory that keep on giving. I plan on rockin' these stunna's up and down the jagged Maine coast as I embark on my post–grad adventures! Maybe they'll make their way on a lobster boat!

    71. Abby says:

      I Would wear them and (maybe)let my friends borrow them on our crosscountry road-trip this summer.

    72. MsLiv says:

      I've decided to seize the day as any College Candy girl would do and am studying abroad this summer through a subsidized program. I will absolutely wear these most fabulous STUN sunglasses during my four country program in Switzerland, England, France, and Spain!

    73. Amanda W. says:

      I want to wear them on my 25th birthday (July 7th) at a Dave Matthews Band concert!! And the 4th of July!!

    74. katrina says:

      I would wear them while boating on my parent's lake house!

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    76. ASE says:

      I'd wear them to the music festivals I hope to go to this summer!:)

    77. jlaureltyler says:

      I'd rock my awesome shades on the beaches of Mumbai! I get to spend the summer in India, and I know I would need some shades to battle that sun over there, haha!:)

    78. Linda M says:

      To Cedar Point, our big amusement park

    79. madey says:

      I'd wear them to the beach, the countless concerts I plan on going to, on my way to my internship, to the mall. Where can't you wear them to?! Sunglasses, Bronzer, Lipgloss and SPF are a girls BFFs in the summertime😀

    80. Sam says:

      I'd use them for a tons of different things, as sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. I'd definitely put all three pairs in rotation for all of the music festivals and concerts I'm planning on going to this summer!!

    81. beu says:

      To the beach!!

    82. brittney says:

      to the beach and around campus!!😀

    83. Peyton says:

      To beach week and to California!!!!!!

    84. Loren says:

      I would rock them climbs the 14ers of Colorado, gotta look BA at the top:)

    85. Tiffani Felix says:

      I would wear them while lounging around the beach, catching some rays, and spending this summer with friends and my boyfriend:)

    86. obliviouslyobvious says:

      I'd wear them to Lollapalooza, camping trips and my road trip weekend to NYC.

    87. Stef says:

      If I won these bad boys, I would wear have a set for each occasion. White on the beaches of Vancouver, rain or shine; Black while cruising on my road trip to California. Blue while suntanning in my backyard, and green to make that statement where everyone is gonna want to find out where to buy these STUNning rackafellers!

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