The 5 Best Things About Moving Back Home [$200 Product Giveaway from ReadyU]

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When you’re in high school, everybody asks you where you’re going to college, and as soon as you make it there, people start asking you what you’re doing after college. For a lot of recent grads, the answer to that question is that they’re heading home to live with mom and dad… again.

There’s no shame in that. Just a couple of years ago, 20-somethings avoided moving back in with their parents at all costs, but thanks to the tough job market and bad economy, college grads are seeking out more creative ways to save money – and moving back home happens to be one of the easiest ways to cut down on costs!

But it must suck to move back in with your parents after graduation, right? Wrong. A new study by the Pew Research Center has found that the vast majority of recent grads who are living with their parents enjoy it. They’re spending more time with family, and slicing a significant chunk off their monthly budgets. We learned about this study from our friends over at Ready U, which is an awesome resource for the things you need to know about college but that isn’t taught in the classroom.. You know, like how to throw the perfect party, or, how to ask out that cute girl from class, while simultaneously learning how to balance your checkbook and mastering the monster that is the laundry room. This study, thanks to our friends at ReadyU got us thinking about some of the great advantages that come along with living at home. The money saved is a given, but there are a lot more great things about living with your parents. Check out our list of the best things about moving back in with the ‘rents.

Now that we’ve told you what our favorite things about living at home are, we want to hear yours! ReadyU is giving away an amazing prize pack of spring essentials valued at $200. It’s got all the hottest products for the season. To enter to win, just head to the comments and tell us your favorite thing about living at home!



    1. being around the family and having my mother's homemade cooking every day

    2. rachel says:

      I love being close to my family after being at a school in a different state for 3 years!

    3. Taylor says:

      Getting to hang out with my younger siblings. I always wanted an older sister when I was growing up so it's very cool getting to do that for them.

    4. London says:

      I love being around my family and getting home cooked food.

    5. Erin J. says:

      Having mom around to do laundry, cook and hold me close whenever times are ruff.

    6. Rhoe Cortez says:

      Small little luxuries that I deprived myself of while living away from home:freshly laundered (and folded!) clothes YESSSS:),HEALTHY food unlike the unhealthy junk I would eat in college,having a car to drive (LA public transportation was too erratic for me in college), seeing/spending time with loved ones whenever possible (no more working around time zones), seeing my HS friends! I love being at home.

    7. Roxanne says:

      No pest control problems…ugh. Nothing worse than a bug problem in your cramped apartment because of messy roommates. Also, things like showers, sinks, bathrooms get fixed when there are problems, no calling maintenance! So glad to be home!!!

    8. Kar says:

      Definitely "getting to know your parents as an adult." I find that since I'm older I can relate to and appreciate my mom more, but also be more aware of her flaws. Also she listens to me like I'm an adult, not her child. Now I see her more as a person than a mom.

    9. My favorite thing about living at home would definitely have to be the home cooked meals my mom makes! I don't think my cooking will ever be as good as hers.

    10. annagergen says:

      I love being able to connect with my parents on a daily basis while still maintaining the freedom of adulthood. It really is the best of both worlds.

    11. I love being able to do laundry for free and not having to worry about having change! I don't even have to buy my own laundry detergent!:)

    12. clannon93 says:

      The comfy bed: these plastic mattresses are far from comfortable. The food: although I complained in high-school, mom's food is far better than a cafeteria's. The solitude: not just the whole 'roommate' issue, but also that bathrooms. I can never get a private moment to myself to even screech/sing songs in the shower.

    13. Molly says:

      Not having to grocery shop! My grocery shopping excursions usually end in one of two ways: either I go in with a few things in mind and get a whole bunch of things I do not ever eat or need or I go in and buy such a minimal amount of food that I have to go back repeatedly throughout the week. My wallet staying in my purse at the register is also a plus.

    14. For me its the home cooked food & the laundry being done😀

    15. Reems says:

      Not having to leave the pets behind.

    16. breathehiphop says:

      Saving money, being there for your parents in case an emergency comes up, Internet, laundry, close relationship with parents, safety. You'd be surprised to know that in other countries, there is no negative stigma associated with living at home with your parents. In fact, living with parents as a young adult shows that you support them. I don't understand why here in America, people are so eager to move out and move on. I guess family isn't as important here as it is in other cultures.

    17. Helvi says:

      My pets are at home! I miss them too much when I live somewhere else.

    18. Kira says:

      my favorite thing is my mom's cooking, hands down. really delicious home-made meals that I don't have to feel guilty about because they're the healthiest things I could get!

    19. Natalie G says:

      My favorite thing about moving back home is the support I'll receive. I don't have to face all the obstacles of being a grown up alone- I can come home and get a big hug from Mom and some great advice.

    20. Aly says:

      Not having to buy my own/cook my own food:)

    21. Brianna says:

      I definitely miss being able to run errands with my mom. We always had the best talks while in the car and she was my best friend. When I went away to college that disappeared and now I am working on spending tons of time with her. I also missed not having to cook; mommy I am home!

    22. Jessica S says:

      The best things about living at home are home cooked meals, spending time with my little brother, and having my dog sleep on my bed with me every night!

    23. Daniella says:

      Home cooked meals and the ability to save money.

    24. Ari says:

      Def my dads homecooking (all from scratch!)

    25. The best thing about college is that actually going home is filled with excitement and anticipation!
      I'm most excited to get to know my parents on a different level, after being away I'm sure it will be a shock to see how much we have all changed.
      Plus, my working on cars with my dad will be the best part of living back home!

    26. Bekka says:

      I love living at home because I finally have the chance to cook with my parents. Not only do they have all the room for obscure kitchen gadgets, but cookbooks and ingredients as well. The highlight of my last weekend was hitting up the farmer's market with my mom and then cooking dinner for everyone. I'm finally seen as someone who contributes to the household, and I love it!

    27. Allie says:

      Saving some money on rent/utilities to use for loans/emergencies.

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    29. Cait says:

      My mom has MS, long story short, once they retire they can't afford to live comfortably in the US, so they are planning to move to Ecuador. Even though it sometimes feels like a step backwards living back at home, I'm enjoying being able to spend time with them before the big move happens.

    30. mary says:

      Not getting in trouble for not calling my parents enough to catch up. By living with them we talk and see each other daily

    31. ronnie simmons says:

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    32. C Williams says:

      The fact that I am with my family.

    33. collifornia says:

      Saving money by not having to pay rent.

    34. Moira says:

      my parents make the BEST spaghetti

    35. Sam says:

      As a post grad, all of the amenities that do not come with college life – DVR, home cooked meals, wifi and free laundry!! And spending more time with the fam, of course.

    36. But it is embarassing for non-students if they still live with parents.

    37. Wohlgemuthsmith says:

      I want to save the Money for the 200 product.

    38. Abby says:

      Not having the stress of making sure I budget perfectly to have a place to stay etc..

    39. Kait says:

      Being close to my whole family. As in aunts, uncles, and cousin. We're a tight knit group so it's nice to be close to everyone again.

    40. angela says:

      my mom’s amazing food and free laundry

    41. Aiste says:

      I come back from a party and find my bed made for sleep, glass of water next to it and a note that says what I can find in a fridge, if I want night snack. Perfection!

    42. Shauna says:

      being with my friends from home, saving money and utilizing a good gym rather than the on on my college campus

    43. Polly says:

      Saving money!

    44. Angie says:

      Having a room to myself!

    45. Brittany Meegan says:

      One of my favorite reasons why I love being home is getting to see my 13 year old and our newest yorkie puppy that we recently got! I love my pets. Another reason is being home with my daddy.. I will always be a daddy's girl and I know that when I'm home, he's always going to treat me like his princess and when I'm at college during the year, I feel homesick thinking that I can't just go into another room to give my parents a hug. It's always refreshing and comforting to know that you can lean on your parents and since you're at home, it's easier to do so.:)

    46. Sophie says:

      I'd definitely have to say the free rent, all my parents ask in return is a little house work and help with chores. I'm definitely not going to complain about that.

    47. Jordan says:

      my favorite thing is def. the home cooked meals!

    48. jbailey21 says:

      My most favorite things about going home are the home cooked meals and having a room to myself.

    49. Hannah says:

      Getting back in touch with my friends from home!

    50. Jasmine says:

      Living rent free!

    51. beu says:

      sleeping in my own bed

    52. rusthawk says:

      Mom's cooking.

    53. hiyakiah says:

      My favorite thing about going back home is hanging out with my sisters! We're a great trio & I love them.❤

    54. Nikki says:

      I love going home is to spend time with my family and best friends that go to different schools. I also like getting to work all summer and earn money to help my parents pay for my schooling. The home-cooked meals don't hurt either!:)

    55. Kate says:

      I love having someone to take care of me when I am sick (can't go wrong with Chicken noodle soup and a mom's kiss)

    56. styleezta says:


    57. Karolyn says:

      My little sister is still in elementary school, so it's nice to get to see her growing up.

    58. whereintheworldismel says:

      not being as busy and enjoying time with my family and my dogs

    59. Danielle B. says:

      Being close to my family, and my dog.

    60. Kristen says:

      The best part of being at home whenever I visit my parents is having cable and the free time to enjoy it.

    61. Rachel says:

      Being with the family and spending time with them is one of my favorite things about being at home. Family values are learned this way as well so when living on your own, they can be apart of your future. Also by living at home as an adult, you start to really realize how much you will appreciate your parents. 😀

    62. Kristen says:

      Free food!!

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