TLC Pulls a ‘Tupac’ for Reunion Tour!

That’s right! News just in that TLC is going to resurrect Left Eye in true Tupac/Coachella fashion for an upcoming reunion tour. TMZ reports that five major cities have already been booked, and there are many more in the works. While no hologram can ever replace the real artist, this technology opens a whole new realm of concert opportunities. Is it creepy? Should we allow technology to bring people back from the grave for the sake of entertainment? Does this devalue the worth of the artist and the experience fans had with them while they were alive?

Who knows! If this does become a trend in the music community, there are a number of bands we expect to make a comeback…

What do you think? Creepy or cool? Love it or hate it? Who would you add to our list? Tell us below!



    1. Lisa says:

      WAY creepy… the beauty of life is that it ends, and we only have this much to do with… anyway, I think you should respect a persons art to let it be something that lives with the artist and in the memory of the artist.
      There are so much critique of music that is more show and producers than actual artist. This is definitely a step in the wrong direction, instead make room for new artist at the scene. ("it's the circle of life" – Mufasa)

    2. the dominator says:

      i bet they are going to charge as much as they did when they had their full group and were relevant.

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    4. JessicA says:


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