Fashion Inspired by a One Direction Video

I’ll always think that the boybands of my childhood (Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, duh) are the creme of the crop. Maybe that explains my aversion to One Direction, or maybe I’ve just outgrown boybands. Yeah, right.

There must be something to One Direction, seeing as they’re such a sensation right now. I may not be their biggest fan, but their video for “What Makes You Beautiful” is a perfect summer video. It was filmed on a sunny California beach, and there are beachy fashions galore.

Our friends over at College Fashion put together some great looks inspired by the video. Check it out here.



    1. Sarah says:

      They all look pretty cool:-)

    2. Sandra AS says:

      Although it is a bit old I still like there style. I will try to find something like this for the next summer.

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