9 Things We Miss That Probably Still Exist in Russia

Hey, time-line haters, there’s still hope for you if you want to recover the classic Facebook layout. All you have to do is move to Russia! Yeah, sorry, not so simple. Introducing VK.com, Russia’s largest social networking site. It has more users than Facebook in Russia, but it’s basically a knockoff of Facebook circa 2006. You know, the really old school layout. With the status update box that still says “Garnet is…” and the good old “wall.”

So the original Facebook isn’t gone, it just relocated to Russia. We don’t quite understand all the hate directed toward Facebook’s new time-line profiles, but seeing the old layout did make us a bit nostalgic. We started to wonder if some of the other classic things we had when growing up have also moved over to Russia. Maybe our 90s/early 2000s favorites aren’t gone after all! Here are 9 things we hope still exist in Russia.



    1. Ashley- GWU says:

      Omg when I was little I wanted a skip-it more than ANYTHING! I literally begged my parents to get me one every second I could

    2. Joleen says:

      What about XANGA!

    3. Lisa says:

      Kind of awesome, and kind of judgemental about Russia.

    4. Natasha says:

      scrunchies are in fact still existent i guess, and you might find a skip-it somewhere … but the rest is virtually unknown :)
      source: i was born in russia😀

    5. Sherbet and Sparkles says:

      Scrunchies are still alive and kicking in Japan!

    6. Koel says:

      For a person who is neither from USA or Russia (or Europe at all) I think that Americans find it hard to believe a world exists outside America. In my country women use scrunchies with abandon. The writing is wholly judgmental.

    7. Pgail Nina says:

      a new copy of facebook now this is what man , this is really not good make some batter than the facebook that will be awesome http://optimalhcgdiet.org/lean-muscle-formula-rev

    8. Lauren says:

      I saw a Lisa Frank section of the dollar store here in the US:)

    9. Sara says:

      omg!! I still have my skip it!! I❤ it!!

    10. Emma - Minnesota says:

      If Russia still has tamagotchis and boy bands, then this world still has hope.

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