7 Celebrities With Wild Sex Lives

Jane Fonda was recently quoted saying that she would have more doggy style sex if it wasn’t for her fake knee. Is anyone else surprised by Jane’s sex life? It got us thinking, what other celebrities have great sex lives? Of course there are the obvious ones like Rihanna but then there are others that are a bit more unexpected. Whether they love talking about their sex lives, they often play sexy characters in movies, or they have sexy boyfriends/husbands, here are the celebs we think have awesome sex lives:

Which celebs do you think have great sex lives? Tell us in the comments!



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    2. Verona says:

      sexy boyfriends/husbands, here are the celebs we think have awesome sex lives:

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    4. Hackingsmith says:

      I think that these are very amazing and different Lifestyle to spend the Life with animal .

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    6. sadia says:

      i love wild sex

    7. HALO101st says:

      My question is, "Just how in the hell do you know?" Anyone can say they have "wild sex" or like it this way or that. Aside from probably having sincere doubts about themselves sexually, why would anyone try to be seen in that light? Whose business is it, and who cares except their sexual partner?

    8. katya21 says:

      Silver Curtains! Case found out the complications being ‘the other woman’ in a political candidates life. Interesting! Check it out.

    9. JackmyHoff says:

      The absolute most stupid article I have ever seen!! Did this writer actually get paid for this swill?

    10. Nickolas says:

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