17 Things That Irritate Girls About Guys

Martini talk, anyone? How often have you vented to your best girlfriends about the things that really bug you about guys? I’m pretty sure I hear a complaint at least once a day. In hopes that a few other ladies share this irritation, and in hopes that a few men may read this and spread the word, I’ve compiled a list of the 17 things that I hear girls complain about most. Hopefully it doesn’t sound too much like a bitchy rant!

What did I forget? What would you add? Tell me in the comments below!  

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    1. luv4wickless says:

      So true!!!!!! Guys def need to read this and remember ;]

      -Melanie Gordon
      Independent Scentsy Consultant

    2. Sophie says:

      I am one of those people who frequently goes all day without checking their phone. So, yes, we do exist.

    3. Allie says:

      This is so true and appropriate!

    4. worldssmartestmanat says:

      someone has an affinity for DB's

    5. Julie says:

      3: Men do not 'need' more, they can make do with less. Ladies, you can do the same.
      17: I am glad when a man asks me for a BJ instead of just hoping for it. As long as he returns the favor, open sexual communication is great.

      1. Jessica says:

        Pretty sure 3 says exactly that…that men need less. And while women can definitely 'make do with less,' the packing list of a woman is still longer than that of a man. It's not sexist, it's just true.

      2. Tim says:

        Thank you………"

      3. je333 says:

        Yeah, I agreed with EVERYTHING except for the very last one. A guy shouldn't be shunned and berated for asking for a blowjob, last I checked not very many girls just out of the blue try to suck your dick because the "mood strikes her". There has to be some sort of understanding. Personally, I think that many girls act like a blowjob is some holy ritual that the guy MIGHT deserve IF he does everything perfectly right, OCCASIONALLY, and on that rare occasion they go at it with lackluster enthusiasm because they're bitter that they're doing it in the first place. I'm not saying every girl should be super enthusiastic to blow a guy, but a guy doesn't need to feel like he's an idiot for even thinking about it.. Some girls have too much pride involved in their idea of what a blowjob is.

        Pushing a girl's head down though, that's another thing entirely, and that's a complete dick thing to do. FORCING her to blow you when she doesnt want to is actually a horrible thing. I know guys who have that attitude , and they sicken me.

    6. @_FadeToPink says:

      All of those are so true ESPECIALLY 2, 6, 7, 15, 16, & 17.

    7. Dustin Owens says:

      Sounds like the type of guys your like are D-Bags. Find a real man and you wont have these issues, END OF STORY.

    8. Ysa says:

      "9. His mascara isn't smeared" -> Oh no, please don't sleep with your mascara on. It's not good for your eyelashes!

    9. Agree with you on the checking phone thing. Some part of me is convinced guys were taught from young to leave replying back to texts or messages in general to keep girls on their toes. Not cool.

    10. Pinkie says:

      Seriously? This looks like a 16 year old wrote this stuff.
      6? Really? Are you irritated by cats too because they have fur?
      I don't know what world you live in but all of these things shouldn't irritate anyone (unless you're a spoiled brat)

      1. miss says:

        This comment makes no sense…

      2. Jenny University of Texas says:

        Come to think of it…cats bug the shit out of me, too! Appreciate the sense of humor, Pinkie xx Spoiled Brat

    11. Nadia says:

      ure only iritade whit thad stuff is bec those are all the things girls are and huys isnt there special wer special but like thad hunny ure not gonna get a guy

    12. junebug says:

      sex knots in the hair!

    13. Jdw says:

      This is all stuff that boys do. Real men don't do this shit. They treat you right and it isn't a burden because they aren't ass holes. If you think this isn't true, just wait a few years and you'll start finding more and more guys that can act like men. They will make all this piddly little boy behavior just fade into the past.

    14. claudiagrant says:

      When you get older you discover men split into two categories – those who grew out of the college boy style and became real men, and those who did not. Thankfully there are plenty of men who grew up to chose from, and you can leave the 30-something year old 'boys' to chasing younger women who don't know better. Most men do catch up and catch on.

      1. jdp21 says:

        Sounds like a bitter butt hurt bitch who got dumped for a younger smarter hotter woman !

    15. Abby says:

      Agree with previous comments. This seems quite "high school", like things boys do not men.

    16. Chris says:

      he is just not that into you!!!

    17. Jay says:

      Written by a bitter woman.

    18. dandude says:

      Not sure how you come across as nagging in an article, but you did it.

    19. @Outbreak_Inc says:

      What are you doing to help men change? Or are we all just hoping Mr. or Mrs. right will just fall into our laps literally and figuratively?

    20. Fhenghis says:

      I can practically explain why some men may not "text" back within 10 hours, to shed light on the mystery.

      Scads of guys work in factories that have zero cell reception, for 8 to 10 hours at a time. In that situation now, I get all my texts for that day when I walk out the door.

    21. Norah says:

      I get the not being able to pee everywhere. Everything else listed are issues that I don't really have nor care about. It's called being independent, and functional.

      1. Jackie Grace says:

        Hey Norah, way to be that "totally cool and laid back chick"…we're all really buying it.

    22. Mike says:

      A general comment about the complaints:
      You don't have to put up with any behavior that you don't like. Much of life is about trade-offs. You may find that popular good looking guys realize that they are popular and know that they can find another girl or women who will put up with him because there is a waiting line. You might also find that guys that are not so popular or good looking will treat you better.

      As for the specific issues, I have responses for two of them.

      He Doesn't Have to Wear A Bra:
      You don't have to wear one either. You should wear one if you think it makes you look better or if you want to avoid sagging when you get older.

      He Looks As Good In The Morning As The Night Before:
      You can look as good in the morning as the night before. All you have to do is not use any makeup. If you choose to wear makeup because you think it makes you look better (while it is perfectly applied), don't complain about it. Since guys don't get any artificial enhancement the night before, they look similar in the morning.

    23. Bryan says:

      On the phone thing, I personally work in an environment where having my phone on my person is against policy and will get me fired. Because of this fact I find I do not check it unless it goes off even when I'm not at work. If I don't feel the notification then that is it.

      Honestly though, it is rather forward to expect anyone to reply to texts constantly anyway. There was a time when the cell phone did not exist, one can survive without texting their significant other at 30 minute intervals. I know it irritates me when I keep getting texts constantly.

    24. pissed says:

      One thing that irritates guys about anyone. Posting a fucking list over 17 pages rather than just having it. Thanks for a shitty article that I bounced on after the first page.

    25. Amnan says:

      love but dont love so much that can hurt u likee a slow poison…so better behave nicely wid grls and respect dem and tell truth everytym

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